Pretty & Polished: Throwback Collection and 5 Year Anniversary Exclusive


It took a total of 30 seconds after the Walking Dead season 7 premiere before someone on Facebook ruined it for everyone.  Don’t they know I’m only on season 5 right now?!  And that I somehow have to watch the next 32 episodes trying to unknow what I know.  Ugh.  People are assholes.

I’ve been trying to catch up.  I’ve got nine weeks worth of US Weeklys just sitting on the counter, neglected.  I’m still not reading the last 150 pages in that book I started reading 20 months ago.  I haven’t watched Dancing with the Stars AT ALL.  I’ve mentioned this before, but I’m really terrible at balancing my life.

Granted, my husband and I have made great progress on The Walking Dead.  We went from episode 1 to episode 50-something in the course of two months.  And this all truly surprises me because if you’d told me back in August I’d be loving a show about zombies right now, I’d swear you’d got your facts wrong.  Cuz there’s zero comedy in it.  No one is drinking coffee in Central Perk.  AND, Leonardo DiCaprio is nowhere to be seen.

I’m also the girl who went from never polishing her nails to owning over 800 bottles in less than a year.  So what do I know?

I’ve got more Pretty & Polish beauties to share with you!  The month of November is Pretty & Polished’s 5th anniversary, and to celebrate, Chelsea has come out with one anniversary exclusive polish and an awesome Throwback Collection.

Let’s start with the collection:

Oh, how intrigued you are!  This Throwback Collection is a revamp of four of their original polishes from back in the day.  They come in their original bottles and labels but with the updated and improved formula you know and love.  Also, they’re only $6.50 each.  Whaaaat?! I know; practically free.

First one is Mannequin Hands:

So elegant!  If we’re gonna do a light-colored polish, it’s gotta be one like this.  It has to be soft and dainty and remind you of peaches and cream.  Or mannequin hands, except my mannequin has the hands of someone with a water retention problem, and therefore you’d better take the peaches instead.

The base on this one is a very pale pinky peach. A light smattering of peach and pale pink glitters. Goes on opaque in about three thin coats.

I’m surprised how much I loved it.  In the bottle it was definitely very pretty, but on the nail, it’s so much lovelier than expected.  It’s the best kind of surprise.  Well, after Leonardo DiCaprio in pajamas holding Starbucks in my living room, that is.


Next up is this purple jawbreaker of a polish called Tart:

How fun is this?  It’s like the colors of a birthday party or something. Or the pair of floral corduroy pants I wore in the 7th grade.

OMG, best throwback collection ever.  Now if someone could make a polish inspired by black clunky shoes and a pair of Hammer pants, you’ll know everything there is to know about my life.

Base here is a medium lavender with fun confetti glitters of different sizes and colors and a tiny dusting of sparkling flakes.  I did two thin coats plus a dabbed on coat to make sure I got the glitters where I wanted them.  Excellent glitter payoff though – no fishing required!

More macros cuz I know you love them! (Right? Right.)

Next, we have this awesome black and white glitter topper called Valentino:

It’s hard to swatch a topper.  I agonized over the best way to showcase it for you.  So naturally, I did all the things.  When in doubt, go overboard.  That’s basically the motto for everything I do in life.  You don’t end up with 17 sizes of crochet hooks and a duffle bag full of back issues of Penny Press puzzle books for nothing.  Well, until you sell them all at a garage sale that is.

So this first shot is my attempt at a full coverage something or other.  I sponged on about three coats on three of my fingers with a one pass deal over a grey polish on my pinky:

Next shot shows the same pinky and full coverage ring finger, but just two brushed on coats over naked nails on the other two:

Lastly, here are two brushed coats over a grey polish on all my nails:

In case you were wondering, all this took AGES.  I don’t put much effort in anything, so this is a var var big deal.  If I expended this much energy on everything else in my life, I’d most likely be president of the universe by now.

And now, some macros:

I like this topper; it’s very chic.  Kind of a formal tuxedo type of feel.  It would look so cool on top of a hot pink, or even a neon.  Ooooh, like a yellow neon!  OMG, I just invented the best mani ever.  Pretty sure someone needs to send me a Visa gift card then.

Finally, here’s Day Trippin’:

I saved the best one for last.  Holy moly, look at it!  I’m not real good at thermals, but I couldn’t keep my eyes off this little lady.   It was a dangerous situation on the way to the grocery store.  Well, according to my husband, that is, who was sitting in the passenger seat holding onto the Oh Shit handle and pumping on his imaginary brakes.

He’s so rude.  But did you die?!  No you did not.

Here’s a shot of Day Trippin’ in it’s warm state:

So shiny and glossy!  I’d be perfectly okay if this polish stayed this way forever.  Which is a good thing, cuz my nails stay warm most of the time anyway.  With the exception of Monday thru Friday from 8:30 to 5:30 when I’m sitting in the meat locker that others refer to as my office.

Here are a few transition photos:

Oh my god, are we done?!

No.  Here are a couple more pics:

Clearly I had trouble making a decision.  I just wanted to make sure you were absolutely certain how much you love this polish.  Lots and lots.  You’re buying this in about 2.5 seconds.

In addition to the Throwback Collection, Chelsea has also made a commemorative 5 year anniversary polish called I Got 5 On It.  She’s super pretty:

Dark polish!  Yes, ma’am.  This polish makes me so incredibly happy.  A maroon brown with tones of purple and a lot of fuchsia flash.  There is nothing NOT to love in here.

Under the lamps, it’s a killer:

The holo!  The shine!  And that perfect cuticle line!  Sometimes having OCD pays off just a little.  And then other times it’s annoying , especially when you’re trying to go to bed, but first you have to check all the doors, physically touch the locks because although you can clearly see they’re locked, it could just be a figment of your imagination (you never know!), and then open the door that leads to the garage to make sure the garage door is shut although when you shut it a mere four or so hours before, you said out loud to yourself to REMEMBER THIS DOOR IS SHUT but somehow that is a moot point at 1 in the morning.

Was that a run on sentence?  Probably.

But back to the polish.  Let’s end with some spectacular macros:

Gah!  In love.

The round up:

Both the Throwback Collection and the 5th anniversary polish debuts today – right now in fact because I’ve got this blogging thing down to a science.  Here’s the scoop:

Throwback Collection – pre-sale will run from November 1 through November 14, with shipping to begin on November 15.  Each polish is $6.50.

5th anniversary polish – available to ship now!  Cost is $9.

Lastly, don’t forget to use my coupon code (dianna15) to get 15% off your order (excludes beauty boxes).  Now aren’t you glad you read all the way to the end?  (You are.)

Later, loves!

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