Glam Polish: Glow Collection (partial)


Today I had to count out 15 french fries and leave the rest on my plate UNEATEN and I am officially the saddest of all things sad.  I mean, what the hell kind of rude shenanigans is that?!  Ugh.  Excuse me while I go ugly cry into my bowl of baby carrots.  Booooooo.  However, if I’m forced to find a silver lining, I’ve lost four pounds.  Which, quite honestly, is the least that can happen considering the miserably unfortunate lack of Cheetos.

Good thing there’s nail polish!  I have a whooooole lotta gorgeousness from Glam Polish to share with you today.  Rachel sent over 5 out of 9 shades from the new limited edition Glow collection, and I swear if you like you some shimmer and sparkle and general yummy deliciousness, you’re gonna wanna get your wallet handy CUZ TIME WASTING IS A THING FOR OTHER PEOPLE.  Take a look:


Welp.  Already with the jaw dropping.  Seriously, can we ever be normal, even just for a little bit?  NOT TODAY!  It’s 27 levels of tongue lolling scenarios for you.

The Glow Collection is a set of 9 shimmery, sparkling shades inspired by the Gorgeous Ladies of Wresting from the hit Netflix show, Glow.  I vaguely remember the old GLOW on tv back in the late 80s, but then Full House happened and … well, we all know what kind of rabbit hole that turned out to be.

Anyway.  You’re buying these, just so you know.


DESCRIPTION:  A grey crelly with shifting multichrome flakies and fine holo microglitter

OPACITY:  Two coats plus top coat

OMG, are you seeing this?  The holo!  The flakies!  The rainbow shifty goodness!  For real, y’all got some smelling salts handy cuz I’ll take a thousand.


DESCRIPTION:  A bright plum with strong purple/blue/red shimmer and silver ultra holo glitter

OPACITY:  Two coats plus top coat

And then a billion purple lovers just passed the hell on out now. It’s gorgeous huh? I’m in love with all those glowy holo thingies. (Technical term. I’m sooo good at blogging, you guys!)


DESCRIPTION:  A holographic base with shifting multichrome flakies, red/gold shifting microglitter, copper, rose, bronze and gold microglitter and silver ultra holo glitter

OPACITY:  Two coats plus top coat

SO. MUCH. BLING.  And legit flakie business to like the trillionth degree.  This one is my faaaaavorite, y’all.  I want it on all the surfaces, mine AND yours.  COMPLETE RATIONAL BEHAVIOR, just to be clear.


DESCRIPTION:  A denim blue jelly with shifting multichrome flakies, silver ultra holo glitter and fine holo microglitter

OPACITY:  Two coats plus top coat

Basically, a bonafide ocean of lovely.  Wanna go swimming?  I do.


DESCRIPTION:  A silvery white holographic crelly with blue/red/purple shimmer and silver ultra holo glitter

OPACITY:  Two coats plus top coat

Well, let’s just go out with a bang then. Doesn’t this one look yummy? Okay, the urge to lick all of these has reached a dire, unprofessional level. Seriously. Send help. 


Who’s still upright?  Not a dadgum one of us, pretty sure.

This collection is available now, so there’s no excuse for not shopping.  Unless you don’t like pretty things. Or maybe you are a robot.  But other than that, NOTHING.  Get on it, boo boos!  Here’s your deets:

Full set of 9 shades retails for $108; however if you purchase by Tuesday, October 10/31 at 2pm EST you can save 10%.  Oooooh, a coupon!  We’re doing that then.  First in line?  That be YOU.

Oh, and single bottles are $12 each (if you must).

Where to buy:

Shipping rates to the US are $3.80 for the first polish and an extra $1.00 for each additional polish.  Glam Polish also ships international – click here for the list of countries.  Then go tossing nail polish in the shopping cart like NO BIG DEAL.

The linky loos!  Connect with Glam Polish:



Fan Group

Okay, gang.  You know what to do.  Spend money, buy nail polish, be happy.  REPEAT.  Write it down in case there’s a quiz.

Later, loves!


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  1. Thanks. Great swatches & you have a great writing style. Convinced me to buy a couple!! 😜 Also LOVE 😍Your hands and nails. They are lovely. Most have long nails; I like the shorter.


    • Thank you so much for you kind words! That means so much to me 😊 I like short nails too – I think they look nice and neat. Dorito crumbs can’t hide under short nails lol 😂


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