Blush Lacquers: Polish Pickup May 2017 + Facebook Group Customs 


Hey, let’s start a new blog post at midnight cuz sleep is something for other people!

Seriously.  Sometimes my brain doesn’t understand what a good idea means, which is also the reason I ate a whole can of bean dip by myself.  Obviously, good choices don’t happen if I’m not properly supervised.  If you knew how many times hubby has to take the chips away, you might be wondering about the child he is married to.  Ugh.

So since it’s pretty late and I’m really trying to make an effort not to stay up til nigh on eternity, I’m gonna keep the rambling to a minimum.  Or that’s the plan anyway.  Sometimes I get overcome by the nail polish and then my brain goes away somewhere.

I have a couple things to show you from Blush Lacquers today that y’all are just gonna die over.  I’ll start with the POLISH EMERGENCY, so get your focus face on cuz there’s some serious business up ahead.  First up, the Polish Pickup:


In case you didn’t read my last post on the Polish Pickup, WHY DIDN’T YOU?! is the actual question, but I’ll remind you that this month’s theme is science.  Victoria chose Botany as her inspiration and this super cool photo of a flower photographed using some sort of science-y type of UV light which brought out some cool kind of glowing fluorescence.

Or something like that.  I dunno.  I can tell you who played the Bachelor every season since 2002, though, if you’re interested.

So, look at this:

Now look at this:

Welp, I don’t hate that one bit.  Just the lovliest thing you’ve ever seen, prolly.

This has a glorious neon magenta pink base with a blue shimmer and holographic flakies, and it’s basically all your polish dreams come true.  With a Starbucks on top, for extra specialness.


Gah!  I just love how those flakies catch the light.  Distracting, to say the least.  Cuz you forgot you were reading this blog, didn’t you?  Cuz I forgot I was even writing it.

Okay, here’s where the emergency comes in.  This polish is only available in the Polish Pickup shop, which goes live tomorrow, May 5 at 11am through Monday, May 8 at 1159pm EST.  If you don’t get all your priorities sorted out over the next four days, this polish (and all 16 other polishes from a variety of brands) is gone forever.  That is not a typo.  FOREVER.  Are you properly panicked?  Well you should be.

The deets:

Retail cost $11.75

To shop, click here!

The other new stuffs coming your way tomorrow are a couple of customs made special just for the members of the Blush Beauties Facebook fan group.  Take a look at these pretties:

First up is Oopsie Daisies:

Ooooooooh!  What a little beauty!  You don’t normally see yellow with this many goodies in it, so naturally we’re all just gonna go pass out for a second.

Another angle for extra convincing:

So this one is a dusty yellow base that slightly leans green with a red-purple shimmer, blue-green flakies and holo flakies.  It has a bit of a sheer finish and my swatches are two coats, although adding a third gets it pretty opaque.  I didn’t prefer the third coat though; the yellow looked so elegant with a tiny bit of nail line peeking through.

Took these photos outside during my lunch break.  Since I had pants on, I thought I might make myself useful:

Also, I need to make mention of Victoria’s new bottles and brushes.  They’re so nice!  Especially the brush – it’s wide with a rounded tip and one stroke down the nail almost covers the whole thing.  It took about a minute to do one coat of this cuz of that dang brush.  We’s basically best frans now.

Time for drooling!

You NEED.  Right?  Right.

The other group custom is called Siren Swells:

Well, you need this one too then.  OMG, the hoarding urges!  You’re about 2.5 seconds from Crazy Nail Lady, pretty sure.

Another angle, cuz BEST BLOGGER EVER, that’s why:

So this one has an aqua-green base with a golden shimmer, gold-bronze flakies and some linear holo for extra tongue lolling.  My swatch only required two coats to opacity, and the new brush (again) made quick work of it.  The color is so comfy cozy, and GREEEEEEN, which means I lub it lots.  It’s a dire case of noodle legs, and the Ugly Ecstasy Face is in full effect.  I’m a walking pile of sex, as you might imagine.

Who else is annoyed by that hair on my pinky?  Blah.

Macros, but not for licking:

Even though you want to!  But the judgy eyes, they are everywhere.

The round up:

In order to purchase these, you gotta be a member of the Blush Beauties Facebook fan group.  So here is your list of things to do:

Join the group by clicking here

Snag the coupon code that you’ll find in the group

Head over to the Blush store by clicking here

The customs can be found as one single listing where you can select either color or the duo.  Each polish is $10 or the duo is $20 – after you apply the coupon code, that is.

Pre-order for these starts tomorrow, May 5 at 7pm EST, so if you want them I suggest you get there early.  They will be available to order just until May 26 at 1159pm EST, but if you wait that long, we need to have a chat about decisions and how to make them.  And if you show up on May 27 or after – well it’s a sad state of affairs for you, now isn’t it?


In addition to these customs, you can pick up the shade from last quarter’s The Color Box, Blue a Fuse.  Check out this gorgeous thing:

And then all the leftover Polish Con goodies will be available as well, like Wonder Wheel:

I ❤️:

And lastly, Brooklyn:

Once the Polish Con leftovers are gone, they will not be restocked so be sure to set 17 alarms at the minimum cuz you’re gonna want every last one of these.  Legit no joke.

The full Midnight Masquerade collection, the Flower Gathering collection and Evening Sparkler will be back too, so who’s officially having the best day ever?  You, to be clear.

Okay gang, the plan’s all set!  You’ve got a shopping cart full of nail polish.  And then dishes and groceries, if there’s time.

Later, loves!


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