Seventy Seven Nail Lacquer: Polish Pickup January 2018



Three blogs in three days, two weeks ahead of schedule.  I swear, is this even me right now cuz I legit don’t even know anymore.  The fact I am currently drinking a smoothie with both spinach AND kale in it is further proof that something has definitely gone awry.  YOU GUYS.  The alarming lack of Cheetos and things with gravy on top is almost too much to bear.  Seriously, WHOSE LIFE IS THIS?  Let’s just assume I’ve been kidnapped and someone else is writing this blog, because somehow that makes more sense.

However, despite this unfortunate potato chip-free hell I’ve found myself in, nothing too skinny has happened yet, which means things haven’t gone quite as awry as originally assumed.  I mean, I’m still wearing an extraordinary amount of robe and not leaving the house unless forced against my will.  So now this entire paragraph I just wrote (for apparently no dadgum good reason) has been officially and legitimately declared pointless and moot.  Ugh.  See what effort gets you?  A blog that has broken into a billion tiny pieces, that’s what.

But back to that ahead of schedule thing (ok, maybe effort gets you kind of somewhere).  I’ll take my achievements where I can get them, cuz chances are I’ll take an accidental blogging break and end up buried in 7,397 polish emergencies soon anyway.  So let’s just enjoy this rare (and probably brief) moment of having all our shit together, shall we?

Here’s the Seventy Seven Nail Lacquer contribution to the Polish Pickup for January:

Annnnnd now all you blue lovers just up and died a little bit.  Cuz hers a pretty lady, that’s why.

As mentioned previously, the theme for this month is Crystals & Gemstones, and Connie was inspired by this blue titanium quartz:

Ooooooh!  Who wants in on this?  Damn near all of us, pretty sure.

Okay, now FOCUS.  There’s some serious business up ahead.  


DESCRIPTION:  A blue jelly base with red and purple sparks, shifty iridescent glitters and touch of holo

OPACITY:  Four coats.  Seriously, that overachieve-y thing just went to a whoooooole nother level.

I didn’t have to do four coats, but I think you’ll definitely need three coats.  However, I wanted to see how deep this color would go, and four coats really made a difference.  Plus, I literally have nothing else to do in life besides sit around and paint nails for like 18 hours straight.  Sooooo … four coats it is!  Could’ve done a billion, but even I know my limits.  Me and goals = NOT best friends.

If you do three coats, it’ll be slightly less intense of a blue but still very pretty.  Just like all the rest of Connie’s polishes.  She’s kind of an expert in case you didn’t know.

More swatches and macros and extra convincing scenarios:

And now, some var var important ordering information:

Price: $12 and NO cap! You want 18,000 bottles you shall get 18,000 bottles. COMPLETELY NORMAL BEHAVIOR in case you’re keeping track.

WHAT: 70-plus indie polish brands and products all coming together for a one-stop shop event; you buy one or all, it’s up to you! Flat $3 shipping no matter what. Combined shipping is offered as well so go ahead and make 42 separate orders; it’s all good (crazy, but good).

WHEN: Friday, January 5 at 11am EST thru Monday, January 8 at 1159pm EST


If you’d rather read the more eloquent version, click here for the FAQs from the PPU website. For extra bonus points, click here to join the Facebook fan group to take part in future Polish Pickup theme nominations, voting and sneak peeks. And then prepare to spend some money cuz it’s a bye bye checkbook-type situation for you.

Later, loves!


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