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New Beauty Test Tube | November 2014


You wanna know what happens when you go from 70+ degrees on a Monday down to 30 degrees for the rest of the week?  Depression, wearing socks with high heels, and a cold sore.  Awesome.

I need cheering up.  Here’s my New Beauty Test Tube:


Guess what?  Still depressed, cold and making horrible fashion decisions.

I’m sorry that I paid $38 for this and only got two good products.  Like I was so severely sorry, that I ended up cancelling my subscription.  You know how much perseverence that required?  I mean, I can barely brush my teeth with my eyes open much less dial a phone number to request a cancellation.  But cancel I did, and oddly enough I don’t even feel guilty about it.  I may be growing up.  Although I still have my husband take my chicken off the bone for me, so probably not.

First item is the Dermalogica Precleanse, which is basically just a cleansing oil used to break up your makeup prior to actually cleansing with real soap.  Seems like a redundant step, but I do it anyway.  If anything, it saves your wash rags from getting more dirty than they actually get.  Although I don’t prefer to use oil but rather a cleansing milk because cleansing milk sounds much more fancy, and I am a princess and that’s how princesses do.  And don’t even try arguing with that kind of logic.

However, the oil.  It was fine.  I’ll use it.  It works just as good as any of the other precleanse products I’ve ever used.  Probably won’t repurchase though because, again, PRINCESS.

Then I got a Donell Lip Saver lip balm.  Excuse me while I go take a nap.  Even the packaging is boring.  The only upside to this is I can use it in the morning before I start my makeup routine.  Other than that, it’s not even coconut flavored.  Boooo.  Next.

Virtually every Test Tube I’ve ever gotten has included a Mally Starlight eyeliner.  That’s probably exaggeration, but it feels like they send one everytime.  I’m not saying I wouldn’t use this product, but they sent me silver (shade name: Starshine), and I already own two other silver eyeliners.  Unfortunately I’m not an eyeliner hoarder (except for black, strangely enough) so this is pretty much a regift.  And also evidence that it was definitely time to move on from the Test Tube.

I actually cared that I received a tube of this John Frieda Frizz-Ease Smoothing Creme seeing as A) it is intended for straight hairstyles, which I have and B) it is also intended for frizzy hair, which I also have.  Seems perfect.  I applied this to mostly my ends, but maybe a little bit higher up than that.  I was scared it was gonna give me goopy hair so I was being a little frugal on how much I put on.  Because nobody has time to rewash their hair, especially someone who can only manage it twice a week.  Thankfully, things worked out.  I did not get goopy hair and my ends actually seemed to be a little smoother.  And on the days where I didn’t wash my hair and simply combed it before work (read: lazy), the ends stayed smoother-looking than normal.  Granted, no miracle was performed or anything, but it was better.  I’m thinking I might take a little risk and apply a bit more just to see what happens.  It may look like I accidentally dipped my hair into a skillet of bacon fat (which I’ve done before, not surprisingly, and which also required two back-to-back hair washings), but I’m going to do it anyway.  It’s for science.  And for this blog.

Next we have a Votivo candle travel tin in the Icy Blue Pine scent.  To save you time (as I know it is precious), I will describe this for you in one word:  NO.  And now we may move on with our lives.  Unless you like the smell of men’s cologne mixed with one of those tree-shaped car fresheners, in which case SOMETHING IS WRONG WITH YOU.

I did try to pawn it off to a few co-workers.  It took a bit, but someone did take it.  Pretty sure it had more to do with it being free then it actually smelling good.  I’ve done that before.  Which is how I’ve come home with chip clips from the insurance agency, magnets (also probably from the insurance agency), and Post-It Notes from the office supply cabinet (which actually might be more of a stealing situation than a free one).

You what’s funny?  Making an EMERGENCY trip to Sephora to buy makeup remover wipes only to come home and open the mail and find a pack of Klorane makeup remover wipes in it.  Believe it or not, this happens all the time.  I am excited, though, to try this brand as I absolutely love their hair products.  Plus the packaging is very pretty – nice, calming blue color.  I don’t know why that matters; it just does.  They’re also made with soothing cornflower, which also (mysteriously) makes me want to use them.  So in about 20 days when I’m finished with the emergency wipes, I’ll get started on these and report back.

But back to the real reason why I’m cancelling this box.  I received the Revision Intellishade tinted moisturizer duo, a sample I had previously received a mere 4 boxes ago.  That irritates me var var much.  I paid a lot of money for this subscription hoping for some new products and/or brands to try.  Not sad little repeats like these teeny tiny tubes of BB cream.

