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Moo Moo’s Signatures: Core Collection Additions – February 2018



I was all set to do some blogging tonight but then I accidentally started cleaning the closet, and I swear I don’t even know who I am anymore.  Who accidentally cleans anything, much less a closet full of shoes never worn, a humidifier half full of water that’s most definitely turned to poison by now, and an old copy machine saved as a backup to a new copy machine for NO DADGUM GOOD REASON WHATSOEVER?  Apparently me, cuz when I suddenly get the urge to be obsessive about something, I do it in the most dramatic way possible and now there’s three giant trash bags sitting out on the curb as proof.  Plus one blog not written very timely, but then again IT’S ME YOU GUYS; I haven’t been doing anything on time for approximately 43 years.


Moo Moo’s Signatures: Winter Duo Blogger Collaboration + New Core Colors



Real quick blog for your Saturday, so y’all get your focus face on – we’re about to have a whirlwind blog sesh and you don’t want to miss a lick of this one.  Cuz Moo Moo Signatures got new pretties!  Actually, I swatched and posted these over a week ago but AS USUAL was behind blog-wise and by the time I got around to writing the dang thing, the polish sold out.  So not saying we’re officially in the midst of a POLISH EMERGENCY restock-type situation or anything, but there’s about a 97.38575% chance of it.  Not a typo.  Lesss go!


Moo Moo’s Signatures: The Beginning of a Fairytale Duo (plus Halloween bonus!)


Just spent the last two hours outside looking for my missing cat just so he can burst through the front door 3 seconds later, all sauntering in like NO BIG DEAL.  I don’t know if the Universe is out scheming against me or what, trying to get me to put pants on and go “do stuff,” but that’s some kind of rude shenanigans if you ask me.  Listen, I’m already NOT eating the Cheetos; I don’t need to go wandering around the neighborhood in the dark, wearing no bra and hollering at a cat WHO AIN’T EVEN THERE.  Ugh.  Accidental exercise is stupid.  

But now the cat is laying in the floor by my feet taking a bath, and I’m using all my leftover effort to stop myself from smothering him with mouth kisses.  He no likee the kisses.  Or the hugs.  Or the stalking, for that matter.  Clearly, he is the sweetest kitty in the ENTIRE world.  Who’s basically never going outside again.

So before exhaustion ensues, let’s talk polish!  MeiMei with Moo Moo’s Signatures sent me some pretties to share with you today.  Who’s in the mood to toss a whooooole lotta nail polish in the shopping cart?  (Damn near all of us, pretty sure.)


OMG. Already with the jaws and the floor and the pickup up of things.  Seriously, TOO MANY EFFORTS TODAY.  Can’t a girl just wear pajamas in peace?

This is the Beginning of a Fairytale duo, a collaboration with blogger @irina_zorg from Mad Moon’s Blog, and it’s STINKIN’ ADORABLE.  I don’t even know if that is the purpose, but don’t be tossing in a bunch of heart glitters and expect normal things to happen next.  I lub it lots!  Oh, and it’s inspired by Snow White.  I lub it MORE!

Let’s look at close ups before the swoons kick in.  Cuz not much happens after that.  


DESCRIPTION: A white crelly with red and clear holo glitters, red heart glitters and blue and pink micro flakies

OPACITY:  Three coats; some might be able to manage with two, but I stink at white crellies


DESCRIPTION:  A cherry red jelly with holo shimmer, black glitters, red micro flakies and copper holo dust

OPACITY:  Two coats; luscious as hell

What a perfect contrast to the white crelly.  This one is positively vampy and sexy and full of yummy deliciousness.  These are your date night nails.  Or your napping nails, you know, if you’re me.

In addition to this duo, there’s a Halloween bonus!  I’ve got one half of the Spooky Duo, a limited edition, a DADGUM POLISH EMERGENCY, so now’s a good time to focus in case you didn’t know.


DESCRIPTION:  A murky green base with purple to magenta shimmer, purple/blue micro flakies and holo dust

OPACITY:  Two coats, three if you’re crazy; obviously I did three

The shimmer in this is a bit subtle as the base is pretty dark, but it is there and the contrast is so pretty.  Purple and green, my favoritest combo of life!  The macro below (the nail side) is pretty accurate as far as shimmer to base ratio.  So see?  It’s not SHIMMER! with jazz hands, but more just shimmer with like some sweatpants on. Comfy casual shimmer is what I’m saying.  Either way, though:  GIMME.

