Glisten & Glow: Birthday Duo + New Glorious Glistenettes



Quick blog for you today, I guess.  Cuz hubby just got up and randomly started taking ornaments off the Christmas tree, complete with extra dramatic sighs and a skosh of the side eye, so I’m assuming that means I have a job to do and FOR SOME REASON it’s not writing a blog.  Or perhaps I just need to supervise the whole thing in case the Tree Punching Incident of 2016 rears it’s ugly head once again.  But UGH, who’s up for a rousing game of moving legs and arms and other body parts against your will?  NOT THIS LADY.  If the tree stays up until February 26 (as it has once before; clearly not my best year ever), that’s fine by me.  Sunday is for lounging and for eating things with gravy on top – there just isn’t room for much else.

Why am I not skinny yet?!  Seriously y’all, I don’t even know.

While we wait, let’s talk polish!  I have some new stuffs from Glisten & Glow to share with you today.  Two duos to start your January off right.  Excitement level is officially at an all-time high.  Lessss go!

Every year, Jill does something to celebrate her birthday (which is January 8 by the way, you know, in case an annoying birthday meme EXTRAVAGANZA! gift-giving-type situation ensues), but this year shall be different.  We got a DUO y’all!  Double the celebration, double the noodle legs.  Well, why not?  When we go unattractive, we go allllll the way.

Super fast rundown of colors so pay attention times a billion!  Cuz hubby just had a coughing fit in an I’m-taking-the-Christmas-tree-down-while-I’m-clearly-dying kind of way, so now I’ve gotta speed blogged like I’ve never speed blogged before.


DESCRIPTION:  A garnet to copper duochrome holographic with flakies and red shimmers

OPACITY:  Two coats plus glossy top coat 


DESCRIPTION:  A blue to purple duochrome holographic with pink shimmers and light scattering of ultra chrome chameleon flakies and galaxy holo microglitters

OPACITY:  Two coats plus glossy top coat

The other new release: more Glorious Glistenettes!  Jill debuted this series back in November and now she’s brought them back as a monthly installment.  They are small batch limited edition polishes, so now is DEFINITELY not the time for lounging.  Once they’re gone, they’re gone.  FOCUS face, people!  You’re tossing these in the shopping cart in 3 .. 2 .. 1 ..

I mean, how could you not?  It’s damn near impossible.

The speed blog commences.  Good thing the pictures speak for themselves.


DESCRIPTION:  A pink holographic loaded with red to copper ultra chrome chameleon flakies and aqua shimmer

OPACITY:  Three coats, although the third probably wasn’t necessary.  Sometimes when I see flakies, the brain just goes away somewhere.


DESCRIPTION:  A blue to purple to green multichrome holographic with added holo microglitters

OPACITY:  Two coats plus glossy top coat


Both of these duos are available now, so whatever excuse you had for not shopping today is hereby officially rendered NULL AND VOID.  I just solved all your thinking problems, in case you didn’t know.  Here’s your var var important shopping deets:

The Birthday Duo retails for $22 for both or $12 for a single bottle

The Glorious Glistenettes are sold as single bottles only for $14 each

Where to buy:

All four polishes are excellent, formula-wise.  Applies smooth and even, not gloopy or sticky.  All the lovely things, poured in a bottle.  But then again, Jill made them, so did we expect anything but?  NO WE DID NOT.

Finally, the linky loos!  Connect with Glisten & Glow:



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Now GO GO GO! Get your pretties before they’re gone, especially if you’re wanting the Glorious Glistenettes.  Time’s a ticking, boo boos!  A legit Polish Emergency is in our midst.  Are you properly panicked yet?  Wellll, you should be.

Later, loves!


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