Glisten & Glow: Glorious Glistenettes Small Batch Thermals


How many people got a Black Friday-style elbow jab to the face today?  Who crawled out of bed at 3am to stand amongst the crazies at the door to Toys R Us?  Who waited in the drive thru at Starbucks for like half an hour cropping and watermarking swatch photos until coffee finally came?  NOT THIS LADY!

Okay, well that Starbucks thing was me, but all the rest?  NEVER.  Black Friday gives me the hives, y’all.  Too many people, all up in my business.  Shopping carts all trying to go down the same aisle.  Arms, everywhere.  Plus, the surprising lack of pajamas is just too much to bear sometimes.

However, there was a coffee emergency.  Hubby left early for work this morning and then I laid in bed for the next four hours waiting for Starbucks to just appear in my hand like magic.  IT NEVER FREAKING DID.  Ugh.  So basically I had no choice but to venture out in traffic, with pants on and everything, and get in line for the next eternity all for the love of a peppermint mocha.  I was soooo brave, you guys!  Seriously, if there’s an award coming, I’ll take a Leonardo.

Speaking of emergencies, y’all need to FOCUS.  The Glisten & Glow Black Friday & Beyond sale is officially underway and nail polish is happening to like the trillionth degree.  Take a look at the next thing you’re buying, as in today, as in right now:


GAH!  Are you seeing this?  Purples and blues and flakies and loooooooove.  I don’t know what else you got planned for today, but tossing a bunch of THIS in the cart sounds like the most logical.

Introducing the Glorious Glistenettes trio, a set of three beautiful small batch thermal polishes that you never knew you needed.  You do, you do!  They’re absolutely lovely, but they’re also 80% sold out sooooo … if you’re thinking about a proper time to have yourself a panic attack, right now would be it.

Now we’re in a hurry.  In an effort to not spend the next 18 years in here chatting about stupid stuff, let me just say:

1.  Formula was a consistent, fantastic two coats

2.  No issues with application whatsoever; practically effortless

3.  Annnnd, you had me at effortless.  All other points are moot.  


DESCRIPTION:  A purple to pink thermal holographic with red shimmer, purple holo microglitter and color shifting flakies

Just the warm version:

Now the cool:

And gradient macros. Oooooh, the overachieve-y!


DESCRIPTION:  A lilac to light green thermal holographic with aqua shimmer, silver holo microglitter and color shifting flakies

The warm:

The cool:

Back to the gradient:


DESCRIPTION:  A periwinkle to silver thermal holographic with copper shimmer, red holo microglitter and color shifting flakies

Full view of the warm:

Full view of the cool:

And finally, gradient macros to drool over:


Seriously guys.  If you’ve got a thing for thermals, these are spectacular.  But did we expect anything less from Glisten & Glow?  NO WE DID NOT.  Jill’s got this polish thing on lock, y’all.

Very important shopping deets:

Sale is going on now and will run through Monday, November 27 at 11:59pm EST.  However, let me stress to you ONE MORE TIME, these thermals are 80% sold out.  I’m not the best at math, but even I can tell that’s not good news.  Who’s missing out on all this pretty?  CERTAINLY NOT YOU.

Use discount code BFANDBEYOND2017 to get 30% off your order.  Which translates to free as far as I’m concerned.  Shopping cart full of nail polish = completely and officially JUSTIFIED.

Where to buy:

Lastly, some linky loos! Connect with Glisten & Glow:



Fan Group 

Now GO GO GO!  Get your pretties before they’re gone.  Pick up some top coat and some cremes and the new nail care products while you’re at it.  It’s Black Friday; what better way to celebrate?  Pants or no pants, that’s up to you.

Later, loves!


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