BLUSH Lacquers: Oil on Canvas Duo + Fantasmic Flakies Group Custom + Black Friday December Deals



Well, let’s see:  it’s wayyyy after midnight and I’ve got one eye on Full House and the other eye sleeping while simultaneously saving baby pandas trapped in little bubble cocoons and missing a bag of Cheetos like a DADGUM PROFESSIONAL, soooooo … it’s time to write a blog! in case you didn’t know.

I swear, can I not ever be normal, not even for a little bit?  Apparently, NO.  Cuz while most people are in bed, tucked in burrito-style and dreaming of Starbucks and Leonardo, I gotta be up til the crack of dawn multi-tasking stupid stuff and attempting (for the trillionth time) to be a proper blogger for once in my life.  Clearly, THAT is turning out quite well considering how much you thought you were reading some Tolstoy just now.  GUYS, it’s me!  You’ll see.  Something dumb is about to happen, I’m about 97.4856% sure of it.

Okay, let’s do a speed blog before I fall asleep with both eyes and then we accidentally create about 17 Polish Emergencies.  Cuz  I’ve got important information to share with you today, so y’all need to FOCUS.  BLUSH Lacquers is having a Black Friday in December sale and you don’t wanna miss it.  Proof:

See?  That’s a whooooole lotta holo and about 18,000 drool-y type scenarios poured into a bottle.  Who wants in on this?  (YOU.  The answer to that question is always YOU.)

This is the Oil on Canvas duo made exclusively for the Black Friday in December sale, also known as the first two things you’re buying.  Cuz you don’t just toss in all that holo-y, shifty goodness and then walk away like NO BIG DEAL.  It’s a VERY big deal.  It’s these two polishes, then groceries, maybe some electricity.  In that order.  NOT A TYPO.

Color rundown.  Weeee!


DESCRIPTION:  A holographic multichrome that shifts pink/bronze/gold/green with color shifting multichrome flakies in green/blue/purple/pink

OPACITY:  Two stupid easy coats with the BEST brush applicator you’ll ever use


DESCRIPTION:  A holographic multichrome that shifts blue/indigo/purple/pink with color shifting multichrome flakies in green/gold/purple/pink

OPACITY:  Two more stupid easy coats; seriously, these are magical

Victoria said these polishes shift easily, and she was absolutely correct.  No funky hand gymnastics necessary, i.e., accidental excercise, of which I no likeee.  A few quick swipes and DONE.  A veritable driving hazard in 2.5 seconds. 

But thennnnnn!  THERE’S MORE.  BLUSH Lacquers is in the spotlight for December, and Victoria has created a most amazing custom polish exclusively for members of the Fantasmic Flakies group on Facebook.  Take a look at this ridiculously pretty thing:


I die! I die! I cannot even BEGIN to describe to you how much I love this polish.  I mean, FLAKIES guys!  FLAKIES!  Let’s not pretend anything ladylike is happening next.  27 levels of sexy, coming right up!  One thousand drool buckets notwithstanding.

DESCRIPTION:  An olive base with sparkling gold and bronze micro flakies and shifting red/orange/gold multichrome flakies

OPACITY:  Again with the two coats; I sense an epidemic

Formula was soooo super smooth on this one too.  Easy to apply, and the flakies behaved like a perfect little princess.  One coat of top coat and I swear, it’s a hand model EXTRAVAGANZA! for all of us.

Mercy.  I’m even less normal that the not-very-normal that I was before.  Seriously, if I stay married after this, it’ll be a damn near miracle.

Okay, here’s where it get’s serious and kind of long-windy (and effectively ruining that speed blog thing we were doing, as usual).  Victoria decided to postpone the traditional Black Friday sale and have her own Black Friday in December.  Here’s what that means for all that business up above:


Available from Friday, December 8 at 7pm EST through Monday, December 11 at 11:59pm EST – after that, the polishes are gone for good (Cue the panic! Cue the anxiety! The hives are lurking, I can already tell.)

Price:  $12 each, sold individually only

Where to buy: (website is brand new and will not work until the sale starts)


Available from Friday, December 8 at 7pm EST through the ENTIRE month of December; however, if you purchase by Monday, December 11 at 11:59pm EST, you can take advantage of the Black Friday discount.  Sooooo … y’all are doing that then!  Cuz saving money is saving money no matter how much money you have to spend to do it.  That’s just good science.

Price:  $9.50 (or $8.55 sale price; no code needed)

Remember, you have to be a member of the Fantasmic Flakies group on Facebook to gain access to this polish.  Click here to join, then watch for the post with the secret shopping link and password.  This is the ONLY way to buy this polish – through the secret link.  It will not appear on the BLUSH website by browsing normally.


Again, from Friday, December 8 at 7pm EST through Monday, December 11 at 11:59pm EST, the following discounts apply:

* 25% off Midnight Masquerade, Summer Soirée, and BLUSH Beauties Fall Collaboration collections

* 30% off the Beach Hunny collection

Click the names of each collection to be redirected to my reviews, if you’d like. (YOU’D LIKE!)

* Spend $50 and receive a FREE bottle of the Matterial Girl matte top coat

* Spent $75 and receive FREE shipping on both domestic and international orders

* Special $5 polish section featuring old exclusives, prototypes, discontinued polishes, etc.

No codes are needed for the sale prices; everything will be automatically priced with the discount.  How’s that for effortless?  Pajamas for everyone!

Where to buy: (website will not work until the sale starts on Friday)

Annnnnd now we’re done.  Whew!  Hopefully all that made sense up there, cuz I legit fell asleep like 18 times while writing it.  Long story short, though, you’re about to spend some money.  And we just don’t argue with that kind of logic.

Later, loves!


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