Anchor & Heart Lacquer: Polish Pickup August 2017


GUYS. We’ve made it. Officially nine blog posts in a little more than 5 days, and if there was ever a reason to have a wine cooler on a Sunday morning, this here’d be it.

One polish showed up last minute or else I SWEAR this blog would be on time.  But then hubby and I went out of town and forced me to go be social against my will, so the blog was delayed even further. AND THENNNNNN! We went to a Guns N Roses concert that lasted almost five hours, and 7,397 electric guitar solos later, well, naturally some napping ensued. Y’all, I’m old. I can swatch and blog until 4 in the morning, but anything other than that? CRAPSHOOT. 

Regardless, here’s one last polish you need from the Polish Pickup. FOCUS! Cuz it’s Polish Emergency plus jazz hands. And some serious business up ahead. 

Presenting Falling in Love With…Chad by Anchor & Heart Lacquer:



In case you’ve forgotten the last eight blogs I’ve posted, the theme for August is Old Hollywood. Taryn was inspired by Elvis Presley’s character, Chad Gates, from the movie, Blue Hawaii. Take a look at this:

And now this:

It’s a purple EXTRAVAGANZA!  All the colors from the photo are in here people, cuz Taryn is a freaking MAGICIAN. Seriously, she has a store full of other gorgeous polish to prove it.  

DESCRIPTION:  A warm purple holographic with blue flame, holo microglitter in pink, purple and blue PLUS iridescent shifting flakies in aqua/purple/pink and blue/green/gold

That’s a lot of goodies!  If this one somehow ends up on all the surfaces, no one is surprised. 


Gah! Do you see that jackpot flakie?!  Uhhhhhhnnnnn.  Excuse me while I lick my screen real quick.  Judgy Eyes (aka, hubby) needs to just LOOK AWAY lest divorce happen by accident.

I mean, who’s acting normal at this point anyway?  If you haven’t drooled in a thousand buckets by now, well clearly you are WRONG.

Here’s where the emergency comes in.  The Polish Pickup sale is almost over. You have today and tomorrow only to snag this beauty, and then it goes away FOREVER. And I swear, if you’re waking up on August 8, sad and polish-less, I am var var concerned about your brain.  CUZ WE’VE BEEN OVER THIS BEFORE, that’s why. 

To read up on the Polish Pickup, what it is, what it does, click here to read the FAQs. Then while you’re in a clicking mood, join the Polish Pickup group on Facebook (click here!) so you can get in on theme nominations, voting, interacting, and being social all while lounging on couches.  Weeeee!

Oh, and this polish retails for $12 and comes with a side of Leonardo.  Or else I just dreamed that. I dunno. 

Click here for shopping, then go be happy.

Later, loves!


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  1. Things that don’t count when I’m on a ‘no-buy’: 1) Native War Paints monthly subscription, 2) Road to Polish Con weekly polishes, 3) Polish Pickup. These are just the facts of life.


    • I’m so glad you’ve set some guidelines, cuz a no-but shouldn’t actually include not buying nail polish! You just can’t pass up certain things!


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