Glam Polish: Rydell Forever Collection 


I just went in to write this blog post and noticed it’s the ONLY one left in my drafts queue, and I don’t know about you, but I think that’s a freaking miracle and we can all go home and get back in pajamas now because life is officially succeeded.

Was that a run-on sentence?  Prolly.  But one can’t grammar at a time like this.  I’m about two seconds from full-on couch mode since for once in my life, I seriously have nothing to do.  Yes, yes, I know that makes zero sense considering all I ever do is generally nothing, but for real I’m not joking this time.  My swatching is caught up.  My blogging is caught up.  I watched everything on the DVR.  I am literally adrift at sea, on a floatie, with a cocktail and there’s Leonardo pointing a fan at me.

In other words:  we may never make it to the end of this blog. Cuz LEONARDO. And laying. Getting off this floatie will be nigh on impossible at this point.

But just for funsies, let’s talk about the new Glam Polish Rydell Forever Collection. I received 6 out of the 9 polishes in the set – and they’re all stinkin’ gorgeous. Take a look:

Told ya.  Glam Polish never disappoints.

As you may have guessed, this collection is inspired by the movie/musical Grease.  I looooooove Grease!  Do you know how often I belt out I got chills, they’re multiplying! for no reason whatsoever?  Surprisingly more than you’d think, although maybe not so much considering how cold it is in my office all the time.  Serious, it’s straight up grandma status in there with all the afghans on top of me.

In addition, I tell my husband we go together like lama lama ding dong, but he doesn’t think that’s as cute as I’m ALMOST CERTAIN IT DEFINITELY IS.  Boys are no fun sometimes.

Anyway, let’s get into it.  First up is Too Pure to be Pink:

Who wanted to be a Pink Lady growing up?  I lacked a certain coolness to ever be anything more than a kid with gold monogram stickers on her eyeglasses who played dress-up with imaginary babies.  Sooooo close yet so far, know what I’m saying?

Okay, so this one is a baby pink crelly with shifting flakies, glass flecks and holo microglitter.  It’s a dark enough pink to not wash out my entire skin, but light enough to be girly and sweet.  Same excellent formula you get with all the Glam Polish polishes – smooth and flawless.

Look at the size of that flakie!  Pretty sure that’s Jackpot Status right there:

Here’s some nail art I did:

I used the pink plus another color in the collection (swatched below) and some wavy line vinyls from Stick It Nail Vinyls.  It’s kinda cute, right? (Right.)

Next up is It’s Electrifying!:

I won’t lie:  I kinda wanna lick this.  Except society says NO.

This one is a delicious (I’m assuming) green jelly filled with iridescent flakies and holo microglitter.  And it’s absolutely stunning.  Of course, I don’t meet too many greens that I find unfascinating.  However, the depth in this jelly is flat out ridiculous.  Wanna go swimming?  I do.

Don’t look at this nail art:

Just keep scrolling.  Ugh.  Sometimes I do things and wonder what was I thinking?  Clear evidence it’s not just reserved for when I wore a record in my hair in 7th grade and somehow did not start a hot new trend exploding throughout the middle school.  Nope.  I make hideous nail art decisions too.

Although two thumbs up for this Powder Perfect Eqypt plate.  It does good work.

Next we have Oh Sandy!:

I feel a puddle-of-goo-type scenario coming on.  Quick!  Someone bring me an old Victorian fainting couch and one of those cute boys to feed me grapes.  STAT.  Mama needs to lie down.

So this one is a lovely bright purple crelly with shifting flakies, glass flecks and holo microglitter.  And just so you know, this is my absolute favorite shade of purple.  Like a bright but deep lavender with a touch of red.  Is that even a thing?  I dunno.  It’s so pretty, I’ve lost all the words to describe it properly.

More “nail art”:

Well, I’m not winning any awards with that one, am I?  I used the purple along with the blue one (swatched below) for an incredibly simple color block design.  Then added a matte top coat for extra jazz.  Mellow jazz, but jazz nonetheless.

