Bluebird Lacquer: Flake It ‘Til You Make It Collection


Hubby just made a huge list of DIY projects for the weekend, so if you don’t hear from me for the rest of forever, chances are he’s accidentally killed us.  Cuz we just had 48 rolls of insulation delivered to the house and I’m pretty sure that’s not normal.  I mean, we lived with a broken toilet for approximately 4 years, so how that insulation is getting installed is beyond me.  I love my husband and all, but watching a YouTube video on carpentry does not make you a carpenter, soooooo …. SEND HELP.

And now he’s coughing underneath the house.  I hear it.  Is he dying?  Should I go down there?  But snakes and spiders and probably mystery puddles of wet something.  Aaack!  I’m conflicted, so I guess I’ll just continue to write this blog post then.  Cuz I don’t do dark and spooky, although seeing him wearing knee pads and the helmet with the head lamp on it might be totally worth it.  And posting a pic on Facebook would be even more so.

I do recall a time not too long ago where my husband told me next time he attempts DIY, to intervene on that idea, stat.  This was about 2 seconds after he started and failed to stain our own fence and ended up paying a kid to do it because somehow that made more sense.  But oh how quickly he forgets.  I’m assuming any time now, he’ll emerge from below with insulation half on, half off, and we’ll be moving into a new house shortly.

Until then, though, I have an entire 1500 square feet of living space all to myself and some nail polish to show you.  Let’s get into it!  Lovely Lou with Bluebird Lacquer (formerly Lou It Yourself) has this amazing collection of flakie micro glitters that you’re just gonna have to get your hands on.  Take a look:  

Erlack!  My mouth won’t stay closed already!

Have you ever seen such sparkle, such bling, such flakie goodness all in one place?  I’m not even joking when I tell you these are gorgeous, drool-inducing, heart stopping, pass-out-for-a-second beauties.  Seriously, I dare you to not do any of those things.  It’s nigh on impossible.

First up is Caviar Dreams:

I’m a sucker for a brown polish.  But when there’s a brown polish with a turquoise shimmer in it?  I’m for real drooling in a most unattractive way.  It’s probably a good thing my hubby is not in this room right now.  It’s important to look as sexy as possible at all times in order to stay married.  Which is why I wear pajamas about 85% of the time.

Macro porn!

My heart hurts; it’s so pretty.

And then I did this nail art thing:

Ummmmmmm.  I dunno guys.  I don’t hate it, but it’s not the best I’ve ever done.  Which is typical of most of my nail art anyway.  Why can’t I be a Russian nail blogger instead?  Cuz everything they do is magical voodoo.  And all their fingers are long and elegantly tapered, unlike mine which are more sausage-y.

Used Lina Make Your Mark 02 plate for the stripes if you’re curious.

Next is Blank Account:

This one is my top two favorite.  The silvery blue with the shimmer and the purple and the turquoise and the flakies and … uhhhhhhnnnnnnnn.  Lost all words. The rest of this blog post might be very hard to write then.  Hope y’all like mouth gaping silence.  

Uh oh, cussing from down below!  And more coughing.  I don’t know about you, but I think someone is being DRAMATIC.


With jazz hands, clearly.  

Here’s my nail art:

Okay, this one is better.  I like it.  Still pretty simple, but the image is fun.  Played off that purple shimmer by stamping in purple, and if I’m not mistaken, I might’ve thought this one out a little bit.  Which is a good thing, cuz when I don’t think things through, bad things happen.  One should not stamp all willy nilly.  Unless 17 images on one nail is what I mean.

Image is from the Lina Make Your Mark 01 plate.

Now here’s Funny Money:

Lolling tongue alert!  If you need to lock yourself in a bathroom to be unattractive in private, now is a good time.  Cuz GREEN.  How you are able to behave normally at this point makes no sense whatsoever.  I, for one, am a melting puddle of goo, and nothing is getting done today.  Hope hubby is making sandwiches soon.  Aside from the fact he’s tackling on this huge project under the house, I’m still gonna be hungry later.

Dreamy.  The happiest color in the world.  You’re buying this collection whether you planned to or not.  Here, gimme your priorities; I’ll fix them for you.

Time for drooling!

Ugh.  Dead.

Kinda diggin this nail art:

It’s very simple but I love the tone-on-tone greens.  Then I added those gold triangles cuz I felt like it needed a little something. Maybe it did, maybe it didn’t, but I don’t hate it which is the point.  A half-hearted toot on the ole horn.  

Used the Lina In Motion 02 plate on this one, in case you feel like recreating this gem. Bahaha.