Now, this irritation is nothing against the product itself.  It’s actually a very good one.  I used the regular (not matte) version over the weekend, and it gave me a very nice glowing finish (or else it could’ve been the 2 inches of hideous snow reflecting back at me).  The coverage is pretty sheer – I mean, my splotches were evened out slightly, but freckles and pimple scar were out and proud.  I even put two layers on, and eh.  Still there.  However, I do find it very cool that this one shade of BB cream is supposed to work for everyone.  Everyone.  I love products that take out the guesswork.  Plus it has SPF 45 AND won a Beauty Award.  So while I was not thrilled to receive more tubes of this, at least it wasn’t something hideous.

Last product in the tube is the CHI Silk Infusion hair treatment.  I have owned and used this product in the past.  In fact, I gave my daughter a practically unused bottle of this about 6 months ago.  And then, magically, it shows right back up at my house to teach me a lesson.  I didn’t dislike it or anything; I gave it away cuz I had so many new hair samples to try that it was clogging up my hair drawer.  In an effort to tidy up and organize, but see where that gets me?  A brand new bottle to take up space.

I will say that I recall using this several times previously, and I never got that icky dirty hair feeling.  It’s like an oil, but I guess it’s not an oil but rather silk molecules, which until now you didn’t even know existed (trust me, you did not).  In case you don’t know what this stuff does, I will paraphrase for you:  strengthens, heat protects, improves moisture and shine, defends against the environment.  So fiiiiiiine.  Back in the hair drawer you go.  Alongside all those hifalutin’ samples that mostly turned out to be big poo-poos anyway.

Let’s all take a moment to say goodbye to the New Beauty Test Tube.  It was good, but then again, not really.  I did get a free New Beauty magazine subscription out of the deal, which I actually enjoyed very much and have chosen to continue.  So all’s well that ends well.  I can now spend my $38 on things I actually want NEED.

New Beauty Test Tube | September 2014


Somebody turned on the cold air outside and I’m not happy one bit. Why do we go from 100-degrees to freezing cold so quickly like that? Can it be in the low 80s longer than one day please? This 50-degree morning about aggravated my old aerobics injury and I was none too pleased.

Well, here’s my New Beauty Test Tube then:


I’m just gonna put it out there. I wouldn’t have bought any of this stuff myself. Maybe the eyebrow pencil. But everything else wouldn’t have caught my eye if it was flashing neon. Lemme explain.

This It’s a 10 Miracle Leave-In is boring as hell. I’ve used the light version (courtesy of New Beauty) and it about put me to sleep, so why New Beauty deemed it necessary to send me the non-light version is beyond me. To be fair, however, I haven’t tried this one yet. Maybe it’s so much more fabulous that the light. Maybe the light version took out all the good stuff. I mean, when I have a non-fat no-whip Starbucks it’s nowhere near as delicious as full fat. In other words, I’m gonna give it a try anyway. In other other words, I want a Starbucks.

Lotion doesn’t excite me too much. I use it, yes, but I don’t get psychotic over it. Not usually anyway. So receiving this Molton Brown pink pepperpod lotion in the tube made my face go like this: -__-

At least it’s expensive. Full size of this is $42. So if I don’t get beside myself over the smell (slightly peppery, aptly), or thrilled enough over the packaging (several notches over Dollar Tree, but it ain’t no L’Occitane), I can revel in the fact it costs the same as supplying water flow to my house for an entire month.

The Miracle 10 exfoliating AHA cream is perhaps the best thing in the box. It’s also the smallest thing in the box, so that sounds about right. I had to contact the company to figure out what to do with this stuff. You know how scared I get when I don’t have explicit instructions. Just telling me I apply this after cleaning my face tells me approximately ZERO of what I really need to know. Is it serum, is it moisturizer? Is it both? According to the lovely people at Miracle 10 it’s ALL those things and more! complete with jazz hands. I was told I can use it and then moisturize after. But I can also use it with a serum; however, they needed to know what the active ingredients in my serum was first before committing to that statement. So officially I’m properly terrified. I’m just gonna go with option 1 and cleanse, tone, Miracle 10, then moisturize. Seems safer and less face-falling-off.

I’m alright with this ybf brow pencil. I usually use a powder to fill in my brows, so having another option is fine by me. This particular one is a universal color that’s supposed to work with everyone’s eyebrows. Also, according to its website, it is the world’s best selling eyebrow pencil. It is? How often have you seen ybf in the stores, on YouTube, or brought up in casual conversation? My experiences tally up to zero, so how it became the #1 best seller seems like a very awesome magic trick.

