Frenzy Polish: Warcraft Collection Update


While digging for Chapstick in my purse, I found the piece of popcorn that dropped out of my mouth a couple weeks ago.  Which is actually pretty mild considering I found paprika in there about a week after Thanksgiving.  I haven’t taken to storing my ranch dressing in my purse quite yet, though, so I think I’ve managed to stave off the crazies for a bit at least.  Thank goodness, right?  I’m not sure this blog could get any weirder.

Listen, my life is not that exciting.  Things don’t just happen to me enough.  Sometimes you gotta write a post about popcorn falling out mid-chew because otherwise is a blank page better?  NO. IT. IS. NOT.  Perhaps the Hot Dog Weiner-Mobile might pass me on the highway tomorrow.  I could write about that instead.  ORRRRR, I could tell you I eat my popcorn hands-free by just sticking my tongue in the bag because I AM THE LAZIEST PERSON IN THE WORLD.

You can either be happy to know every story I tell in this blog is an actual real life thing, or you can feel sad because every story I tell in this blog is an actual real life thing.  Cuz I seriously wear pajamas all weekend.  I seriously take three hours to drink one wine cooler.  And I seriously have a cat that literally turns his body away from me when I stick my face in his face in an attempt to cuddle.

My point – well, there isn’t one.  And the fact there isn’t a point somehow becomes the point.  I’m sure in some parts of the world, that’s considered SCIENCE, and we just don’t argue with that sort of logic.

Let’s talk polish!  A few weeks ago I wrote a post about Frenzy Polish’s Warcraft collection, their final release before going on hiatus.  At the time I hadn’t done any swatches,  but now that I’ve had the chance, I thought I’d throw these up for you in case you’re reading this at 3am and doing some internet shopping with one eye closed.  Hey, it happens.  No judgement here.

Below are the shades still available in EXTREMELY LIMITED SUPPLY.  Are you properly panicked?  You should be.  Now scroll and I’ll meet you at the bottom:

Lordt.  That’s a whole lotta pretty.

Okay, for real people.  GET ON THIS.  In the time it took me to write this post (approximately 18 years), one of the polishes sold out and I had to delete it off, which took lightyears (or thereabouts).  So if you see one you want, go ahead and click here to purchase.  I’m not saying it’s an emergency, but it’s probably an emergency.  And they’re only $6 which is practically free and therefore justified.

Go on.  GIT.  And then come back tomorrow for more fun stuff.

Later, loves!

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