Next up is Shine Bright Like a Rhinestone:

My eyes my eyes!  This one’s got some bling, people, and my photos do it zero justice whatsoever.  The silver is ridiculously sparkly, and those bright flashy flakies … gah!  Someone roll me a couch over cuz I need to pass out for a second.  I serious .. ly can’hghkffb .mf

Sorry.  Literally died.

OMG, my boy cat just hopped up on the bed and started taking a bath RIGHT NEXT TO ME.  I kissed him straight on the mouth and he hasn’t moved away in disgust or anything.  Today is the best day EVER!  I’m trying not to overdo it cuz I don’t want him to get up and leave, but it’s so hard you guys.  The amount of willpower on display over here is downright superhuman.

And now he’s bathing the other cat.  That’s it.  I’m going in!


More macro, more drool:

You can just scroll right by this nail art:

Keep scrolling.  Blah.

Used the Lina Feeling Shapely 08 plate but that’s not important cuz you’re not looking you’re scrolling, remember?

Now here’s Champagne Wishes:

I stinkin love this gold.  It’s a brilliant shade full of coppery orange glitters and bits that give me some serious feels.  Right after green, orange is next, so for that fact alone, I want this polish on all my surfaces.  It’s bright, blingy, flashy and fabulous!  Like me.

Just kidding.  I wear pajamas.

Can’t stop.  Won’t stop.  (Drooling, that is.)

Insane right?  You’re buying them, right?  I’m your favorite blogger of all time, RIGHT?  Yes, yes, and especially YES so what is your question?

I don’t hate this: 

Or, A MIRACLE, as it is officially known.  I always enjoy images like these, the peekaboo lace ones.  Don’t ask why I made a plain nail on the end cuz that’s not up for discussion.  We’re just focusing on nail 1, 2 and 3 cuz this is my blog and I’m the boss in here.  I’m also the most ridiculous person on the planet, but that is also not up for discussion.  Besides, you probably already know.  Moving on.

Used the Ejiubas + 3140 Baby Girl plate this time, which I’ll admit I don’t use that often and this is probably its first feature on the blog.  So if you need an excuse for a celebratory wine cooler, then here you go.  Told you favorite blogger ever.

Lastly, here’s 24k Gold Plated:

The only thing better than gold gold is rose gold.  It’s just so lovely and elegant.  It’s Queen Elizabeth-approved, or so I assume.  Cuz next time I’ve having tea with the Queen – as I am wont to do from time to time – I’ll wear this one with pride.  Perfect for holding dainty tea cups and tiny food.  Maybe also for playing the harp.  I dunno.  Do you play a harp while dining with royalty?  What is protocol?  I need answers, ya know, for next time.

It might be the flute then.

OMG, shut up brain.  I’m not crazy, you’re crazy.

More bizarre noises from under the house.  I told my hubby if he’s dying or dead, to text me so I’ll know.  Cuz I’m almost 97.847696% certain I’ll just ignore a crash bang explosion or like screams and whatnot.  All that manual labor business is lost on me.  A big ole NOPE as far as I’m concerned.

I paint nails, which I feel is pretty important.  May not contribute much to the household – basically it renders our entire kitchen table useless – but it’s important nonetheless.  I imagine my husband thinks me scooping cat poop is more important.  But he is WRONG.

One last macro to get you off that fence:

Cuz being on the fence is no place for a lady.  In the shopping cart it goes!

Final nail art attempt:

They’re hearts in case you are blinded by the bling.  Perhaps gold was the wrong color to stamp with, but other than that, another toot for the horn please.  Quick!  Someone go get it cuz I’m laying down being var var busy.

For the record, I used the Uber Chic Beauty Love & Marriage 03 plate on this one.

The round up:


I’m so in love with each and every once of these. They’re simply breathtaking. Applies so smooth in two coats tops. Which means you can go out and do some stuff cuz of all the time you’ve saved. Or just take naps, if you’re me.

If you love flakies, micro glitters, nail polish in general, this collection has your name written allllll over it.  You like pretty things?  Well then, today is your lucky day.

Pre-sale is going on right now and will run through next Monday, February 24.  Shipping will begin on the 25th, and mailman stalking will begin shortly thereafter.  However, if you miss the pre-sale window, don’t worry.  These polishes will continue to be stocked, although what does rocket science, Instagram algorithms, and missing this pre-sale have in common?  None of them make any dadgum sense, that’s what.  In other words, GO NOW.  I mean it.

Entire collection retails at $50 and single polishes are $9.  You can buy them here.

Now sit back and wait impatiently cuz it’s the only logical reaction I can think of.

Later, loves!

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