Here’s Peachy Keen, Jelly Bean:

Well look who’s being sexy.  Phwoar!  This one is your date night polish.  Not my date night polish, mind you.  Unless you enjoy pajamas up to your neck and putting your sock booted-feet next to your husband so he can massage them with two fingers and a look of disgust on his face.  But we’re both on the couch next to each other, so I guess technically it’s still a date.  No, let’s just go with your date night then, which I’m sure by far at least takes place outside of your home and with pants on.  Or maybe no pants.  I don’t judge.

OMG, what am I even talking about?  Shut up, brain.

Okay, so this is listed as a bright magenta jelly with iridescent flakies and holo microglitter, but it leans on the red side on me.  Not that I’m complaining.  Red, magenta.  Potato, french fries.  It’s all good.

Now I’m quite proud of this nail art.  Can I get a toot on my own horn, please?

First of all, I matted this design and the red toned down somewhat and I can see the magenta coming through.  Do you see it?  I just love the contrast with the black.  The rose image is from the Uber Chic Beauty 1-02 plate, the very first set I ever purchased.  Memories!

Now we have You’re Cruisin’ For a Bruisin’:

And then a billion blue lovers just sighed and passed out a little bit.  It’s gorgeous huh?  I’m in love with all those holo thingies.  (Technical term.  I’m sooo good at blogging, you guys!)

This one is a navy blue 12D holographic, which I’ve discovered is a mix of different holographic finishes.  It’s magical at the minimum.  Look how sparkly and dreamy it is.  Did you just die?  Yes you did.

Formula is similar to a full coverage glitter, but goes on ultra smooth and easy.  After top coat, the finish was glassy and slick.  You’ll likey, I swear.

Here’s the nail art:

Two reasons this mani exists.  First, there’s a new butterfly emoji on the iPhone that was practically begging for it, and second, TIME FOR SPRING!  It was like 18 degrees today, and I’m about 1856704 percent done with that.

Butterflies courtesy of the Uber Chic Beauty 12-02 plate, just so you know.

Last one!  This is Tell MeAbout It, Stud:

Well, let’s just go out with a bang then.  Doesn’t this one look yummy?  Okay, the urge to lick all of these has reached a dire, unprofessional level.  Seriously.  Send help.

This one is described as a Boysenberry 12D holographic.  BOYSENBERRY?!  Well, I want that then.  Anytime you relate food to nail polish, there’s roughly a billion percent chance I’m all over it.  There could be dog tinkle in the bottle for all I know, but as long as the label says it’s Raspberry Whipped Cream, then that point is moot.  Gimme.

A good nail art attempt:

I took one image from the Lina Feeling Shapely 02 plate, and stamped different parts of it to make it look like I tried extra hard.  I like how it turned out.  Those Lina plates are awesome in case you’re looking for some good ones.

The round up:

Look at that stunning lineup!  Today is your lucky day then cuz you can buy them all at 1pm EST – that’s roughly 3 hours from now.  Set like 17 alarms.  Seriously.  DO IT.

Don’t forget, there are three other colors  available as well that I did not feature here.  Deets for you in case you want to prepare:

Rockin’ an’ Rollin’ an’ What Not – a space gray 12D holographic

Go Grease Lightning – bright red jelly with iridescent flakies and holo microglitter

Summer Lovin’ Had Me a Blast – Cerulean blue crelly with shifting flakies, glass flecks and holo microglitter

This collection is limited edition so do not waste time working or running errands.  You have more pressing things to get to.  Nail polish just might save the world one day, you don’t know.

Pricing is $12 for each bottle or $97.20 for the full set (special 72 hour discount; regular price $108).  If you are international, please click here to see if Glam Polish is available in your country.  And if so, click here and put everything in your basket.  You’re welcome.

Later, loves!

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  1. Ok so, I’ve been following you on IG for a while and it somehow escaped me that you also have a blog (I found this post through the Glam Polish FB group). You are freaking hilarious and I kinda love you lots now!


  2. I’m going to be singing songs from Grease all day now (not that that is an unusual thing for me :]). And I completely understand the urge to lick It’s Electrifying. As a green/teal polish lover, it looks delicious.


    • It’s Electrifying is the best! I can’t get over that color!! Glad you like the nail art – sometimes I don’t know about it, lol … Not always on my game.


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