Oogie’s Boys Trio: Illyrian Polish + Octopus Party + Crows Toes 


I’ve locked myself in this bedroom in an effort to keep the distractions away, but the cat just laid down next to me for no reason whatsoever, so how this blog is getting written now we’ll NEVER freaking know.

I’m trying very hard to ignore it, cuz as soon as I show too much emotion, whatever this is is over in about 2.5 seconds.  He’s very finicky with his love, even though I massage him and scratch his tummy and kiss him right on the mouth as ALL CATS EXPECT AND ENJOY.  Cuz who doesn’t want to be dressed in a tiny tuxedo and carried around like a baby from room to room?  I mean, I’d pretty much do anything if someone’s offering to do my walking for me.  You think I’m exaggerating, but I legit lived across the street from one of my jobs and still drove myself to work every morning.

Who’s officially the laziest person in allll the land?  I’m not even gonna tell you cuz you already know.

Ohhhhh, but the polish!  Do I have some beauties to share with you today!  There’s flecks, there’s sparks, there’s a thousand drool buckets on standby.  Take a look at what you’re buying:


Now, SWOON!  Seriously, if you’ve come for the ladylike composure, well you’ve picked a very bad day.  It’s soooo noodle leg-y in here already!

This is the Oogie’s Boys Trio, a collaboration between Illyrian Polish, Octopus Party Nail Lacquer and Crows Toes.  Ummm, three awesome brands, three gorgeous polishes, available all with the click of ONE tiny button?  Is Leonardo happening next, cuz BEST DAY EVER is clearly in full effect.

This trio is inspired by the movie, The Nightmare Before Christmas, and apparently Oogie’s boys – Lock, Shock and Barrel – feed Oogie by sending bugs to him down a metal chute.  Sooooo, kinda like my house where sandwiches just appear out of nowhere.  Being married to a chef comes highly recommended, just so you know.

Enough chatty.  Time for nail polish! Here’s your quick rundown of the goodies:


DESCRIPTION:  A dirty oxblood/copper with holographic sparkle and small copper/red flecks

OPACITY:  Two amazing coats


DESCRIPTION:  A charcoal mauve holographic with gold flakies, purple/indigo shifting pigment and iridescent purple glitter

OPACITY:  Two coats again! Magic!


DESCRIPTION:  A deep, dank, murky green topped with blue, green and purple sparks

OPACITY:  Yep, still two coats.  Your best day just got best-i-er.


Want, want and NEED.  That’s your new motto.  Wallets are flying out of purses everywhere, I can already tell.

TIME TO FOCUS.  There’s a Polish Emergency in our midst.  Cuz the Oogie’s Boys Trio is on pre-order for FIVE DAYS ONLY, and if y’all got some hives cream handy, I’ll take a thousand.  And if you’re not properly panicked at this point, we need to have a talk about your brain.

Cost for this trio is $32 and is available in each maker’s store.  You also have the option to purchase individual bottles, although WHY?! is the actual question.  All three, in the cart stat.  However, just in case you choose groceries and electricity (and other adult-like responsibilities), then it’s $12 each for Illyrian and Crows Toes and $13 for Octopus Party.

Where to buy:

Illyrian Polish http://www.illyrianpolish.com

Octopus Party Nail Lacquer http://www.octopuspartynl.com

Crows Toes http://crowstoesnailcolor.bigcartel.com

Now go get your pretties!  You have until October 17 at 10pm EST and there’s NO WAY you’re missing out on this.  Cuz who’s waking up on October 18, sad and trio-less?  CERTAINLY NOT YOU.

More clicking opportunities!  Connect with EVERYONE:

Illyrian Polish:  Instagram ▪️ Facebook ▪️ Fan Group 

Octopus Party Nail Lacquer:  Instagram ▪️ Facebook ▪️ Fan Group

Crows Toes:  Instagram ▪️ Facebook ▪️ Fan Group

SO. MUCH. EFFORT.  Y’all better be clicking on those links.  Cuz after all this carpal tunneling, it’s the least you can do.

Later, loves!


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