GlitterDaze: Hella Holo Customs


Time for yet another Polish Emergency cuz apparently I stink at blogging.  Weeee!  In my defense, I sat down for roughly one second after work today and suddenly a nap just happened straight out of nowhere.  There was head lolling, mouth gaping and 27 levels of sexy at minimum. Naturally, hubby took a photo for proof and/or future blackmailing-type scenarios, and then woke me up by opening a bag of Cheetos next to my face.  Well played, I must say.

AND SO NOW WE HERE.  One hand in a chip bag and blogging like a dadgum professional.  If an award is coming, no one is surprised.

Let’s talk polish!  I have another glorious trio of yummy deliciousness to share with you today.  Sana with GlitterDaze sent me her contribution to this month’s Hella Holo Customs, and I can’t even begin to tell you how much you’re buying these.  Seriously, take a look:


THIS. Lordt. We’re already drool-y.  If you came here for the ladylike composure, well I can only imagine how WRONG you must be.  All semblance of classy = OUT THE STINKIN’ WINDOW about 97.8465% of the time.  If I wasn’t such a Trophy Wife, we’d all be worried.

Quick rundown of colors below.  Let’s spend some money today!


DESCRIBED as a shimmery deep cherry red with orange/purple shifting shimmer, holographic glitter and flakies and orange/fuchsia/magenta iridescent flakies

Now FOCUS. Cuz FLAKIES are happening. Glorious, beautiful, mind altering flakies. There’s probably a formula thing and a coats thing and maybe even other things, but at this point it’s all moot. As soon as I get control of my brain, then we’ll see.


DESCRIBED as a cobalt blue jelly with pink/orange shifting shimmer and holographic microflakies

Excuse me. I’m gonna need some smelling salts and someone to come hold my mouth shut, stat.  Cuz then the tongue falls out and that causes divorce if I’m not mistaken.  Seriously, can we ever be sexy, even just for a little bit?  NOT TODAY!


DESCRIBED as a holographic forest green multichrome with pink to bronze shift 

OMG, we’ve got a green one!  Seriously, guys, how am I still upright? The sheer amount of perseverence on display right now is downright superhuman. Fainting couches for everyone! And cute boys holding leaf fans. I mean, as long as we’re making a list.


First things first, you’re buying all these. Don’t even think otherwise. I mean it.

Secondly, all three polishes are available now, so who’s about to have the best day ever?  (You, to be clear.)  Engage: Shopping Hand in 3 .. 2 .. 1 ..

How to buy:

You must be a member of the Hella Holo Customs group on Facebook in order to gain access to these polishes.  Click here to join, then once you’re approved, look for Aubrey’s sales post with all the deets you need. Cost is $38.31 for the trio or $12.77 for a single bottle, but happiness is free so what is your question?  Also, there’s a coupon listed in the sales post, so now your best day ever just got best-i-er.

This trio is only available until October 2 at 11:59pm Hawaii time, which essentially means most of us can still purchase in the wee hours of October 3. HOWEVER, you’re going now because procrastination is a thing for other people.

Now sit back, relax and revel in all your good decisioning. Hooray!

Finally, the linky loos! Connect with GlitterDaze:



Fan Group

Bonus clicking opportunity! Check out Hella Holo Customs on Instagram here.

And now we are done.  Go get your pretties, guys!  Then send Starbucks of Gratitude.  Cuz who’s the best damn enabler who’s ever enabled? I’m not even gonna tell you cuz you already know.

Later, loves!


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  1. Enabler! Man that blue purple thing looks fantastic on you. I’m just about to start drooling, myself. And noticing how badly I need to do my own nails. Anyway, hi I am still lurking about from time to time! Hope that you are well, your nails certainly are! I was on Sephora looking at all the new makeup and I thought, oh I bet I know who has a bunch of new makeup reviewed… and here I am. About to let you convince me to spend some money via your hilarious posts, most likely. 🙂 And writing the worst grammatically constructed sentences ever while I’m at it. Whatever, it’s shopping time.


    • I was just thinking about you not too long ago! So happy to see you lurking once again! Guess who hasn’t stepped foot in a Sephora for at least a year? Funny how things just up and change on you without warning. And don’t worry about your sentences – we don’t grammar in here!


      • I haven’t been in a sephora in ages either, but I’ve got that flash 2 day shipping for when I need overpriced shinies in a hurry! I just followed you on fb so I’ll be sure to lurk more often. Follow.. lurk… this is getting odd. Anyway I was happy to see that you’re still posting. And btw how do you blog while eating Cheetos… that dust tho! The white ones are so good.


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