Aside from all that, the spooley brush on the end is good quality and it applies pretty decently. It’s gonna take me some practice to actually create an eyebrow that can be seen in public, but I’ll get there.

If you’ve been paying attention, you’d know this is my third can of the Avene thermal water spray. What am I supposed to do with this? Well, the first can went in the trash. The second can I decided to keep and have been spritzing my chest and shoulders with it before applying lotion (to make it absorb better – a purpose I may have just made up). At some point I will use it as a setting spray, to moisten my eyeshadow brush, or as a facial toner. Or it may just sit in the darkness of my under the sink cabinet for the next 15 years. I mean, this is my third can and I’ve yet to finish one.

Last thing in the box was this Equitance skin care kit in the form of a cleanser, toner, serum and moisturizer. Not pictured is a one-time-use packet of sunscreen and a pouch of vitamins. I’ll tell you right now I’m not even gonna mess with those two things. But the kit is alright despite it looking like it came out of a doctor’s office. I’ve already decided I’m taking all of it with me to Vegas since it’s so travel friendly. It’s the brightening formula, and lord knows I could use some brighter skin. If all my splotches and freckles would kindly vacate, that’d be great, thanks.

Well now that you’ve been prepped appropriately for bed, I’m gonna go ahead and go now. Thanks for hanging out. More fun stuff tomorrow.

New Beauty Test Tube | July 2014


Oh my gawd, it’s Friday. I’ve waited for this day since this past Sunday. I really love my weekends. Like if I could go from Sunday straight to Friday, that would be my ideal week situation.

Here’s my New Beauty Test Tube:


I always enjoy getting this box. Everything in it is always a surprise, and there’s lots of stuff. It’s not always all great stuff, but I love surprises nonetheless.

First thing I got was a leave-in conditioner from BioSilk. It’s for color treated hair, which I don’t have. I know I can still use it because it won’t make my hair revolt in a falling-out sort of way, but I’m gonna regift it to my mom who does indeed have color treated hair and would appreciate it more than me. Although I did use it and I liked how soft it made my hair feel. But I am nothing if not unselfish. I may not have a Bachelor’s Degree like my little sister, but I have free beauty products and that’s pretty much the same thing.

Oh look, my favorite. It’s a one-time use packet. Luckily the product, GrandeFace Lift, is an instant gratification anti-aging fluid that erases fine lines, wrinkles and pores within two minutes. Does that scare anybody else? I know I’m all about instant results, but how does it manage all that so quickly? I haven’t decided if I want to use it or pass it along to my mother who is not afraid of anything. I mean, she runs half marathons without peeing her pants, certainly she can handle a little voodoo upon her face.

Got a teeny tiny jar of Ole Henriksen eye gel. I’m very excited to use this because just looking at it makes me happy. It’s a blue gel that reminds me of that aloe vera stuff you put on after your sunburn, and that stuff feels ahhhmazing. So I have high hopes this eye gel feels much the same. And I’m not very interested in being disappointed. Thanks.

I’m not a huge fan of CC cream because it doesn’t offer enough coverage for my splotchy skin. But this Lumene one is very very good. I wore it all last weekend, and my face looked so smooth and the tone so even, I could’ve been a different person. It’s done exactly what a CC cream (color correcting) is supposed to do. I love it when products do that. Also, it’s cheap. Like $15. I love that too.

Received an eye base/primer thing from Laura Geller. They sent me the color Mauve Majesty and it couldn’t be more perfect. I have been trying (and failing) to apply light pink eyeshadow to my lids, but the color never stays. About 2 hours after applying, it looks like I forgot to put on eyeshadow. And once you’re at work, there ain’t nothing you can do about it except go home sick.

This stuff puts a very subtle mauve color on the lid, and it really helped in keeping whatever eyeshadow I put on top as colorful as possible. So I’ve decided that even though I’m not a fan of cream eyeshadows, I will keep this one cuz it serves an actual purpose for me. Hoorah!

If I ever decide it’s time to drink my coffee out of a straw, I will use this Smileactives teeth whitening pen. I will admit my teeth are not as white as I’d like. So it’s probably a good idea just to get on with it and use this whitening pen as directed for up to 4 times a day. I suppose drinking coffee out of a straw is a small price to pay for a dazzling smile. I’ve gotta do some more research cuz the instructions on the website doesn’t say a word about whether you brush your teeth first.

