SwatchFest 2016: Glam Polish


I just did 20 minutes of cardio trying to get a bee out of my car while scrolling Instagram on lunch break.  Ugh, what a horrid little surprise.  Y’all know my idea of exercise is having my husband go get me stuff while he is up and walking around.  So, having to use all my energy ducking and weaving in and out and around my car was just too much exertion for me.  I hope to God someone is on their way with a candy bar.  I really feel like I deserve one right now.

While we wait, we’ve got some polish to discuss.  I had the great honor of being a Guest Swatcher for Glam Polish recently, and they sent me 4 beautiful recent releases to share with you all.  And THEY. ARE. STUNNING.  In all capital letters cuz I’m serious.  You’ll see.

The first three all came from their Coven Collection, inspired by some famous witches.  Let’s start with Magica de Spell:

This one is inspired by the sorceress, Magica de Spell, from the Scrooge McDuck cartoons.  She is modeled after a Morticia Adams-type character, sexy and seductive.  I’d agree!  This is a gorgeous deep red-toned purple.  And what are those little silver specs?  Glitter?  Flakies? Magic?  I’d go with magic, because duh .. witches.

Photo taken in light box:

Ugh.  So pretty.  And the formula was amazing.  Two coats, ultra smooth, easy to control.  A literal dream.  In fact, if all polishes were made like this, I’d have an even worse problem than I do now.  So it’s probably a good thing, otherwise how will Starbucks happen?  I mean, I may have a house full of nail polish, but no money for Starbucks makes it hurt a little bit.  But just a little, let’s be clear.

Some macros:

I could probably end the blog right here with enough convincing evidence for you to buy some Glam Polish.  But do you have something more important to do, somewhere fancy to go?  No you do not.  You’re on your couch wearing no pants just like me.  Moving on.

Here’s Zelena:

Omg, there’s a green one.  A glorious, spectacular, delicious green.  Next level green.  Basically the most fabulous green of your life.  Get excited!

Zelena, inspired by the Wicked Witch of the West, and I’m seriously in love.  She literally glows.  Even in this photo inside the lightbox, which I took to reduce glare:

Stubborn little missy, she’s glowing anyway.  We like that sassy attitude.  You definitely need this one in your collection.   I can’t think of any reason why not.

Some macro porn:

I die!

Let’s seal the deal now.  I present Ms Eva Ernst:

Talk about sexy!  A gorgeous berry red.  The perfect vampy shade.

Ms Eva Ernst is inpsired by the Grand High Witch from the children’s book, The Witches, by Roald Dahl.  I’ve never read the book, but this polish makes me want to.  Polish makes me want to do lots of things, actually.  Here’s a list:

Number 1:  Sit in my nail room and organize my bottles first by brand, second by color.

Number 2:  Sit in my nail room and caress my bottles like they are precious little polish babies, which they ARE, clearly.

Number 3:  Sit in my nail room and stare at my bottles, most likely complete with idiotic smile and half closed eyes.

Oh my God, polish makes me a crazy person.  Well, that’s nothing new.

Again, two perfect coats.  Easiest, most effortless application.  You could apply this laying down wearing a big snowsuit a la Randy Parker from A Christmas Story who “can’t put his arms down“.  Is than an overexaggeration?

No it is not.

Okay, so now that we’ve decided you’re buying these three, let’s look at one last one for good measure:

This is Wheeeeee!:

This one is part of the Ready…Set…Go collection, inspired by Mario Kart.  How cute is that?  I checked, and there are 12 polishes in this collection, so if you’re diggin this style, the rest are pretty similar.  Different colors, of course.  But guaranteed to love.

I’ll admit, it looked scary in the bottle.  There was so much going on with its silvery glitter base and those pale aqua circles and stars that I thought for sure the formula would be thick, goopy, and hard to apply.  But NO.  It was easy peasy lemon squeezy and so pleasy.

Okay, I’ll stop.  Just go buy it, ok?  Two surprisingly amazing coats.  If that’s not enough, check out these macros:

I’m speechless, so I’m just gonna go now.  You know what to do anyway.  Click here to buy everything I’ve showed you, plus everything else they have in the store.  Glam Polish is made in Australia, but shipping to the US is very reasonable – like $3.80 for the first bottle then $1 each additional bottle.  They coordinate with their shipping agent in Michigan in order to make it speedier – you should get your order in less than a week.  Magic?  Yes.

If you aren’t in the US, they ship other places too.  Click here for more info!

Happy Friday everybody!  I’m polishing nails for the next 72 hours.  What about you?  Buying some Glam Polish?  That’s right.  You are.

Later, loves!

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  1. OMG What I’ve been missing for being out of social media for that long! 😥 I didn’t know you were blogging again! Your posts and pictures are awesome! ♥ Wish me luck, I am pursuing to have something of my own so I won’t have to work for others again, so I can come a bit more to see your posts and social media too, seriously, how great you’re blogging again!


    • Oh thx lovely! Yes, since I’m getting more swatching opportunities I’ve been trying to blog along side of it. I’m glad you’re enjoying it! Good luck with your new venture – whatever it is, I hope it works out. It would be awesome not to have to work for others! I really miss our chats – I hope all else is well 😘

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