Fair Maiden Polish: Polish Pickup August 2017


So here I sit in a cute little boutique hotel, wrapped in a robe, and I’ve already unpacked three lamps, a lightbox, glitter backgrounds and 13 bottles of nail polish because I don’t know how to vacation like a normal person.  We are here just for a couple of nights, but wheeling three large suitcases through the hotel lobby didn’t look suspicious AT ALL.  Unfortunately, it’s not quite as exciting as one would expect.  Large wads of cash?  Private detective paraphernalia, perhaps?  NOPE.  Just nail stuff.  Clearly, I am suuuuuper fun at parties.

Before the swatch fest starts, let’s do one more blog.  Seeing as the Polish Pickup is practically over by now, I figure now’s a good time to talk about it.  Best blogger ever, guys!  Never forget.

Here’s something beautiful from Fair Maiden Polish:


Her name is Hollywood Royalty, and good news:  you’re buying it!

The Polish Pickup theme for August is Old Hollywood, and Sarah and Adrienne chose to work with Grace Kelly as their inspiration.  Grace Kelly was an American actress who later became the Princess of Monaco after marrying a prince.  You mean, this happens in real life, and I’ve just been sitting here being married to a chef this whole time?!  Ugh.

The inspiration photo: 

And it’s virtual polish twin:

So glorious!  All you purple lovers better FOCUS.  This is headed for your shopping cart in 2.5 seconds.  Plus 27 back up bottles, you know, FOR SAFETY.

DESCRIPTION:  A mauve linear holographic with a magenta to coppery gold flame

My swatches show an easy two coats.  Formula was smooth and lovely and full of magic.

And now, an insane display of holo:

Goodness, that color!  I love me some purple, but this red tone with the copper shimmer has got me reattaching my jaw to my face at least 18,000 times.  It’s truly stunning.

Finally, some macros:

Who’s still upright?  Not a dadgum one of us, that’s who.

The Polish Pickup sale is open NOW and will stay open all the way thru Monday, August 7. Cost varies between makers, but Fair Maiden’s polish will retail for $10. Shipping is a flat $3 no matter how much you buy.  I recommend all of them, because no one does Crazy Nail Lady quite like you.  Get on it, boo boos!

For more information on the sale and how it works, click here for the FAQs.  Cuz I’ve blogged like 7,397 days in a row and the carpal tunnel is so dire.

Off to swatch then more blogging in the morning.  Only one more Polish Pickup polish left, and then it’s Starbucks and pajamas for nigh on eternity.  Good night, loves!


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