And then I opened the box and there was whitening gel everywhere, so nevermind. Coffee for everyone!

Got another cleanser to add to my long line of cleansers standing along my bathtub. This one is the Algenist Gentle Rejuvenating Cleanser. I’m so excited to get this cuz I have wanted to try something by Algenist for awhile. Was gonna buy a facial mask for $59, but this sample tube of cleanser will do for now. Don’t ever let my husband tell you I’m not saving money, cuz as you can see by this example that is simply NOT. TRUE.

I haven’t used this yet so obviously I can’t tell you anything further about it. I’m the best product reviewer ever.

Don’t judge.

Last item in the box is a drugstore shampoo and conditioner by Dove. Granted, it’s part of their advanced series but they sell it at Walmart which impresses me about zero percent. However, it’s still something usable so I don’t hate the fact I got it. I’m just not moved beyond words or anything. In fact, I’m so not moved beyond words, I’ve officially bored myself just talking about it. Would it kill someone to send me some Carol’s Daughter shampoo? I mean, come on. If I wanted Dove shampoo, I’d buy it myself. I mean, my husband would buy it for me, but that’s pretty much the same thing.

Okay, lovelies. We are done for the day. Thanks for stopping by. Please come back for more fun stuff. Bye!

New Beauty Test Tube | May 2014


Came back from vacation and I had FIVE beauty boxes waiting for me – four of them shoved into my mailbox.  How the mailman was able to achieve that feat is beyond me because getting them out of my mailbox about dislocated my shoulder.  But completely worth it.  Because BEAUTY BOXES.  A lot of them.

However, I am severely behind on reviews this month.  I’ve been so busy for some reason.  Can’t I just do nothing for the rest of my life please?  I hate errands and housework.  Only want couches, pajamas and nappy time.  Please and thank you.

So here is what came in my New Beauty Test Tube:


This is always my favorite one because there’s tons of stuff in the box.  And most of the time I will use every single thing.  But let’s start with something I probably won’t use and go from there, shall we?  It’s the TanTowel.  I’m sure those of you who know me be thinking I’m insane not to want to use this product.  But it’s not that I don’t want to use it, it’s that I’m so incredibly lazy that I can’t even be bothered.  Yes I have white legs.  Yes they scare small children.  But I don’t want to consciously be thinking about pre-tanning exfoliation, applying the towel to my body in a careful and streak-free manner, taking the time to air dry before touching anything of value.  And then stress for the next five hours in fear I’ve botched the whole thing and my 8th grade orange, streaky field trip legs will come back to haunt me.  It’s too much anxiety.

Things get better, though.  I’ve always wanted to try a Mally shadow stick, and I finally got one.  They sent me the Taupe shade, which I think is perfect for me.  I like to start out safe before venturing out into something more daring like purple or green.  I wore this to the zoo on Mother’s Day, which naturally was 125 degrees (or 80, but who can tell?), but you’d never know it by looking at my eyelids.  No creasing, no smudging.  Just pretty.  I may try out some more colors now that Mally is being sold inside Ulta.

Remember a few months ago when Birchbox sent me a sample of the Jergens BB Body Cream and I gave it to my mom because it was the least exciting sample I could part with?  Well, I got another one.  I’ve decided I’m okay with this repeat (because I make up exceptions to my own rules; we’ve discussed this).  I’ve been hearing a lot of raves on this product, and I felt out of the loop since I had given it away.  I hate feeling out of the loop!  Ninety-five percent of what I own is loop based.  Serious – you write a book and it wins some kind of literary award, I instantly want to read it.  I don’t care if it’s a 976-page-long doorstop about the Prussian War, if somebody said it’s amazing, I. MUST. SEE.  And my brain won’t leave me alone about it.  So I do what I’m told.  I’m such a good girl.

Got two little tubes of Revision Intellishade tinted moisturizer – one normal and one matte.  I wore the matte one on the aforementioned day at the zoo.  And despite the heat, the sweat, and my daughter constantly spraying me in the face with one of those mister fans, my face still looked pretty good. In short, it’s magic makeup. And it won a New Beauty award.  If that’s not enough persuasion, you may want to consult someone about your mental illness.  It is dire.

The little jar of Briogeo Don’t Despair, Repair hair mask was cuter than it was effective.  It was a decent conditioner, but I didn’t think it did anything special.  My Carol’s Daughter is so much better than this in smell, strengthening, softness.  Luckily, it was a 2-time-use product for me, so I am done with it.  Kaput!  Goodbye.

