Blush Lacquers: November 2016 Releases


I don’t know what all you’ve got going on today, but I’ve just rearranged your schedule.  This post is about to be a long one, so let’s get our priorities straight.  Grab your snacks, a cozy blanket, maybe some diabetic circulation socks just to be safe, cuz we’re gonna be here for a while.  Work will understand.

And I muted Full House, so I can concentrate.  Who’s the best, most dedicated blogger ever?  (Me.)

One of my most favorite brands is Blush Lacquers, and I’ve got their entire line of November releases to share with you today.  I’m feeling quite blessed that I received such a ginormous PR package, and every single polish I unwrapped was a workout of constraint, lest I jump up and down too much and accidentally exercise, which I do not take kindly to.  Pajamas are meant for lounging, that’s it.  Well, and driving to Starbucks.

Let’s get started.  First up is the November Color of the Month, Rust-ic Beauty:

I could probably end this blog right now, and you’ll buy everything in the shop anyway.  Isn’t this color absolutely insanely gorgeous?  This is my favorite kind of orange, earthy and rusty.  It’s comforting to me.  I do not like fall because of it’s proximity to winter, but this orange makes it bearable.

Base here is a rust orange with a rust orange shimmer.  It’s pretty on it’s own, but get it out in direct lights, and you’re a big pool of goo.  Look:

Gah!  See?!  I’m sliding out of my seat as we speak.  It may get really hard to ty o[pe here ina dsecond …

Focus!  Sorry.

For my macro lovers:

You’re buying this, just so you know.

For the main collection this month, Victoria was inspired by the characters in the BBC series, Sherlock:

As usual, it’s a set of six polishes, but it’s a little different this time as they are all cremes.  Lovely cremes.  Rich, pigmented, delicious cremes. Want, want and need.  You’ll see.

First up is The Blind Banker:

This is one of those “ugly” colors that I am magnetically drawn to.  They don’t always suit my skintone, but I love them anyway.  Gimme all the poopy greens and weird mustardy yellows.  The more unique, the better.

So, this one is a chartreuse green.  And it’s gorgeous.  It’s the color of Tupperware from the 1970s.  Tell me you had a least one ugly green flour canister on your counter as a kid.  That thought brings me so much joy.  Eeeeee!

OMG, they still sell Tupperware.  Brb.  I need to buy a Sandwich Keeper or something.

Next, is this sexy deep berry called The Woman:

Holy moly, she’s pretty!  For real, all these polishes are so glossy, you may not even need a quick dry top coat.  Unless you’re me, that is.  Cuz I don’t have time to wait around for my polish to dry.  Nothing says I got shit to do like ten freshly painted fingertips.  Like, I can literally be comatose on the couch for hours, but as soon as I finish a manicure, I suddenly need to find a paper clip at the bottom of my purse.

Check out how rich this color is under direct lights:

Heck ya.  You’re getting this one.

Here’s Moriarty:

Now this is my kinda nude.  Darker, more brown.  Taupe-y.  Makes my pale fingers look a skosh more model-y.  I mean, I know I’ll never be asked to caress the prizes on Let’s Make a Deal or anything, but this color gives me hope.

So yes, a brown leaning taupe creme.  Reminds me slightly of cereal milk after you’ve fished out all the Cocoa Krispies.  You agree?  Or maybe you just like cornflakes, and in that case, I feel sad for you.

Look at this beauty under the lights:

Wowza.  I hope you’re still awake cuz you don’t wanna be missing this one.

Next up is Mycroft:

Like your polish a little more dramatic?  Me too; dark polish is the best.  They’re the kinds of polish that give you a boost of confidence.  Makes you feel like you could punch someone real hard instead of the noodle arms you usually have.  I’m speaking for a friend, obviously.  The concept of noodle arms is foreign to me.



A bad ass little polish is what I’m trying to say.  Looks good in all lighting situations.  So you can leave your LED lamp at home.  Hooray!

Now, Watson:

Don’t be showing me no chocolate brown polish now.  I can’t take it; my knees are already weak as it is.  (Noodle arms notwithstanding.)  I have a strong magnetic attraction to things with food connotations.  I have bought so many moisturizers with the word “whipped” on the jar, it’s not even funny.  Cuz while I know they’re not actual whipped cream, the idea that they could be makes me want to buy them more.  Might be a jar of dog turd for all I know, but if it’s whipped dog turd, somehow that makes it better.

OMG.  Shut up, brain.


Still dead.  Did I not mention how amazing this collection is?  For real, y’all.  I may say really stupid things occassionally (read: a lot) in this blog, but I’m super serious this time.  For a batch of cremes, these are some must-haves.

Did I spell occassionally right?  I’m too tired to even check.

