Moo Moo’s Signatures: Core Collection Additions – February 2018



I was all set to do some blogging tonight but then I accidentally started cleaning the closet, and I swear I don’t even know who I am anymore.  Who accidentally cleans anything, much less a closet full of shoes never worn, a humidifier half full of water that’s most definitely turned to poison by now, and an old copy machine saved as a backup to a new copy machine for NO DADGUM GOOD REASON WHATSOEVER?  Apparently me, cuz when I suddenly get the urge to be obsessive about something, I do it in the most dramatic way possible and now there’s three giant trash bags sitting out on the curb as proof.  Plus one blog not written very timely, but then again IT’S ME YOU GUYS; I haven’t been doing anything on time for approximately 43 years.

But here we are, attempting anyway.  I got new pretties from Moo Moo’s Signatures to share with you today!  MeiMei is adding more beauties to the core collection, and there’s shimmer and flakies and yumminess GALORE!  Who’s in the mood for a bad case of the swoons?  Well, then by all means: SCROLL.

Yep, that’ll do it.  Someone roll me over a fainting couch, stat.  And a cute boy with a leaf fan, you know, just in case.  

Okay, five stunners ahead.  Quick rundown for you then I’ll meet you at the bottom.  Lessss go!


DESCRIPTION:  A pastel lilac holographic with green/purple/pink shimmer and blue to pink micro flakies

OPACITY:  Three coats plus glossy top coat


DESCRIPTION:  A red-brown base with green/red shimmer and gold flakies

OPACITY:  Three coats plus glossy top coat


DESCRIPTION:  A dusty olive with pink shimmer and pink micro flakies

OPACITY:  Two coats plus glossy top coat


DESCRIPTION:  A medium orchid base with forest green/purple/red shifting shimmer

OPACITY:  Two coats plus glossy top coat


DESCRIPTION:  A sky blue base with pink/copper/gold shimmer and blue/purple shifting micro flakies

OPACITY:  Three coats plus glossy top coat

Formula on all five is consistently good.  Very smooth, super creamy, not thick or gloopy or sticky or NOTHING.  I’m always pleased with MeiMei’s polishes.  She’s pretty much an expert in case you didn’t know.  You can pick one with your eyes closed and I guarantee it’ll be your brand new favorite.  Seriously, try it. And then I’ll take a horn toot cuz I’m being var var useful right about now.


Welp, time to spend some money!  Good thing all this is AVAILABLE RIGHT NOW cuz no one got time to act like a lady.  An elbow jabby shopping frenzy is happening in 3 .. 2 .. 1 ..

Glass Slipper retails for SGD18 which converts roughly to $13.55 in US dollars; all the others are SGD16 (about $11.70 USD).  In case you didn’t catch that, I just did a thing for you (the Google-ing, the money translating, the EFFORTING to like the trillionth degree) so I’ll take a Starbucks, you know, if y’all not busy.

Where to buy:

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Thanks as always for reading The Blog of Infinite Ridiculousness. You are my PERSON, just so you know. More fun stuff tomorrow! GET EXCITED.

Later, loves!


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