Sugar Flor Polish: Enchanted Treasure Collection 


I’m not feeling it today.  I had tea when I wanted coffee, yogurt when I wanted biscuits and gravy, and clothes are on against my will.  I peeled off my nail polish by 9:30 in the morning.  Plus, I have a huge scab under my right nostril from blowing my nose a trillion times, so the level of sexy happening over here is at an all time high.  Ugh.  My does Monday have to be so dang Monday?  And where is Leonardo when you need him?

SERIOUS, where is he?!

I’ve got a hefty blog schedule this week (once again), so hopefully y’all not tired of hearing me ramble.  I’m trying to keep my chatty to a minimum, otherwise it’s naps for everyone, I’m pretty sure.  But hang in there with me; things will be back to normal soon.  I haven’t told a good cow patty story for quite a while, and lemme tell ya, one’s lurking I just know it.

Freda with Sugar Flor Boutique sent me some lovely polishes to swatch for you guys.  She’s come out with a super fresh collection for summer, a 4-piece set of glittery crèmes called Enchanted Treasure.  Get a good look at these beauties:


Pretty, right?  The colors are just perfect for the season, and the gold glitters just make them all the more special-er.  You’re about 2.5 seconds away from HAND MODEL! I can already tell.

First up is Angelica:

This is a mauve crème with gold glitters and micro fine holo.  GUYS.   I swear, it had me from first swipe. Very smooth and creamy and leveled out perfectly.  There might’ve been a Polish Mountain situation on our hands if I didn’t have more swatching (and lounging, napping) things to do. 

Under the lamps, the color looks a bit lighter, but still a lovely dusty rose:

I did two coats on this one, and the glitters spread out like magic.  There’s tons in there, but they didn’t bunch up on each other or cause an attack of the OCDs or anything.  Which means we lub it lots.

Macro time!

Looking good so far.  Who’s already dying?  (All of you, to be clear.)

Next up is Ursula:

This is a pastel purple with gold glitter and some pink and purple shimmer.  Well, I don’t hate this one bit. The glitter load is not as heavy as the mauve one, but it applies just as creamy and delicious. Again, two coats. Again, you die. Purple lovers! Get on it. 

Under the lamps, a glossy QUEEN:

Close up of that shimmer:

It’s a Grabby Fingers epidemic!  GIMME. 

Now here’s Calypso:

This is a peachy coral base with gold glitter, orange/green iridescent glitter and some shimmer.  This was a surprise favorite, cuz I don’t normally like peach polish on me. What with the see thru skin and sausage-y fingers and all. But it has just enough orange in it to give a nice contrast. Approved! Throw it in the basket.

Under the lamps, not much change. She’s already perfect, that’s why. 

I will say I didn’t notice too much of the iridescent glitters, but sometimes when I polish, my brain goes away somewhere. 

You want:

Oh yes you do. 

Lastly, this is Medusa:

This one has a green base with gold glitter in various sizes. Basically, the mic just dropped. It’s sooooo green!  The noodle legs are out in full force now. How I’m still upright is beyond all the comprehensions. 

Under lamps, a bit brighter:

For real. Someone needs to push me around in a little buggy or something while I attempt to get a hold of my brain. 

Macro, for extra drooling:

I’d lick that if it wasn’t so poison-y and/or so dire to remain normal during business hours. 

Who’s in the mood for some free stuff?  ME TOO!  With every order placed, you will receive a free mini of this little dreamboat:

This is Mermaid Treasure, a bright aqua blue with gold glitters of various sizes. Same great formula as all the others – which, this whole set has been extremely consistent.  But there’s something about this color, man. It’s happiness with a Starbucks on top, i.e., all your polish dreams come true. 

Let’s seal this deal:

Yup. Engage: SHOPPING HAND. 

The round up:

This collection is available now, so no waiting required!  And this time around, Freda made full size bottles, which I know was a previous issue with some people who didn’t like minis. Well now EVERYONE IS HAPPY so if you’re not having a good day at this point, I feel sad about your brain. 


Four piece set retails for $14 (mini) or $30 (full)

Single bottles are $4 (mini) or $8.50 (full)

And if you need extra bottles of the freebie, or if the freebie is all you want, there is a separate listing for it and it retails at the same price. 

Click here for shopping!

Okay gang, be back tomorrow for more good stuff. Thank you so much for reading all the way to the bottom. Internet high fives for you (and kisses for the cute ones).

Later, loves!


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