Now for some shampoo.  Or should I say “shampoo” … Received a can of cleansing conditioner by Macadamia called Flawless.  It’s a shampoo and conditioner rolled into one that has zero sudsing effect whatsoever.  It’s like washing your hair with lotion.  It’s scary as hell.  Raise your hand if you need suds.  I do, I just do!  Suds means soap, and soap means clean.  However, once I settle myself down, it does actually clean your hair.  I pump two huge dollops (can’t help myself; trying to create suds out of a sudsless product) and smear it all through my hair.   I go through the motion of shampooing, no suds (sad face), then rinse.  So I will finish this product without fear.  But I will not repurchase.  I feel like it doesn’t do a better job than normal shampoo, and I prefer normal shampoo.  I need soap bubbles floating in my bath water.  I need to see the fruits of my labors.  I know very well it is psychological brain trickery, but I don’t care.  I also can’t eat green ketchup.  Sue me.

Look at that little teeny tiny tube of Yu-Be skin cream.  Why, it’s just a baby!  This is one of those all-purpose skin creams that you can use pretty much anywhere on your body.  I gave it to my husband so he can put it on his feet, particularly on his heels where they are very dry and cracky.  He did not like it one bit.  Said I’m messing with what he refers to as his “working man’s feet.”  I refer to them as BLECH.  However, because the tube is so tiny there’s only a two time supply, so I will have to live with his heels scratching the satin on my bedspread for nigh on eternity.

Last product in the box is a Birchbox repeat.  Got the Camille Beckman glycerine hand therapy in Midnight Monarch.  Luckily, I love this stuff.  After my Birchbox sample, I bought a full-size tube and I use it almost every night right before bed.  So I brought this smaller tube to work with me, and I use it several times a day.  I smell like a 15th century Turkish harem.  I am delicious.

Okay, that’s all.  I have a billion other boxes to go love and appreciate, so I’ll see you next time.

New Beauty Test Tube | March 2014


Life loves me again.

After opening two mediocre boxes, I thought for sure the excitement was dead and buried. But now that I’ve received my New Beauty Test Tube, my faith has been restored.

Faith in what, I’m not sure. Beauty boxes, surprises, the mail? Probably all that, just to be safe.

Anyway, here’s what I got:


See what I mean? I’m about to pee my pants just looking at it.

Don’t worry; I’ll behave.

Got me some hair stuff.  I’m excited to try It’s a 10 Miracle Leave-In Lite conditioning spray.  I absolutely loved my 12 Benefits, but was not a fan of the Sexy Hair soy wheat thingie, so getting to sample another leave-in makes me happy.  I’m always on a quest to make my hair as luxurious and supermodel-y as possible.  If I don’t look like I just walked away from a wind machine, I have failed.  So if the It’s a 10 can help any little bit, I’ll be pleased.

Have you ever tried the GlamGlow Youthmud Tinglexfoliate mask?  Yes, no?  If you’re not sure, then you most definitely haven’t, trust me.  I got a sample from Ipsy a few months ago and couldn’t wait to try it.  All the celebrities use it in preparation for the red carpet or some other fancy party where they need to look like beauty queens.  So of course, being the un-shallow person I am, I needed it immediately.  I almost bought the full-size before even sampling the sample.  I mean, who doesn’t want to look like a celebrity?  Crazy people, that’s who.

But I withheld myself, by a sheer magical force of willpower.  And good thing too.  This stuff will burn your face off.  Literally.  (Okay, not literally.)  However, their definition of “tingle” needs a bit of a tweaking, unless by tingle they mean stinging.  Or maybe they actually meant stinging, but somebody wasn’t paying attention in the meeting.  It happens all the time.  I mean, if you gonna call something a Rocky Mountain Oyster, it better be a dadgum oyster.

What am I going on about?  I dunno.

Got another Lumene moisturizer, but this time it’s a night cream.  Last Lumene product I got, the smell was so horrid I had to throw it away after maybe 3 or 4 uses.  This new item is a different line, their Pure Radiance one, so hopefully it doesn’t stink.  It’s made with arctic cloudberry, whatever that is, but it sounds like a fruit, so it’s promising.  I will keep you posted, no worries.

Perhaps the most amazing thing in the tube is this It Cosmetics powder brush.  This is the real deal, full-size, authentic powder brush valued at $48 which cost more than the entire tube.  How awesome is that?  (Very.)  This brush is luxuriously soft.  I don’t even want to use it because it’s so pretty.  For now, I’ve left it in its container and displayed it on my counter.  I’m entertaining the idea of using it to swirl on my Guerlain Meteorites, because fancy + fancy = math even I can do.  Hooray!

