Fair Maiden Polish: Tipsy Christmas Collection + Black Friday Deals


Three hours from mashed potatoes and I. CAN’T. WAIT.  Thought I would pop on real quick and talk about some nail polish because honestly I don’t know what sort of shape I’ll be in later.  It’s a day full of carbs, y’all!  Plus a diet soda, you know, for SAFETY.

It really sucks to be counting calories on Thankgiving cuz everything I want has gravy on it.  I suppose I could go sans gravy, but OMG!, I about cried just typing that.  Blah.  I’m not even gonna pretend that’s normal.

So I’ve officially declared today a cheat day.  I’ll try to be somewhat good, but maybe let’s keep the judgy eyes to a minimum just in case.  Who’s that log on the couch with her pants undone, clearly being sexy but desperately trying to stay married?  Yeah, that’s me, prettttty sure.

Okay.  Nail polish.  Let’s go!  Here is something beautiful from Sarah and Adrienne, the lovely ladies behind Fair Maiden Polish.  You want this:


Told ya.  18,000 bottles, and in the cart they go!  Cuz now is not the time for rational behavior.

This is the Tipsy Christmas collection, a set of 4 soft-toned shades loaded with all sorts of multi-dimensional goodies.  Flakies and holo and jaw-dropping shifts … seriously guys, if you haven’t already drooled in roughly a thousand buckets, well then you are most definitely a robot.

A glorious parade of colors.  Brace yourself for the swoons!


DESCRIPTION:  An elegant sage green with intense copper flame and subtle holographic hints

OPACITY:  Three coats plus glossy top coat


DESCRIPTION:  A creamy soft lavender with red shimmer flame, subtle violet/gold shift with holo sparkle

OPACITY:  Three coats plus glossy top coat


DESCRIPTION:  A rosy gold multichrome with magenta/copper/gold shift and holo sparkle throughout

OPACITY:  Two coats plus glossy top coat


DESCRIPTION:  A muted blue with holo sparkle and teal to purple chroma shifting flakies

OPACITY:  Two coats plus glossy top coat


Want, want and 27 levels of YES PLEASE.  That’s your new motto.

This collection releases tonight, November 23 at 11pm CST.  So despite that mashed potato coma you’re in, you will FIND A WAY to get your shopping done.  Fair Maiden up top, people!  I’m serious.  Here’s all you need to know:

Full set of 4 polishes retail for $43 (full size) or $28 (mini size)

Single bottles retail for $11

HOWEVER!  There’s a coupon.  Use code TIPSY25 at checkout to receive 25% off your order.  Whyyyyy, that’s practically free!  All the more reason to toss nail polish in the cart with your eyes closed.  Weeee!

Other deals:

* 14 prototype mystery polishes

* Free Holiday 2017 polish with $50+ order (automatically added to cart; no effort!)

* The $5 doorbuster polish, It’s Lit, will be available but capped at 100 bottles; once it’s gone – it’s gone FOREVER!  Soooo … first in line then?  YEP, sounds about right.  

Discount does not apply to the doorbuster and there’s a 2 bottle max.  To see my review of It’s Lit (plus 14 other polishes in the Indie Brand Collective Black Friday sale), click here.

Where to buy:  http://www.fairmaidenpolish.com

Bonus clicking opportunities!  Connect with Fair Maiden Polish:



Fan Group

Alright, that’s it.  Gotta get my game plan ready for dinner.  Most likely involving stretchy pants, as there isn’t a no-pants option while out in public.  Ugh, SOCIETY.  You are ZERO fun sometimes.

Later, loves!


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