Grace-Full Nail Polish: Peg’s World Collection 


Quick blog for you today as I’ve lounged a little too long on the couch all weekend and completely ignored the fact that responsibilities are a thing and not just for other people.  So now I’m behind, but only slight as I’ve had a pretty good blogging streak going for a while.  Which is quite impressive considering the sheer amount of pajamas on display over here.  Oh, the efforts!  Oh, the carpal tunnels!  Oh, the overachieve-y PROFESSIONAL BLOGGER EXTRAORDINAIRE!  Seriously, guys, if an award is coming, I’ll take a Starbucks.  And a Leonardo DiCaprio, you know, if y’all not busy.

However, I accidentally took a one day break and now I’ve created about 17 Polish Emergencies for myself.  Ugh.  So get ready for a speed blog EXTRAVAGANZA! cuz I REFUSE tell you about the things after the things are no longer the things.  Lessss go!  

I received a whoooooole lotta pretty from Theresa with Grace-Full Nail Polish to share with you today.  First time on the blog, and I feel like a fancy lady!  Take a look at what she sent:


Oooooh!  Who wants in on this?  (Dang near everyone, pretty sure.)

This is the Peg’s World Collection, a set of six holographic polishes inspired by Peg, the Grace-Full Nail Polish mascot featured on their thank you cards, business cards, etc.  Each polish has a little special something added – like flakies and MAGIC – and officially you want like 18,000 bottles.

Look at this cutie!

There’s no way you’re turning your back on this now.  Peg stickers on each bottle, yo!  Get your gimme fingers ready; it’s about to get suuuuuper grabby in here in about 2.5 seconds.  Here’s your color rundown!


DESCRIPTION:  A pink/purple thermal holographic with a flash of blue

OPACITY:  Three thin coats for me

Here’s just the warm state:

And now the cool state:


DESCRIPTION:  A light lime green holographic with chameleon flakies and gold, fuchsia and green holographic microflakies

OPACITY:  Two coats for me; slightly textured so a top coat is needed for a smooth finish


DESCRIPTION:  A deep blurple holographic with chameleon flakies and pink, purple and green holographic microflakies

OPACITY:  Two coats for me but one coat covered reallly well!


DESCRIPTION:  A soft pink creme holographic with holo flakies

OPACITY:  Three thin coats for me; covered nicely for a pastel


DESCRIPTION:  A turquoise blue with silver holographic glitter and metallic sheen

OPACITY:  Two coats for me; dries with a tiny bit of texture so use a top coat!


DESCRIPTION:  A deep pink holographic with chameleon flakies and pink, gold, and blue holographic microflakies

OPACITY:  Two coats for me, but one coat covered pretty good here as well!


All of this.  IMMEDIATELY.  Seriously, if you haven’t had your wallet ready to go ever since that cutie pie Pegacorn picture, well I feel var var sad about the state of your brain.

Formulas on these were excellent.  Zero issues, application a breeze.  Perfect for those who polish with their eyes closed, as happens about 97.38566% of the time while swatching at 2am on a work night.

Each polish retails for $11, and here’s where to snag ’em:

U.S. and international –

Australia –

More click-y type scenarios!  Connect with Grace-Full Nail Polish:



Fan Group

Now get on it, boo boos!  Cuz I blog, you shop.  That’s how this thing works.

Later, loves!


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