Glisten & Glow: Experience the Islands Collection and All Dressed Up Duo


Before you go thinking I have this charmed life full of nail polish, Starbucks and happiness, let it be known that I just got home from work and realized I’ve been wearing my shirt inside out ALL FREAKING DAY LONG.  Like, there was a tag out in full view and everything.  I don’t know whether to be grateful no one noticed or confused by the amount of people who’d let me walk around like a dang hobo for nine hours straight.

Regardless of which, it’s my own fault for trying to wear clothes straight out of the laundry basket instead of hanging them up in the closet like a civilized person.  I just don’t have time to mess with it.  Who’s doing the nails, watching the Netflix and putting the Schnapps in the coffee then?  If I’m doing housework, that’s when my life truly goes to pieces.  So I hold it all together and just buy more underwear. That way, you can still read this blog and I’m basically a hero.  Hooray!

I’ve got more pretties from Glisten & Glow to show you today. I received the 4-piece Experience the Islands collection and the All Dressed Up duo to review – two collections that have been out for a few months, but still available, thank you Baby Jesus.

Let’s talk about Experience the Islands first.  Here they are:

I don’t know about you, but it’s flippin cold here and the sun has done took a vacay.  In other words, hibernation mode is kicking in and if I somehow get out of the house between now and April, it’ll be a straight up Christmas miracle.  If there was ever a more perfect time for some summer nail polish, I’d say one week before winter sounds about right.

First up is Bungee Jump in the Bahamas:

This thing is ridiculous good.  Perfect, smooth, and almost opaque in one coat.  Ultra creamy.  Self-leveling and non-streaky.  Effortless.  I loved everything about it.  It’s a super bright mint that would make an awesome base for some cool beachy nail art.

So naturally I did snowflakes!

It’s the only snow I approve of.

The good thing about these polishes is they stamp really well.  I used the white from the All Dressed Up duo and the fuchsia  one below to do the stamping, and I think it turned out pretty cute.  It’s kind of a rare thing when I feel like I’ve done something successful, so quick! hand me my horn so I can toot it.

Next up is ATV in Aruba:

Welp, I have no words.  This one is the ultimate berry pink and you’re buying it.  What more reason do you need?  NONE.  It’s going in the shopping cart.  The end.  

Same great formula as the last one, although the nail art could be a bit more creative.  However, I stamped using the black polish from the All Dressed Up duo, and that part looks pretty dang good.  And the image is a corset, so although I may be sitting on the couch wearing a pair of crocheted gray footies and an afghan up to my neck, at least my nails are sexy.

Now we have Parasail in Puerto Rico:

Squeeeee!  How pretty is this?  It’s a really bright coral creme that teeters on neon although not neon.  It’s my favorite!  Again with the perfect formula.  I’m not sure what these are made of, but MAGIC comes close.  They’re cheerful, happy little things and I can’t get enough.

I really need the sun to come out.  Ugh.  It’ll never be warm again.

Okay, I stinkin love this.  I got these really cute Quatrefoil line vinyls from Polished Vino and now I wanna go back and buy like a billion more of them and that’s not even a typo.  I adore them that much.  And also, I can’t be normal.

Last polish from the Experience the Islands collection is Snorkel in St. Thomas:

Everyone needs a good turquoise blue, so here you go.  It’s lovely!  For real, guys.  These polishes are all consistently amazing.  Two coats, tops.  Perfect if you’re short on time or just need to get back to couch laying, which is often my case.  I highly recommend them, and so you will buy them cuz I know what is best for you.

Look, I made flowers!  FREEHANDED.  I mean, well obviously, since they’re not the best flowers you’ve ever seen, but hey – I did a THING, so gimme that horn again.  Toot toot!  

The other set I received to review is the All Dressed Up Duo.  Don’t mind my nerdy font fest:

They’re not even joking with these.  Holy moly.  I’m just gonna make this short and sweet.  Creamy.  Opaque.  Amazing.  Want. Neeeeeed.

First up is Little Black Dress:

Ugh.  So good.  And you could totally get away with one coat if you wanted to.  I did two coats like always, but most people have lives and important things to do.  I, on the other hand, could really use a nap right about now.  

The other half of the duo is Wedding Gown White:

White is hard.  A lot of times you get one that is streaky, patchy or takes a crap ton of coats to get opaque.  However, I say this with barely concealed excitement, but SHE. IS. PERFECT.  One coat covers really well and the second coat evens it all out and is completely no fuss.  You gotta get it!  And then you = happiness.

I had zero direction on where I was going with this, which might explain that pointer finger.  However, the longer I look at it the more I love it.  I have no doubt I’ll recreate this design again at some point.

The round up:

Each one of these is amazing.  I’ve said that about 15 times in this blog post, but just in case you still need convincing, let me reiterate.  BUY THESE.  I mean it.  Click here.

Experience the Islands set – $30

All Dressed Up duo – $15

Single polish – $7.50 each

ORRRRRRRR, you can buy both sets thru this listing >>here<< and get free shipping.  We love free!  Free feels good.

And now for real .. about that nap …

Later, loves!

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