Squishy Face Polish: Fall 2016 Indie Shop Exclusives


Things I Learned While on Vacation #127:

Waiters at fancy restaurants don’t like it when you tell them their octopus you just ate tasted exactly like a chicken mcnugget.  I thought it was a compliment, because it was less weird than I expected it to be.  I had prayed to the Baby Jesus there’d be no tentacles on my plate, and to my vast, immense, limitless relief, there wasn’t any.  So the only other thing to hope for was that it tasted good.

I’ve had octopus before.  About 15 years ago I went on a boat tour in Mexico where the tour guide took us to some out-0f-the-way oceanside restaurant for lunch. Menu was extremely limited, and my traveling partner decided the “seafood platter” was the way to go.  Listen, I knew it was octopus, but it looked like a tator tot, so naturally I wanted it real bad.

Do you know how long it takes to chew one tator tot-sized piece of octopus?  AGES.  It was rubbery and gross and never got any smaller.  I gave up after roughly 17 years and swallowed the thing whole.  And been traumatized ever since.

Flash forward to 2016 where the only two options on the tasting menu was either octopus or beef tongue. Well, this is a disaster. No meatloaf at least?  Ugh.

Thankfully, however, this version was actually pretty good.  Granted, I didn’t want a whole bucket of it (I mean, it’s not actual chicken mcnuggets), but I could chew it with roughly 97.95768% success.  But when I tried to share my joy with our server, you could tell no one had ever compared his fancy octopus to something you could get at a drive-thru window for a dollar.  His response was less excitement and more a polite heh heh before turning to my husband asking how HIS meal was.  Where phrases like “good balance,” “complex flavor,” and “cleanse the palette” were thrown out all willy nilly.

Show off.

Guys, I got nail polishes!  (And therefore, I WIN.)

Alice from Squishy Face Polish sent me these two beauties.  Look:

Best. Macros. Ever.  Amiright?!

Alice created these two lovelies exclusively for the Fall 2016 Indie Shop event that’s being held in Torrance, California on November 5.  If you are already going, then LUCKY YOU.  If you haven’t decided yet, well the fence is no place for a lady.  In other words, you’re buying tickets in about 2.5 seconds.

The first polish is called Mon Cheri Petit:

If you purchased a VIP swag bag, then this little lady is alllll yours.  And because VIP tickets are all sold out now, there’s only about a million people jealous of you.  How nice does that feel?  It’s your prize for having the foresight to purchase your tickets early.  I suppose there’s some kind of life lesson in there  somewhere, isn’t there?  Early bird gets the worm and all that.  But unless there’s a 5am plane taking me on a tropical vacation, I’m not doing early anything.

Top photo was taken under the lamps so you can see the pink and gold shimmer.  This is truly a very pretty polish. Super girly, delicate, elegant.  The type of polish you wear when you want to drink cappucino out of a tiny cup.

Here’s a shot with a matte top coat:

Looks like satin, doesn’t it?  Or the dreamiest cotton candy you’ve ever seen.  Either way, you VIP girls are gonna love it.

And lastly, a macro:

I die!  Heart eyes everywhere.

Next is the polish created for anyone going to the event, even the people who just randomly walk into the event by accident.  She’s called Ville de L’amour, a dark and mysterious little lady:

Aaaaaah!  Dark polishes are my thang.  This one looks so amazing on the nail, especially on mine because it tends to distract from my super pale, almost see-thru skin.  And don’t get me started on the sausage fingers.  Blech.

This one is a black holo filled with lavender, crimson, turquoise, blue and purple shimmers.  I got opacity in two super easy coats.  It’s an effortless polish, perfect for lazy people like me.  Wanna paint your nails while taking a nap?  You could probably make that happen with this one.

For funsies, I mattified it:

And then I made this macro:

Oh my goodness, all those shimmers just get to me!  Not a basic black holo – this one is special.  And you need it.  If you live anywhere near California, getting yourself to The Indie Shop is your new top priority.

The round up:

So about this Indie Shop.  Here’s the info:

WHEN – November 5 from 10am to 3pm PDT

WHERE – Doubletree Hotel in Torrence, California

HOW – Aside from the VIP tickets that are now sold out, you can get an early entrance ticket for $7 or a general admission ticket for free as long as you bring a donation of new or gently used clothes and toys for local shelters.  Click here to buy tickets.  Do it!  Also, take me with you.

More links!

Indie Shop Facebook page – click here

Indie Shop Fan Group Facebook page – click here

Instagram – click here; you can see pics of the polish exclusives from the other attending brands as well

Alright, that was super thorough.  Who’s the best blogger?  (ME.) 

If you’re headed to the show, let me know in the comments below.  If you’re reading this in the future and you already went to the show, tell me what you got.  Also, follow me on Instagram because I’ve been writing this blog post for over two days now, and it’s the right thing to do.  Okay, thanks.

Later, loves!

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