Okay, you know I checked.  There’s only one “s” in occasionally.  But guess what?  We’re moving on.

Last one is Sherlock:

Couldn’t end the collection without a stunning navy blue.  It’s officially my new go-to navy.  Previously, every navy nail art I would do, I’d use Urban by Revlon.  But come on.  It’s so much more cool to use Blush Lacquers.  It’s true; I checked.  Indie polish is a billion times better.

Under the lamps:

I’m literally speechless.  This blue is all the happy words poured in a bottle.  It’s stunning.  Glorious.  Want, want, and NEEEEEEED.  The Sherlock Collection is no joke. 

Let’s end on the highest high note possible shall we?  Victoria has collaborated again with other makers this month to bring you the most gorgeous BLUSH Box ever made.  Here is Autumn Leaves:

Told you.  This box is the epitome of fall.  If you’re like me and need a really good reason to be done with summer, this be it.  

Let’s start with the Blush Lacquers offering.  Here is Fall-ing For You:

What can I say that hasn’t already been said?  Victoria is amazing at what she does.  Her polishes are elegant, unique, handmade little masterpieces.  I can’t even comprehend how she achieves this each and every time.  Here’s a scenario:

ME (making a polish):  Let’s take this red and put some glitter in it.

VICTORIA (making a polish):  Let’s take this red and put some MAGIC in it.

Ugh.  It’s the magic that makes it possible. And I have zero magic.  I wouldn’t like Victoria if I didn’t love her so much. So technically (according to etiquette books), I should shut the ef up.

This polish has a beautiful coppery-red base with a good measure of holo and some gold to bronze flakies (i.e., magic) thrown in.  Under the lamps, she just GLOWS:

You already want this box. The voodoo is working.

Macro porn!

One of the indie makers collabing in this box is MDJ Creations, and Melissa’s offering is Golden Glow:

Everyone needs a good gold.  But instead of just being good, we got a GREAT one.  Perfectly fall, but will definitely be useful for the upcoming holiday season as well.  It’s truly versatile and so so beautiful.

Base here is a light cool-toned gold, then she had to go all braggy with it by adding micro rainbow flakies and holographic micro glitter.  Take THAT! all the rest of all the other golds.  Why be basic when you can be this?  Result is bright with an almost metallic finish.

Of course it is.

It’s so holographic, my picture looks blurry.  Or maybe it is blurry.  I’m no professional.

Look at these macros, though:

So pretty, it hurts.

Last of the polish contributions is this one from Lindsey with Tonic Polish called Leaf Pile Leap:

Okay, for real?  This box is insanely good.  What an epic finish to the polishes.  You see, this polish right here is why fall colors are my favorite.  It’s a crackling campfire, a mug of hot chocolate, a pile of fiery leaves.  It’s all the beautiful things about fall minus the 60-degree weather (the not-so-favorite).

It’s your Pumpkin Spice Latte.  Did I get your attention now?

This one has a black base although you’d never know it.  There are so many metallic copper shimmers in it, it looks brown.  A glorious, cozy brown.  Toss in a bunch of holo and some pink to green shifting flakies, and I. AM. DONE.

Good God.  Sometimes polish makes me speechless.  This is one of those times.

While I find my voice, enjoy these awesome macros:

Try finding something this pretty at Walgreens.  Spoiler alert: you can’t.

And then there’s this:

I don’t even know.  I had a dorky moment.  But I paid $1.49 for that flower, so I had no choice.

Last item in the box is a Heather’s Hues Cutie-cle Oil pen in the scent, Maple Leaf:

Do you like pancakes?  Do you like them covered in syrup?  Then you are correct!  This cuticle oil smells like heaven.  I don’t know if you’ve ever used cuticle oil in a pen, but it’s the best way.  The most convenient and easy way.  And when faced with choices, convenient and easy is always at the top of my list.

Now, I’m no scientist (surprise!), but this oil contains almond oil, and that might mean something to someone with an allergy.  Or maybe it won’t.  Like I said, not a scientist.  Also, not a mathmetician.  Or an athlete of any kind.  I’m quite the catch, you might say.

The round up:

First of all, everything is amazing.  I can’t think of any valid reason why you’re not buying these.  I mean, it took like 5 days to write this blog post, so I’d say you owe me.

Here’s the lowdown on the goods:

November Color of the Month – $9

Sherlock Collection – $45 full set or $9 each

November BLUSH Box – $30

All release on November 3 at 7pm EST – which means they’re available now and you need to GET ON IT.  Click here to buy!

If you made it to the end of this blog post, you need to pat yourself on the back for being so amazing.  I appreciate you, cuz if it weren’t for you being here, I’d just be talking to myself.  And I’m prettttty sure that’s how crazy starts.
Later, loves!

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