Blush Lacquers: Summer Soirée 1 Year Anniversary Collection 


I tried to get to this blog all day yesterday, but hubby left me home by myself and I forgot how to function.  For one, food didn’t just magically appear so I was forced to put on pants and drive myself to the store.  Gah!  LAME.  Then a wasp flew into the house, where I did an extraordinary amount of cardio trying to shoo it back out.  ALSO LAME.  I’m not a whiz at math or anything, but I’m pretty sure that’s 7,427 percent more effort than is allowed on a Sunday.  Boooo.

It’s a blog heavy week again this week, which means I’ve got to stay on task as much as possible.  That’s really hard to do cuz Full House keeps coming on TV and like, couches and pajamas are everywhere.  So as soon as the blog figures out a way to write itself, I’ll just be over here getting carpal tunnel like a DADGUM CHAMPION.

My sweet friend, Victoria, with BLUSH Lacquers sent me another amazing set of polishes to share with you today.  It’s BLUSH’s one year anniversary, so naturally the collection had to be special.  And although it surprisingly doesn’t come with a side of Leonardo, this is most likely the most amazing collection of all time ever.  Legit no joke.


OMG, the flakies!  Excuse me while I reattach my jaw to my face approximately 18,000 times.

The Summer Soireé collection is full of shimmer and iridescence and is inspired by sophisticated French parties and delicacies.  And, well, you had me at iridescence.  And French.  Not the “parties” part, though, cuz – you know – I like pajamas.

First up is Escargot, Non?:

This one has a brown-toned eggplant base with a bronze to green shifting shimmer, holo flakies and blue/green/gold shifting iridescent flakies.  IT. IS. GLORIOUS.  My swatch literally does no justice to this stunner.  Although my macros get a horn toot.  Take a look:

Did you just die?  Cuz I sure did.

Next up is Raspberry Sorbet:

This one has a raspberry pink base with a golden shimmer, holo flakies and pink/blue/purple shifting iridescent flakies.  So much pretty!  Feel like holding a tiny cappuccino?  Well this polish just begs for it.  It’s dainty and precious and Queen of England-approved.

Close up of those goodies:

Angels are singing, I swear it.

Now here’s Bonne Chance:

This one has a navy base with a bright aqua shimmer, holo flakies and purple/pink/orange shifting iridescent flakies.  I’m digging the mix in this one, man. That shimmer just glows. I’m trying to be normal over here, but I’m sensing some noodle legs lurking.

An insane display:

Who’s still upright?  Hmmmm? NOT A DADGUM ONE OF US, that’s who.

Next is Gilded Fawn:

This one has a golden taupe base with a golden/green shimmer, holo flakies and green/orange shifting iridescent flakies.  And while that’s all well and good, it’s the macro that does you in. Grab the smelling salts!  Now scroll.

Do you see that GREEEEEN?  Ugh. Our wallets have officially left the building. And our brain’s done gone somewhere.

Here’s After Hours:

This one has a plum base with a golden/green shimmer, holo flakies and gold/orange/pink/green shifting iridescent flakies. I feel like this is the point where Victoria just said EFF IT and made us all just drooling, unattractive messes.

More proof:

Tsk tsk, that woman. But also, THANK YOU.

Next up is Le Petit Macaron:

This one has a French blue base with a bright aqua to purple shimmer, holo flakies and pink/green/gold shifting iridescent flakies. HOLY MOLY! I want this one on allll the surfaces. Mine AND yours.

Now more flakie business:


Lastly, here’s Rose Gold Garden:

This one has a golden olive base with a rosy pink shimmer, holo flakies, and gold/green/orange/pink shifting iridescent flakies.  FREAKING DREAMY!  That pink shimmer is the best, most surprising part and just impossible to turn away from. Unless you don’t like pretty things. Or you have no eyes. I dunno.

Good thing we’re at the end, cuz what is breathing? What are words? What is life without drooling in a thousand tiny buckets?

In other words, BIG. PUDDLE. OF GOO.  If I wasn’t such a trophy wife, we’d all be worried.

The round up:

Every single one of these polishes was opaque in two coats.  A bit of a thicker formula, but easily managed – if you can keep yourself from passing out 17 times while applying, that is.  Victoria is the best at making every polish she does unique and infinitely beautiful, and the Summer Soireé collection is the apex.  How many you tossing in your shopping cart, then?  One, plus 27 back up bottles, at the minimum.

This collection is available now, so you’re all good to go!  Full set of 7 polishes retails for $77 and single bottles are $11.  But happiness is PRICELESS, so that point is moot.  Click away, my friends!  If there was ever justification for Crazy Nail Lady, right now would be it.  Shop link is here!

Happy 1 year anniversary, Victoria!  Thank you for making these sad white sausages look even a skosh more hand model-y than they actually are.  For that, I am eternally grateful.

Later, loves!



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