SwatchFest 2016: GLH Nail Lacquer 


Things I Learned at Christmas:

It IS possible to eat your weight in mashed potatoes AND find room to add a layer of Chex Mix and your sister’s chocolate fudge on top.  I look eight months pregnant now, but that is beside the point.

My boy cat jumped up on my mother-in-law’s lap and let her pet him until he rubbed cat hair all over her sweater in ecstasy.  So now she can’t come over anymore.  Hmmmpf.

And even though my mother broke the rules of the gift exchange by going over the agreed-upon budget for my sister’s present, I have decided to still love her.  Aside from my endearing laziness and how adorable I look in constant pajamas, it is my heart of gold that Jesus loves best.

Tell me, what did you guys learn at Christmas?  Did your family make it quite apparent your Dirty Santa gift contribution of two pairs of sherpa-lined sock boots was the least appreciated item they’ve ever seen, then ME TOO!  I’ll just be honest:  after the mashed potatoes, things went downhill a little.

Good thing there’s nail polish!  I received a lovely swatch pack from Gina with GLH Nail Lacquer to review for you all.  I’ve got 6 out of the 11 available for sale.  So feast your eyes!

First up is Pumpkin Spice:

ORANGE, people!  I was most excited about this one  cuz orange = happiness to me.  And then Gina had to go add shimmer to it, and now I can’t concentrate.  Isn’t it so pretty?  And it was two luscious coats of perfection.  What else could be more exciting?  Well, maybe Leonardo DiCaprio handing you a Starbucks.  But after that, not much!

Next is King Isaac:

This one is a lovely blue with tones of purple and that notorious speech-stealing shimmer.  Gah!  So far, I’m beyond impressed with these polishes.  And we just got started!  Hold onto your britches then or there might be some breezes near your lady parts by the time this blog is done.

Then I did some nail art.  Kinda.

I mean, it’s about as simple as you can get right?  A little negative space using line stencils.  I like it though.  I wore it to the Oklahoma City Thunders game and if it’s the reason they won, I wouldn’t be surprised.  It’s quite possible Russell Westbrook had something to do with it, but it’s not an exact science, so …

Now we have Sand Castle:

And then of course I got a cuticle situation right in the middle of swatches, so I’m well aware this is not the prettiest thing you’ve ever seen.  The polish is great though (duh).  A super creamy, two coat beige.  NOT STREAKY which is a dang near miracle with colors like this.  But we gotta move on now cuz my swatch is giving me the hives.

More nail art:

This is my attempt at trying to appreciate winter.  It has failed.  I wish I could enjoy the cold weather, early nights and snow, cuz I’d love to be one of those cute girls wearing Uggs and holding a latte.  But instead, I’m speed walking across the parking lot saying shit shit shit all the way to my office door.  Cold AND classy.  I’m not even sorry for it.

Here’s Queen Liz:

Can you even?  NO. YOU. CANNOT.  What a glorious color!  An antique-y gold with a raspberry shimmer running through it.  If I knew it wouldn’t taste like a science experiment, I’d be licking this off my fingers STAT.  Gracious.

The nail art:

Cute little guys!  I’m afraid, however, I haven’t been especially clever with my nail art this round.  I might’ve forgotten how to do it properly.  Or someone has stolen my mojo.  Let’s hope it finds its way home soon, though.  It’s been awhile since I’ve created anything, and I kinda miss it.

Next is Tutu Pink:

Now THIS is a winter polish!  Gimme a hot pink over an icy blue any day.  It’s a bit of cheer to beat the blahs, I think.  I’m seriously over winter, even though it was around 70 degrees on Christmas and we’ve been pretty lucky so far.  I just want to leave work when it’s daylight.  And to not wear sweaters that weigh 80 pounds.  Ugh.

But about this polish.  Again, two coats.  Do you notice a trend here?  TWO COATS.  They’ve all been perfect little dreamboats.  No streaks, self leveling, creamy smooth, vibrant color.  Only a 17 year vacation could make that better.

Cute nail art:

Okay, still not clever, but I like these bows.  I used the Can’t Wait for Xmas 01 plate from Lina Nail Art Supplies, and it’s one of my favorite purchases this year.  I own all the plates from Lina cuz I don’t know how to shop like a normal person.  Must own all the things.  It’s a sickness, I know.

Lastly, here’s Kiss of Red:

Very much your classic red crème.  It’s glorious and feisty and scratch-your-eyes-out sexy.  I’m not a huge wearer of basic reds, but you gotta have a good one in your collection.  This be it, just so you know.

Supposed to be nail art:

OMG, you guys.  Don’t even ask what this is.  Started out as a cute plaid design, then the stamping demons got me.  Black snowflakes?!  Of course, what else could I possibly do instead?  I swear, someone needs to come take away my stamping plates.  I mean, I’ll karate chop your hands off over it, but still.

The round up:

Wanna get some then?  Here’s the deets:

COST: $10 each

WHERE:  Click here

INSTAGRAM:  GLH Nail Lacquer, click here.  If you want more of me (and you do), click here.

STARBUCKS:  Click here. You know, in case you wanna buy a gift card on the off chance you know a person who might need a latte real real bad right now.  I’m not saying it’s me, but it’s probably me.

Later, loves!

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