Night Owl Lacquer: Light & Bright Collection 


Someone found a dead bat in their salad last week, and this is why I eat chips.  I mean, if there was ever a reason to justify an entire bag of Funyuns and a whole lotta private time, this would be it.  Cuz no one ever got rabies from Funyuns.  No one got skinny either, but that is beside the point.

In other food related news, hubby and I were splitting a donut in the car after work and my half was sitting on a napkin on his leg.  Then he moved half an inch (because he doesn’t love me, probably) and my donut fell onto the floor where nail polish peelies and weird ends of french fries (you know, poison) go to die.  It was seriously like a scene from the saddest movie you ever saw.  I tried super hard not to cry and hubby felt so terrible because – of course! – he got to eat his half of the donut, with extra moan-y food noises and everything.  But now I get a pony so I guess it all worked out.

Aside from all that, it’s the weekend.  What I lack in donut, I make up in happiness.  It’s hard to be sad when I can have schnapps in my coffee for two days straight.  And 48 hours worth of pajamas.  Hooray!

To celebrate, let’s look at pretty things!  I have the new Light & Bright collection from Night Owl Lacquer to share with you today. It’s neon season, so naturally you’re gonna want every last one of these.  Cuz no one does crazy nail lady quite like you!  Take a look:

My eyes, my eyes!  Seriously, how in love are you right now?  Like super hardcore, bordering on unhealthy, maybe?  I mean, it’s the only logical reaction, pretty sure.

This collection contains six gorgeous cremes plus four awesome glitter toppers – that’s ten whole polishes in case you don’t math well.  We’ll look at the toppers later; the cremes already have their jazz hands on.  Lessssss go!  Here’s a rundown of all the colors, in rainbow order cuz you don’t get to OCD, Level EXPERT by doing things in a stupid way.

First up is Persist, a light neon pink crème:

Next is Inspire, a neon coral crème:

This is Imagine, a light neon yellow crème:

Drool break!


Here’s Wish, a light neon green crème:

This one is Dream, a light neon blue crème:

Lastly, here’s Believe, a light neon purple crème:

These neons are delicious!  The formula on each is a two coat dreamboat, goes on smooth and levels out all by itself.  Consistently good across the board and jaw droppingly pretty.  I don’t know what you’ve got going on neon-wise at your house, but every last one of these is going in the shopping cart cuz that’s how this thing works.  I show you pretty things, and then you die a little.  After that, you buy 27 backup bottles in case of accidental painting of all the surfaces.

As mentioned already – but we’ve all drooled in a thousand buckets since then – Lindsay has added four sparkly toppers.  Take a look at these:

Gah!  You should see the situation is this room right now.  Ugly ectasy face sounds about right.

First up is It’s All Rainbows & Unicorns, layered on top of Persist:

This topper has a clear base packed full of various sizes of crystal rainbow shifting flakies.  Ugh, did someone say iridescence?  I’m officially a puddle of goo.  Bye bye.

Next is Sunshine, layered on top of Inspire:

Sunshine has a clear base full of gold galaxy holo glitters.  It is sparkly and blingy and a complete driving hazard.  Seriously, the curbs come out of nowhere with this one. 

This is Moonlight, layered on top of Imagine:

How am I still upright?  The sheer amount of perseverence on display right now is downright superhuman.  Fainting couches for everyone!  And cute boys holding leaf fans.  I mean, as long as we’re making a list.

Imagine is a clear base full of silver galaxy holo glitters.  I’m about 2.5 seconds from sticking my fingers in peoples’ faces, although strangers don’t wanna look at mah nails! quite like you’d expect.  What, with being normal and all that.

Another shot of Sunshine, layered over Wish:

Last topper is Light Up the Shadows, layered over Dream:

This is just the cutest thing!  And it was super spread-y, which is nice for a topper with larger glitters.  Cuz I don’t feel like spending 18 years doing manual glitter placement, cuz that is EFFORT, and I don’t take kindly to that kind of thing.  I mean, if there’s effort to be done, it better involve mashed potatoes at the very least.  

OMG, what?  Shut up, brain.

Light Up the Shadows is a clear base with various sizes of matte black and white glitter and opalescent glitter.  Some of the glitters in here appeared blue which is why I paired it up with this polish.  But it was just a weird lighting situation.  Or a science experiment in progress.  

Another look using It’s All Rainbows & Unicorns, this time layered over Believe:

The round up:

The Light & Bright collection released just a few hours ago, so who’s having the best day ever now?  (You, to be clear.)  And if you’re not properly convinced how much you need these (possibly due to no eyes or a black soul), here’s three things you might enjoy:

1. The crèmes glow in blacklight, which will come in handy for those with a more exciting life than me.

2. They watermarble, which naturally I have zero nail art to show you.  Best blogger ever, is what you’re thinking.

3. They stamp. Officially, all your dreams just came true.

Here’s the deets:

Individual bottles $7

The entire set of 10 polishes retails for $60

Set of 6 crèmes only is $38

Set of 4 toppers only is $26 – and for real, this is a great, must-have set of toppers

ALSO:  I have a discount!  Use code SOR10 for 10% off your order cuz you read all the way to the bottom.  Internet high fives for you!  (And kisses for the cute ones.)  Click here for shopping!

Later, loves!

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      • I’m dark-skinned and feel that neon colours stand out too starkly against my complexion and it’s too in-your-face for me! I prefer a more subtle look I guess. I appreciate them on others though, even on darker complexion. Different folks, different strokes, right? I grew up hearing people tell me that pastels were not for dark-skinned people, but I didn’t let that stop me bc I like pastels & whites so much! 😀


      • Pastels are definitely for darker skin! They look much better on that than on my pale skin, cuz washed out is not a good look for me! I think neons would look pretty on darker skin, but o definitely understand where you’re coming from!

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