Pretty Jelly: Polish Pickup August 2017


Once again the evening has gone by wayyyy too fast, and now here we are, blogging after midnight for the 9,375th day in a row.  Seriously, the amount of dedication happening over here is downright superhuman.  If there’s an award coming, send Leonardo with a Starbucks.  You know, if y’all not busy.

Before we all pass out from sheer exhaustion, let’s squeeze in a plug for the Polish Pickup real quick.  In less than 10 hours, it’s about to get suuuuuper elbow jabby, so it’s best to get prepared ahead of time.  Here’s one for the shopping list!  The stunning Singin’ in the Rain by Pretty Jelly:


Welp, I have no words. This one is the ultimate dreamy blue and you’re buying it. What more reason do you need? NONE. It’s going in the shopping cart. The end.

In case you haven’t heard (or you haven’t been reading this blog, and in which case, I am var var concerned about your brain), the theme for August is Old Hollywood.  Liz was inspired by the movie Singin’ in the Rain, and I can’t think of any better interpretation.  Look at this:

Now look at this:

Basically twins!  NAILED IT doesn’t even begin to describe this scenario.   

DESCRIPTION:  A shimmery blue scattered holographic with gold to green color shifting flakies

This polish is truly special.  It’s soothing to me, calming almost.  The color is vibrant and those flakies will have you running for your smelling salts in 2.5 seconds.  Okay, probably not running, but only because I like pajamas.  I mean, if you somehow see me running, you can just assume there must be an ice cream truck about to turn the wrong way.  In other words, skinny sure is taking its damn sweet time.  Ugh.

But back to the polish.  It’s 18,000 tickets to the Drool Convention.

Told ya.   I don’t even know how I can attempt anything eloquent at this point, cuz half my brain is a bumbling idiot. Uhhhhhhnnnnnnnnnnn.  Let’s move on real quick before something stupid slips out (as happens about 97.8658% of the time).

Gorgeous, right? I want it all over my body, HR policies notwithstanding.

(And there’s that stupid thing you were waiting for.)

This one is my favorite.  The color and the flakies and those little peek-a-boos of green is basically all my nail polish dreams come true.  I wanna go buy like a thousand more bottles and that’s not even a typo. I adore it that much. And also, I can’t be normal.

Cost for this one will be $10, which is soooo much less than the billion I expected.  Our BEST DAY just got best-i-er!

The Polish Pickup sale opens on Friday, August 4 (quite possibly today by the time you read this) at 11am EST and will stay open all the way thru Monday, August 7.  Shipping is a flat $3, which is just one more reason to love everything about this scenario. So click here for shopping then!

And don’t forget: to get connected with future sales and to participate in the nomination and voting of themes, join the Polish Pickup group on Facebook. Click here!

Blog train is still moving, so check back tomorrow for more!

Later, loves!


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