Noodles Nail Polish: Summer 2017 Collection 


Guess who was forced to leave the house against her will this weekend?  I mean, I’ve only got 7,397 blogs to write, so yeah, a weekend getaway sounds like perfect timing if you ask me.  So before y’all go thinking I live some sort of charmed life full of nail polish and couch lounging, REST ASSURED.  There was a concert and a museum plus a fancy Italian dinner, and OMG.  Blogging is so hard you guys!  SO. HARD.

So naturally I’ve been playing catch up, but even more so than usual.  Five days since my last post, and I swear to bejeebus if y’all weren’t sad and miserable, there’s a karate chop with your name on it.  Complete with a hi-yaaaa! and spitlets.  Cuz this friendship is reciprocal whether you like it or not.

But for now, some pretty things.  Natalie with Noodles Nail Polish has a new summer collection coming your way and you are gonna need to put your focus face on.  And then hand over your checkbook, just to be safe.  Take a look at what you’re buying today:


It’s the only logical reaction to new Noodles.  18,000 bottles, in the cart they go!  Weeee!

First up is Tropical Reefs:

This one is a pinkish coral crème with a touch of scattered holo and silver foil shimmer.  Formula was the kind where you are innocently polishing your nails, minding your own business, then you accidentally paint all your surfaces cuz your brain done went somewhere.  You know the kind.  That is this.  A one coat dreamboat (or two, if you’re crazy).

Next up is Beach Daze:

This one is a white crelly with yellow, light purple, blue and watermelon matte glitters.  It’s the perfect summer day in a bottle!  Well, somebody’s perfect summer day, I’m sure.  Mine usually involves 27 blankets on the couch by the air conditioning.  Cuz I don’t sweat like a lady, that’s why.

Three thin coats here, if you’re curious.

Now here’s Caribbean Waters:

This one is a light blue crelly packed with silver holo flakies, silver and violet holo glitters and purple shimmer.  My faaaaaavorite!  It has the most amazingly fluid formula. Like, if I didn’t have so much blogging to do, I’d for sure have a Polish Mountain-type situation on my hands.  So I just did two coats instead because occasionally I am responsible.  I mean, Lazy, Level EXPERT had nothing to do with it.  About 23% sure.

Next is Under the Sea:

Here we have a blue/purple jelly base filled with pink/blue/purple shifting flakies and blue, pink and silver fine holo glitters.  Who wants to swim in a tub full of this one?  Gah!  The most beautiful ocean you ever saw.  Seen.  Have ever seen.  Ugh.  One can’t grammar at a time like this.

Jellies can be scary, but this is a luscious easy two coater.  No gloop!  And a one way ticket to the Drool Convention, at minimum.

Here’s Mermaid Kisses:

This one is a glitter topper full of green/blue/violet color shifting glitters as well as metallic and holographic turquoise and pink glitter.  She’s a little braggy, let’s be honest.  I mean, so much glitter, so much overachieve-y.  But we lub her lots anyway.

Instead of topping this over a base, I brushed three coats on my naked nails and got pretty decent full coverage.  And now I’m a fancy lady-slash-trophy wife EXTRAORDINAIRE!

Then I put some pants on:

GUYS.  I went outside for you.  Seriously, I am a DADGUM PROFESSIONAL.  And basically your favorite best friend.

Lastly, here’s Heart of the Ocean:

This one is a berry holographic with purple microshimmer.  Nice and simple, but OMG, the formula is divine.  I’d lick it if the judgy eyes weren’t lurking.  Purple lovers!  Get in here so I’m not the only crazy one in this blog.  Seriously, cuz hubby is watching and I feel a noodle leg epidemic coming on.

I did one coat and almost walked away, but then the hives kicked in.  Two coats for safety!  But other, more normal people would prolly be just fine with one.  Oh, OCD, my evil friend.

The round up:

This collection released just today, so there’s no excuse not to spend some money.  Here’s some deets:

Single bottles are $9 each with the exception of Caribbean Waters and Heart of the Ocean, which retail for $9.50.  So click here, throw polish in your cart all willy nilly, then sit back and revel in your good decisioning.  And then buy me a Starbucks cuz you’re in a shopping mood.

Finally, some linky loos:




Back tomorrow with more fun stuff.  Also, there’s a swatch party fiesta happening soon, so be sure to stick around.  The suspense!

Later, loves!


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