In case you’re interested, the other half of this duo is a fun glitter topper with pumpkins, skulls, stars and moon shapes. It’s also a limited edition Polish Emergency, so if you’re in the mood for a bit of lounging about:  basically NOT TODAY!


Time to spend some money!  Important deets below:

The Evil Queen Has a Plan retails for SGD18 which converts roughly to $13.55 in US dollars; the other two are SGD16 (about $11.70 USD).  Also, that’s about the 18th effort for the evening so if Starbucks is coming, I’ll take a thousand.

Where to buy:  http://moomoosignatures.bigcartel.com/ – ships from Singapore

If you’re in the U.S./Canada, you can purchase from Color4nails and prices there are $13.50 USD for each bottle.  But both stores ship worldwide, so either way YOU WIN NAIL POLISH and pretty much that’s all that matters.

More clicking opportunities! Connect with Moo Moo’s Signatures:



Fan Group

AND THEN!  A little extra something.  On November 2 at 10pm Singapore time, Moo Moo’s Signatures will be moving to a new website – http://www.meimeisignatures.com – and to celebrate, there’s a new Moo Moo trio plus limited edition shades from three surprise brands.  The first 50 people in the store get a 15% one-time discount using code Happyshopping.  Also, you can get free shipping with an SGD180 minimum order (about $130 USD) using code sendmefree.  Sooooo, we’re doing all that.  Put it on the list!

Whew!  The carpal tunnel is so dire.  And the efforting is at an all-time high.

Thanks as always for reading The Blog of Infinite Ridiculousness.  You are my PERSON, just so you know.  More fun stuff tomorrow!  GET EXCITED.

Later, loves!


Moo Moo’s Signatures: Shimmer Paradise Collection 


Wasn’t I just in here blogging?  I swear I was.  But the blog train keeps moving whether we want it to or not.  So we’re gonna jump right into it cuz OBVIOUSLY I’m still not going to bed like a normal person.  Ugh.

I have some polish goodies from Moo Moo Signatures to share with you today.  MeiMei sent me her Shimmer Paradise collection to review, a fantastical trio of glorious shimmers that you’re gonna need on your body like stat.  Plus, it’s MeiMei’s first time on the blog, so I feel like a fancy lady!

Who’s in the mood for a bad case of the noodle legs?  Well, by all means, then:  SCROLL.


Quick! Lick the screen while no one’s looking. Now act natural.

Good job.  Seriously, if you came here for the ladylike composure, you’ve picked the wrong day.  Ultra drool-y scenarios coming up in 3 … 2 … 1 …


DESCRIPTION: A light pink with rose to green/gold shimmer

OPACITY:  Three, but only cuz CAN’T. STOP. POLISHING.  Seriously, two was fine but then my brain literally went away somewhere.


DESCRIPTION:  A lavender base with turquoise shimmer

OPACITY:  Two coats, or three if you’re crazy.  Obviously I did three.


DESCRIPTION:  A dusty navy with copper to pink shimmer

OPACITY:  Two coats, finally.  Sometimes I do nails the right way.


This collection just blew my mind.  It was my first time using Moo Moo’s Signatures, and each polish was smooth and creamy and basically all your polish dreams come true.  Super saturated color and flawless application.  If you’re buying one bottle plus 27 back up bottles, no one’s surprised.  Cuz rational behavior is for other people.

Who’s ready to spend some money today?  (You, to be clear.)  Here’s the deets:

Restock date is Friday, July 28 at 10pm Singapore time.  And because I am a DADGUM PROFESSIONAL, I figured out the world clock on my iPhone just for you.  Turns out, that’ll be 10am EST, 9am CST, 8am MST, and 7am PST for all of us over here in North America.  If you don’t live in the U.S., please feel free to look up your own world clock.  Cuz clearly, I’ve efforted enough today.

Although I can be bribed with Starbucks.  Put that in your book in case there’s a quiz later.

Price per bottle is SGD16 which converts to roughly $11 USD, and OMG, someone’s being suuuuuuuper overachieve-y at the moment.  Seriously, if an award is coming, well that seems the most logical.

A couple other bestsellers – Fire Feather and Poison Ivy – plus their Facebook group custom, Moorora Borealis, will be available as well.  Swatches on the website look AHHHHHMAZING so 18,000 bottles, and in the cart they go!  Weeeee!

Click here for shopping!  Shipping is worldwide, so there’s no excuses for ANYBODY.

More clicking opportunities.  Connect with Moo Moo’s Signatures:



Fan Group

Now sit back, relax, and revel in your good decisions.  Then come back tomorrow for more fun stuff.

Later, loves!