Moo Moo’s Signatures: Winter Duo Blogger Collaboration + New Core Colors



Real quick blog for your Saturday, so y’all get your focus face on – we’re about to have a whirlwind blog sesh and you don’t want to miss a lick of this one.  Cuz Moo Moo Signatures got new pretties!  Actually, I swatched and posted these over a week ago but AS USUAL was behind blog-wise and by the time I got around to writing the dang thing, the polish sold out.  So not saying we’re officially in the midst of a POLISH EMERGENCY restock-type situation or anything, but there’s about a 97.38575% chance of it.  Not a typo.  Lesss go!

First up is the Winter Duo, a collaboration with Zlata, @de_briz on Instagram.  This duo is SO GOOD, you guys!  There’s shimmer (DEAD), flakies (MORE DEAD) and noodle legs GALORE! Take a look at what’s headed for the shopping cart:


DESCRIPTION:  A dusty Prussian blue with red shimmer, tiny gold/red flakies, silver holo sparkles and silver flakies

OPACITY:  Two coats plus glossy top coat

I swatched this one before reading the PR info that Mei Mei sent me, and I had to do a double take at that Prussian blue thing.  Cuz this looks brown to me.  Although not a bad thing, cuz brown is cozy and warm and probably very delicious. Except we shall NEVER freaking know cuz the judgy eyes are always lurking.  I ask you, what is the point of life if you can’t have a lick of nail polish every once in a while?  Seriously, WHAT IS THE POINT?

But anyway.  Prussian blue it is, although the flakie EXTRAVAGANZA! is quite undeniable.


DESCRIPTION:  A grayish taupe holographic with purple shimmer

OPACITY:  Two coats plus glossy top coat

So this one is definitely a purple-y thing.  I love that it has a taupe base; it makes it a bit more special.  And it looks just lovely on the nail.  For real, there’s me on a daily basis with five fingers looking so sad and sausage-y and then I put this polish on and suddenly I’m 27 layers deep into a HAND MODEL-y type scenario, touching random things like I’m about to give them away on The Price is Right.

OMG, who’s a weirdo?

In addition to the duo, Mei Mei has added a couple new colors to the core collection.  More shimmer!  More flakies!  Seriously, this best day ever just got best-i-er. 


DESCRIPTION:  A silk white holographic with tiny red and purple flakies, light pink holo sparkles, silver flakies and pink/copper/gold color shifting shimmer

OPACITY:  Two coats plus glossy top coat, or maybe it was three; it was 2am on a work night, polishing with my eyes closed so honestly … crapshoot

And I tell ya, the shimmer in this one is to die for!  Much more evident in person.  Either that or I’m just not very good at nails.  But a blog full of nonsense?  A DADGUM EXPERT.


DESCRIPTION:  A vermilion orange holographic with green shimmer and tiny green flakies

OPACITY:  Well, I’m gonna assume two coats as I did not swatch this one.  But all the rest are two and I’m sensing some sort of epidemic here, so we’ll just say two and move on with life.

This polish was added last minute after Mei Mei had already sent my swatch pack, so unfortunately I have no nail pics for you.  But because some random burst of energy came sheer out of nowhere, I asked Mei Mei if she had some pics I could share.  Those are these.  OMG, and now we want like 18,000 bottles.  This color is STINKIN GLORIOUS.

Lastly, I have a couple of existing colors to share with you as well.  They are also part of the core collection, previously released at some point in the past (omg, I’m soooo good at blogging!) but if you’re looking for some perfect holiday shades, these will definitely do.


DESCRIPTION:  A dark blue jelly with sapphire glitters and tiny blue/pink flakies

OPACITY:  Two coats plus glossy top coat

Is this one glowing?  I swear it’s glowing.  My pictures don’t even do it justice. Ugh. Seriously, if you’ve come to the blog for any type of useful information, you’ve clearly picked the wrong day.


DESCRIPTION:  A bottle full of gold shimmer, gold flakies, gold holo dust and tiny pink flakies

OPACITY:  Another two coater!

I love this gold on top of gold on top of more gold with a tiny dose of pink for funsies.  It’s cheerful and festive and perfect for a party – with or without pajamas; I don’t judge.

Okay, here’s where it gets serious.  The restock on these polishes is currently live but now is definitely NOT the time for lounging.  Last time, they sold out within a few days sooo … panic! anxiety! a thousand tube of hives cream!  In other words: go now.  I MEAN IT.  Your var var important shopping deets:

Winter Roses in Bunny Island and Arabic Flamigo both retail for SGD18, which translates roughly to $13.36 USD.  All the other polishes retail for SGD16 (about $11.87 USD), and because I looked all that up for you, you’re tossing every last one of these in the shopping cart.  Cuz that’s how this thing works, in case you didn’t know.

Where to buy:

Ships internationally, so whatever excuse you had for not spending some money today is hereby officially canceled and deleted.  Get on it, boo boos!  Your polish dreams are about to come true.

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Later, loves!


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