Night Owl Lacquer: Fall Collection 2016


Things I Learned While on Vacation #163:

It takes at least 33 seconds of flying in an open-air biplane before your hair gets whipped into a frenzied mess.  And another .25 seconds after that to have a full blown panic attack.

It’s my husband’s fault.  He wanted to take a tour of the city of Louisville by riding one of those historic biplanes – you know, the kind with wings on both top and bottom and no roof or beverage service.  I did have my hair in a ponytail, but not because I had any foresight of what was to come, but more because it had been 3 days since I’d washed it.

Whaaaat?  No one could tell.  Pretty sure, anyway.

Anyway, as soon as our plane lifted off the runway, the 80 mph winds got me big time.  I didn’t think about it at first, but as soon as we leveled out and I settled in for a relaxing flight, I reached up to play with my ponytail.  Or the big ball of rat’s nest that used to be my ponytail.

I couldn’t focus.  I could no longer see the sights I was meant to see.  It was really hot in the cockpit despite the fact if I moved my head one inch to the left, I’d have one of those skydiving faces where the mouth blows open and the cheeks ripple violently in the wind.  All I could do was spend the next half hour trying to simultaneously untangle my hair and hold on to the ponytail in fear of further damage.  How beautiful does Louisville look at 8000 feet?  I have no freaking idea.  But I got a $275 receipt anyway.

But let’s talk about polish because that at least doesn’t give me the hives.  I received a gorgeous set of fall polishes from Night Owl Lacquer to show you.  Look:

Well, those colors look amazing together.  If anyone crochets, I’ll take a blanket that looks just like this.  I’d do it myself, but I don’t need another pot holder.

I really need a longer attention span.

Here’s Autumn Winds:

Oooooh, dreamy!  This looks just like a campfire, if you ask me.  A smokey grey loaded with tons of copper shimmer.  The contrast is stunning.  One of the only reasons to love fall – colors like this.

Not that I don’t like fall.  But only early fall.  Once it hits 60-degrees, I’m done.  However, this polish helps.

Two pretty macros:

Well, I’m not sure we can top this one.  It’s basically the prettiest color that ever lived.

But then along comes Be Thankful:

Alright, I seriously can’t take this.  I looooooove oranges like this.  Warm and fiery, like sparkling leaves.  I know, I know.  Summer just can’t quite do this.  Summer does neon.  I don’t want to wrap myself up in a neon blanket.

Fiiiiiine.  Points for fall.

The base here is a reddish copper with copper flecks.  So I guess not technically an orange.  Either way, it’s absolutely stunning and one of the best reasons why you’re buying this collection.

Macro porn!

I’m getting woozy.  This polish has got me loopy.  I’m drinking a rum and Coke, but I’ve been sipping from the same glass for like three hours, so pretty sure that has nothing to do with it.  

Next up is Harvest Moon:

Now it’s just getting stupid.  How can we have three gorgeous polishes in a row like that?  Is that even possible?  Quick, someone do the science.  Should we buy lottery tickets next?

Isn’t this pale gold so stunning?  It’s literally glowing.  It’s got loads of gold micro flakies in it, and I’m basically a melty pool of goo right now.

Macros next!

You love it, oh yes you do.

Here is Autumn Nights:

Welp, if I had a mic right now, I’d totally drop it.  Like literally drop it, and walk right out of the room.  

I love dark polish.  I’ve mentioned this before, maybe in this same blog post, I dunno.  But I just love the look of dark colors on my nails.  Makes my fingers seem less pale, although I’m sure you just scrolled up to look and now you think I’m crazy.  Listen, this is a darker shade of pale for me; trust me, it’s better.

So this polish is a dark navy blue with copper flakies in it.  I applied two coats even though this one didn’t really need it.  It was basically a one coater, which I’m sure a lot of you will appreciate.  Not me, cuz I can polish for 17 hours straight and never blink an eye (unless someone puts a Starbucks in my face), but I’m sure all the rest of you are normal human beings.

You know what’s next:

You can see those copper flakies in that one.  So pretty.

Last polish in the collection is Sunshine on Falling Leaves:

Oh, green, how much I love thee.  What an awesome ending, right?  Despite all my oohs and aahs about all the other  colors, green will always be my baby.  It’s my comfort color.  I love all shades of green, but especially ones like this.  

This one is a shimmery olive green packed full of gold holo micro glitters and gold holo shreds.  It’s perfection and the collection wouldn’t be complete without it.  It’s fall in a bottle, but just the warm part.  Like today, when it was 80-degrees.  That kind of fall.  The only fall that matters.  Because after the warm part, things turn brown.  And then naked.  And despite what you’ve heard, naked is not an attractive look for anyone.  Unless you’re Leonardo DiCaprio.  I assume, anyway.

More macros:

I die!

The round up:

Lindsay, the maker of Night Owl Lacquer, has truly outdone herself.  I loved the last collection she did, but this one just blows me away.  Every single one of them had a super rich color and requires either one to two coats, but more like one-and-a-half coats, although I don’t know if that’s a thing.  Regardless,  you’ve gotta get it!  It debuts later today at 10pm MST so click here to order.  You can thank me later.  I like gift cards.  And nail polish-shaped packages.  Thanks.

Later, loves!                                                                                                                               

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