Dainty Digits Polish: All the Leaves are Brown Collex


It’s officially fall.  While everyone is out celebrating, wearing their Uggs and drinking their Pumpkin Spice Lattes, I’m over here checking AccuWeather every 5 minutes making sure the 90-degree days aren’t going anywhere any time soon. I don’t enjoy 90-degrees, but I don’t enjoy the lurking of winter even more.

That’s the thing about having fall and winter right up next to each other:  I can’t love fall like the rest of the world.  Much like I can’t appreciate a Sunday as it’s too close to Monday which means the weekend is over and I can’t have butterscotch schnapps in my coffee for 6 whole days.  So hard, you guys.  SO.  HARD.

Now that you are aware of my stance on fall, let me assure you that fall colors are another thing entirely.  They are all that is good in life.  Olive green, rusty orange, chocolate brown, mustard yellow.  They are comfy, cozy, happy shades, and I want them everywhere.  I’m all for a pretty pastel or a fun, bright neon, but earth toned fall classics … UGH.  They got me good.

Here is one of the best fall palettes you will ever see.  It’s the All the Leaves are Brown collection by Dainty Digits Polish.  Look:

Are these not fall foliage in a bottle?!  I can’t get over how absolutely stunning these are.  Every single one: lovely.  If I didn’t already own them, I’d be buying them in a heartbeat.  I’m in too much awe to be clever right now, so let’s just get into the close-ups shall we?

First is called Jump in the Pile!:

My mouth is seriously hanging wide open.  This is the first one I swatched, and it left me literally speechless.  Unless you count incoherent throat noises as actual speech.  This is a gorgeous coppery red.  Goes on in one smooth coat, although you might want to do two just to straighten out the brush strokes.  They pretty much disappear once the polish dries, but until then you may have an attack of the OCDs.  I did.

Next we have some gorgeous shimmery metals. At first I was going to line them up in order of how you’d win a medal in a competition, but then I realized they don’t make a copper medal (just a stupid silver one) so now bahhhh! blog ruined.

Here’s Fall-oh My Lead – the bronze one. An actual medal color:

Oooooh, so lovely! This went on in virtually one coat. That’s what I think I love best about this collection – the saturation of color and how rich and luxurious they are.  It’s for campfires and red carpets and everything in between. Like holding lattes and looking super cute in scarves.  Which is my forte cuz campfires?! No, that’s outside activities, which require pants. However, I might do a red carpet if there was a Leonardo DiCaprio at the end of it.

Next is North of the Fall, a gold medal metal:

This one is fancy! As if you dipped your fingertips in a vat of liquid gold. Which would never happen in real life, but if it did, it’d look exactly like this.  Pretty sure.  I dunno. But it’s almost a one coater, which is all you really need to know anyway.

Last of the metals is the copper one, Tripping Colors. Also known as, The Real Silver Medal, had someone consulted me first:

For real, who wants a silver medal when a copper one is so much prettier?  Think of all the skintones that would benefit from this switch (i.e., all of them).  I did three coats on this since it had a thinner consistency, but now the polish has been reformulated to guarantee two coats or less.  Which means, LAZY PEOPLE REJOICE and hooray, you win! (A medal! Har har har!)

Shut up, Brain. 

Then we’ve got two cremes. First one is Autumn My League:

Aside from the fact this looks just like chocolate, and I could really use a Kit Kat right about now, there is something really special about this polish.  At first glance, it looks like a creme.  But once it’s on the nail, there is this teeny tiny subtle amount of shimmer in it that is utterly captivating.  I couldn’t capture it enough in the photo, so I guess you’re just gonna have to buy this collection and see for yourself.

Ohhhhh wellllll!

But seriously, buy this collection.  Thanks.

The other “creme” is Orange You Happy?!:

Gah.  Pretty, right?  Same formula here, with the tiniest amount of shimmer.  Both of them are pretty much one coaters, possibly two coats for some, but the color is ultra rich and looks like silk.  These two were surprise favorites – I knew I’d love them because of their color (hello, chocolate and butterscotch!), but that sheen solidifies everything.  Not tasty, but delicious all the same.

Also, there’s a high possibility that’s a Funyun crumb stuck to the side of my bottle.

Wanna see something ridiculous?  Here’s Equinox:

RIGHT?!  There are no words for how gorgeous this color is.  It’s a grey to red duo chrome, and it’s my favorite.  If you need one reason to buy this collection (other than the other reasons I’ve already given you), it’s this polish right here.  It’s all the happy words poured in a bottle.  One to two coats of absolute perfection.  If you are not convinced how much you need this polish, you may want to consult a physician about the problem with your brain.

Included with your order is a mini bottle of this fun glitter topper called Seasonal Transitions:

I’m not an expert with glitter toppers.  I’ll spend 17 hours perfecting my random glitter placement technique, which negates the definition of random by about 97.47665%.  There’s a math problem in there somewhere for you, if you are so inclined.  I, on the other hand, will be over here combing the fringe on my rug for the 90th time today.

So I did three different versions for you.  On my top two fingers, I did a glitter gradient by using one of those old school eyeshadow applicators to pat on the glitter in my version of a haphazard way.  Ring finger is a couple of sponged on coats to get a more opaque look.  Then my pinky is one brushed on coat.  I hope you like it cuz I was at this for approximately lightyears.

The round up:

Every single one of these is wonderful.  Formulas were excellent, both in application and saturation of color.  Plus, in addition to the free mini topper, you get a Kuticle Kandee in the scent Punkin Pie.  How much more fall can you get?  I can’t think of any reason why you aren’t buying this.  It’s available right now in NeNe’s shop, so what are you waiting for?  The fence is no place for a lady.  Get on it!

Later, loves!

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