Blush Lacquers: October BLUSH Box and What’s Your Fantasy Polish


I asked my husband when I could quit my job to stay home and paint my nails for a living and his answer was never.  So honestly, I’m not sure this relationship is going to work out.  I mean, come on, it’s the perfect situation!  He would never have to cook or clean again because I’d be home all day long making sure the housekeeper took care of everything.  And then I’d never embarrass him out in public because I would have the best hands, pointing at restaurant menus or picking out pastries in the Starbucks display case with a flashy fingertip.  It’s basically a win win.  He’d get a trophy wife and I’d get to stay in pajamas for 95% of my day.

Certainly there is a universe out there where this could happen.  Although I suppose by my working, I can continue to buy all the nail polish I want without getting the stink eye.  So there’s a trade off, I guess.

Fiiiiine.  I’ll go to work tomorrow.  FOR NOW.

Until all my dreams come true, though, I have nail stuff to show you!  Two products from Blush Lacquers that you will make you want to go ahead and work just one more day, too.  Let’s go!

Every month (give or take), Blush Lacquers offers a BLUSH box.  This particular one is a collaboration between Blush and two other makers.  Here’s what you get:

How about that polish?! It’s called Blackberry Wine and it looks exactly like it.  Like, Victoria is such a genius in how she gets polishes just right.  This is literally squashed grapes in a barrell.  But with less feet.

Other items include blackberry and sage bath fizzies from Clean Line Soap Company, a variety of water decals and wine-themed vinyls from Ribbits Stickits, and a little container of wine shaped glitters that Victoria picked up from her glitter supplier.  It’s all so cute as a button.  If you somehow manage to not buy this box, you need to take that show on the road cuz that’s some superhuman strength right there.

Let’s do a closer look:

See those baby wine glitters?  Precious!  Ugh.  I will warn you though – they will stick all over your body whether you like it or not, so be careful.  I liked to never have gotten them off this white cloth.  They might be made of static cling .. glue .. magnets …  It’s almost funny where you’ll find these later, stuck to your ladybits and whatnot.  In other words, use your tweezers and some common sense.

The black sheet of decals is the same as the silver sheet, just so you know.  My photography skills are not the most keen.  I’m trying, though.  I did buy flowers and rubber grapes just for these pics.  If I’m not careful, I’m going to own 800+ bottles of nail polish AND a spare bedroom full of photo props.  What can I say – when I obsess, I do it professionally.

Let’s focus on just the polish for a bit.  Here she is … Blackberry Wine:

So gorgeous.  Such a deep, deep grape-y purple.  There is a very subtle blue shimmer that you almost can’t see unless you walk around holding an LED lamp at all times.  Maybe you DO do that; I’m not judging.  I bend my tongue back so it sticks to itself, so now who’s the weirdo?

Below are two shots showing what the polish looks like normally, and then under the lamps:

And then of course, a macro.  I had to take this outside just to get the best shimmer action.  But totally worth it, even though I was forced to put pants on.

One more for good measure, just in case you aren’t sure.  Although I’m sure you’re sure.  You’re smart people.

Did you just die?  Cuz I sure did.

The following photos are attempts at me trying something different.  Plus, I paid $3.49 for those rubber grapes and I wasn’t letting that go to waste.  Enjoy!

Okay, that last one.  That is actual red wine.  In a mason jar with a straw.  And despite all that, I’m a super cool person.

Below is some nail art I did using the Ribbits Stickits water decals and wine-themed vinyls:

The purple stamping on my middle nail looks exactly like spilled wine.  Could’ve been clever if it wasn’t such an accident.  I was just looking for something to put in the background behind my wine glass sticker.  Sometimes I am even amazed by my own geniosity…geniusness…genie-something.  Well, you get it.

The other new release is the September What’s Your Fantasy Polish winner.  I present, Hook’d on Darling:

This is no joke stunning.  One of the best blues I’ve ever seen. So much prettier than an ordinary holo.  I just love it!  The vision belongs to @fiddlednails on Instagram, who was inspired by her daughter, and the lovely Victoria brought the whole thing to life.  

It’s a royal blue holographic with an amazing mint shimmer.  Looks just like the sea!  And when you get it under the lights … wowza!

See?  There’s no way you’re not putting this in the cart.  I can’t imagine even one scenario.

Below, another attempt at something creative.  Thank goodness I bought this scarf four years ago.  Cuz then what?!

The round up:

Both of these items debuted today, so make sure to prioritze your schedule.  In case you’re not clear, it should look like this:

1.  Click here to buy some Blush stuff

2.  There is no number two.

Later, loves!

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