There’s a Mally liquid lipstick pen in there.  I got the color Mally Look, which is a very bizarre name for a lipstick, especially because all the other shades are named something normal.  But whatever.  I already have one lipstick pen of hers that I got in a little value set, color Blossom, but I didn’t love it.  It had a plasticy smell and felt really thick on the lips.  The Mally Look shade seemed to smell slightly better and was less gross.  So I don’t know what all that means.  I like the new one better than the old one.  But isn’t that how it always is in life?  I fully expect to meet my husband’s new girlfriend in about 25 years.

Not a fan of nail polish.  I repeat, not a fan of nail polish.  Even if it’s Orly.  I will say that I probably would have kept it if they’d sent me a different shade.  But I got red.  Red is super hooker-y for an office situation, unless your office is in a strip club or tattoo parlor.  (No offense if that’s really your office; work that work, girl!)  But for me, I prefer to wear red nails on weekends when going out on the town.  And because I never go out on the town (as in come Friday night about 6pm, it’s pajamas all day errrr day), I never wear red polish.  Aside from that, removing red polish is a pain.  Unless you like ghostly red remnants all on your finger skin.

Now having said all that, I’d probably still wear red polish to the office.  Just ignore me.

Got another Bioxidea sheet mask, but this time in the diamond edition.  I haven’t even used my gold one yet, so you could stay I’m starting a little collection.  For those curious, full-size is three sheets for $79, which is roughly $20 for a one-time use.  (Go math!)  It claims to give you a 48-hour face lift using “diamond power” so I’m going to hold it to that promise.  Cuz if my face doesn’t completely revert back to baby skin after one $20 use, well then what is the point of this?  Again, I ask you:  what is the point?

Adding yet another mascara to the booty.  This time it’s one by Grandelash-MD.  Apparently it’s like a lash growing serum and mascara rolled into one.  I’ve used it twice, and it did okay as far as lengthening my lashes.  Not the most dramatic I’ve seen them, but then again my lashes do not perform well with any mascara.  I suppose the only way to see if the growing claims are real is to use this product every day. Do you know how hard that is when you have like 23 mascaras? Playing favorites is nigh on impossible. In other words, if this mascara works, I’ll never ever know.

Got this jazzy little Tarte Maracuja Oil rollerball. Isn’t it cute? I already own a sample of the jar with the medicine dropper, but the rollerball idea seems way more interesting, not to mention convenient. This actually came at a pretty good time because I just now TODAY finished my other one. How about that? Readin’ my mind, surfin’ on my wavelength. As if New Beauty Test Tube and I were meant to be. Welp! That solves that. Subscription cost: justified.

Also, I really like the maracuja oil. I’m not sure what maracuja is. It could be slug larvae for all I know. But it makes your face soft.

Another eye cream. The one product I own that takes a long, long time to get through. My two-week supply of StriVectin lasted over a month if that tells you anything. So I’m not sure how long it’ll take to get to this PerriconeMD High Potency Eye Lift sample, as I’m smack in the midst of a Glytone tube that’s bound to replicate itself as soon as I think I’m getting close to the end.  But anyway, this PerriconeMD one costs a fortune, so I’m excited.

Okay, when I saw this little bottle of Boost-It! Instant Complexion Enhancer I wasn’t sure what to do with it. And upon further investigation, I discovered this was one of those Luminess Air products that you drip into a mechanical airbrusher and spray on your face. Naturally I’m confused as I don’t own an airbrush system. But then, I shut off my brain for a sec and just kept reading. I get ahead of myself sometimes. I’m a highly anxious person, if you can’t tell.

Anyway, apparently you can use this without an airbrusher and you apply it on your face like a primer before makeup. So I did. Can I just say this is the ONLY product I’ve ever used that claims to give you a glow that actually does. It was beautiful. I looked very supermodel-y, not gonna lie.

I’m gonna keep testing it out until the sample is empty, and if I continue to lubbit, I’m buying the full size. Guaranteed.

Last product in the test tube was a couple of packets of Nip+Fab No Needle Fix serum. The texture of this was quite nice, but there’s no way I can tell you if it plumped up my skin properly with a one-time use. We’ve been over this before, but no one listens.

All in all, this box was fantastic. I wish it came every month because it’s just so fun to open. Now it seems as if May is a billion years away. Guess I’ll go subscribe to another box to take the pain away.

Sorry not sorry.