Painted Polish: 2018 Duo



Two seconds into the freezing drizzle, and can I just say:  there’s a whooooole lotta NO happening right about now.  Fetal position, tears and about 27 levels of sadness.  Excuse me while I go hibernate under the weight of a thousand electric blankets cuz winter is the lamest idea out of all the lame ideas.  Like, I’d have more success in attempting to be skinny next to an open bag of Cheetos before I’ll get through a day in January with a smile on my face.  Seriously, booooo on winter.  Plus, I don’t look good in a 67-pound sweater, sooo .. see y’all in April, then?  I think so.

While we wait, let’s look at something pretty.  Here’s some new stuff from Painted Polish:

There’s nothing like an explosion of pink in the middle of winter.  Makes it more bearable, but only slight.  I mean, I’m still gonna do the hibernating thing but maybe I’ll, like, stick a hand out every now and then.  And then you put a Starbucks in it, stat.

This is the 2018 duo, a cute coordinating holo and creme set and there’s no way you’re not buying it.  Get your wallets handy, boo boos!  We’re tossing polish in the cart in 3 .. 2 .. 1 ..


DESCRIPTION:  A medium pink ultra holo with added silver rainbow holographic glitters

OPACITY:  Two coats plus glossy top coat

You want! You need!  I can’t think of any legitimate reason why not.  All of Lexi’s ultra holos are nothing short of stunning, so if you accidentally buy like 18,000 bottles, wellll … that sounds about right.   Cuz rational behavior is a thing for other people.

Macros.  Time for drooling!


DESCRIPTION:  A medium pink creme that doubles as a stamping polish

OPACITY:  Two coats plus glossy top coat

This one covers really well in one coat, but I had to do a second one just to even out my strokes.  Cuz cremes make me nervous and sometimes I’m just not very good at nails.  Regardless though, this nail polish is pretty sweet and the color is just lovely.  And it doubles as a stamping polish, and we all love a good two-fer, oh yes we do.

Macro for funsies.  So much creamy deliciousness:

And OMG, you guys!  I did some nail art:

Mojo could use a little kick in the pants, but I think it turned out okay.  It’s been light years since I’ve done nail art on a consistent basis, so BASED ON THAT FACT ALONE, I’d say this is pretty much expert level.  Right? Right. Used the Lina AFair to Remember plate in case you’re curious.  You might be; I dunno.   I’ll take kudos and accolades though, you know, if y’all not busy.


Now, FOCUS.  This duo is available now, and you’ve got some shopping to do.  Here’s your deets:

If you want both polishes, the set retails for $20.

If you’re going the single bottle route, 2018 is $12 and Stamped in Rose is $10.  Although why you’d buy just one of these defies allll the comprehensions.  They go together like lama lama ding dong.  And no one argues with that kind of logic.

In addition to this pink duo there is a new Winter Trio all in shades of blue.  Can we get any more adorable in here right now?  NO WE CANNOT.  Throw it in the cart.

Where to buy:

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Go get your pretties!  Go ahead and toss some of Lexi’s other stamping polishes in the cart while you’re at it.  Also more ultra holos.  And crellies and glitter bombs and glossy cremes GALORE!  Cuz who’s in the mood for taking this willpower thing to superhuman levels?  Not a dadgum one of us, pretttty sure. 

Later, loves!


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