Pretty Beautiful Unlimited: Sugar Skulls Collection (partial)


We’re jumping straight into the polish, guys, cuz all I’ve gotten accomplished today was a handful of swatches and epic Olympic-style time wasting.  Which surprisingly doesn’t get a blog written, not even a little bit.  So I’ve effectively ruined the streak I had going and now I’m behind, and basically if you have a tube of hives cream handy, I’ll take a thousand.  Ugh.  Responsibilities.

Now, FOCUS.  

The lovely Miss Virginia from Pretty Beautiful Unlimited sent me 6 out of 12 colors from the new Sugar Skulls collection to share with you today, and if you’re in the mood for an all out glitter EXTRAVAGANZA!, well then you’re about to have a var var good day.  Lookie:


Told ya.  How festive and fun and Halloween-y are these?  And headed for the shopping cart, just so you know.

Okay, a zero chatty quick rundown of the colors.  It’ll be hard to just give you a description and show you pictures and then move on to the next one like I ain’t a big drool-y mess and this is all NO BIG DEAL. Cuz it IS a big deal to the trillionth degree, let me assure you. But we don’t have 18 years to just hang out in here reading things today, so onto the polish we go.  Weeee!

In other words, I’m sorry.  As soon as someone takes the couch away, everything goes back to normal.


DESCRIPTION:  A white crelly with silver, purple, turquoise, black, lime and pink glitters with indigo/purple/red/orange shimmer

OPACITY:  Two coats, which is amazing for a white crelly.  Nice, smooth application which is AMAZING-ER.  Virginia’s got this thing on lock!


DESCRIPTION:  A bold lavender jelly with two types of chrome flakies, gold, silver and chameleon glitters and red/purple/blue shimmer

OPACITY:  Two dreamy coats, although you might do a billion on accident.  CAN’T.  STOP.  POLISHING.  You purple lovers agree.


DESCRIPTION:  A dark grey crelly with gunmetal, black, silver, white and pink glitters

OPACITY:  Another two coater!  What is this voodoo magic?


DESCRIPTION:  A burnt orange crelly with red/violet/blue shimmer, illusion flakes and green, copper, red, gold and chameleon microglitters

OPACITY:  Blah blah blah.  You already know.

Side note:  THIS COLOR!  One of the prettiest ugly colors you’ll ever see.  I want this one on all the surfaces.  Mine AND yours.  COMPLETE RATIONAL BEHAVIOR, in case you’re curious.


DESCRIPTION:  A white crelly packed with gold, green, brown, garnet and red glitters and copper shimmer

OPACITY:  Two coats, cuz this miracle is neverending.  Perfect crelly formula too.  If you’ve been looking for a non-gloopy white, well then it’s 18,000 bottles for you.

Kinda pulls a little off white on me, but I think it’s the copper shimmer giving us a brain malfunction.  Cuz COPPER, y’all.  Also known as THE DAY WE ALL GOT A LITTLE MORE UNATTRACTIVE.  I mean, there’s only so much sexy to go around while the tongue is lolling about outside the body.


DESCRIPTION:  A green jelly packed with green/gold/red shimmer, chameleon microglitters and chrome flakies

OPACITY:  Two smooth and lovely coats.  And it’s GREEN.  Gah!  Excuse me while I pass on out for a second.

Check out that shimmer:


You done died.  You did.

The Sugar Skulls Collection is available now, so you’re all set for shopping!  In addition to these 6 polishes, there are 6 more to toss in the cart.  NOW IS NOT THE TIME FOR LOUNGING.  Go buy yourself some nail polish cuz it’s your most logical next step.  Here’s all the deets:

Entire 12-piece set retails for $95

If you gotta go single bottles, price is $9.50 each for Mojito Limes and La Muerte and $9 each for the rest I’ve swatched here.  For the other 6 polishes, check the website for info.  I’d do it for you, but SUDDENLY! I’ve ran out of efforts.  As one tends to do while blogging at 2am.

Where to buy:

Finally, the linky loos!  Connect with Pretty Beautiful Unlimited:



Fan Group

Alright gang, that’s it!  Go get your pretties. Then sit back, relax and stalk your mailman like a proper loon.

Later, loves!


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