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Ipsy | September 2014


Payday (aka dangerous territory) is looming.  I’ve already set all my bills up for autopay like a responsible human, and I have money left over that refuses to sit in a savings account (like a non-responsible human; whatever).  That Gucci eyeshadow duo is going in the basket, people.  And also a teeny tiny purchase at Sephora.  Maybe even something from Nordstrom.  Ack!  I’m barely paying attention to my surroundings at this point.

Let’s try to focus.  Here’s my Ipsy:


If you’ve been counting, you’d know this is my third sample of the Briogeo Don’t Despair, Repair hair mask.  It’s hard to love another hair mask after you’ve found THE ONE.  I tried it, it was fine, but then I quickly forgot about it.  Even the second jar I got of this mask was full size and I still didn’t care.  Nothing has beat out my Carol’s Daughter.  In fact, if you haven’t bought the Carol’s Daughter mask after all my blabbering about it, you may wanna get your brain checked for signs of a mental health condition.  To read my original review of the Briogeo, you can click here.

I got this handy little toner/serum/moisturizer 3 in 1 by Leeanni Eco.  I got the light version, but not really sure what that means.  Maybe less rich or less chemicals?  Dunno.  It’ll definitely be a time saver for those who care about saving time. I, on the other hand, find taking off my makeup as a therapeutic ritual so I won’t be using this as a 3 in 1 but just as a single moisturizer after my other toner and serum.  Hope that won’t give my face some kind of product overdose and then revolt in a breaking-out or falling-off sort of way.  I’m starting it tonight since I just finished a moisturizer yesterday.  I’ll report back in a future empties post.

Got this rich berry Hikari lipstick in the shade Cabernet.  It was a nice color, but I just wasn’t feeling it.  I feel like berry shades, fuchsia shades, pink shades in general, just are not my cup of tea.  Right now I’m really into true purples of all varieties, so it’s hard to switch gears sometimes.  I used this lipstick once, appreciated it for about 2 hours, then passed it along to someone else who could love it even more.

When Ipsy was publishing their spoilers for the month, I swore if I didn’t get the Crown Brush Infinity Shadow/Crease duo brush in my bag, there would be a temper-tantrum-type situation on their hands.  Luckily, I don’t have to hurt anyone.  This is a really great brush.  The shadow side is very plush and holds a nice amount of product.  The crease side is precise, but soft.  I’ve been using it for about a week and I’m very happy with it.  The only downfall is storage.  One end gets to rest at the bottom of my dirty pencil cup.  Will probably need to figure out some sort of solution for that.  Also will probably involve Velcro.

Last product in the box is a Pacifica eye pencil in a brown color called Fringe.  This is your basic, run-of-the-mill eyeliner.  The brown color is a medium shade that provided a nice smudge-y, smokey look when layered on top of brown eyeshadow with my brown eyes.  Despite it’s averageness, I’m going to keep it.  However, I couldn’t get it to show up in my waterline for nothing.  I mean nothing in the very, very literal sense.  So beware.  Unless your waterline is very dry, then maybe.

This seems like a very short review.  I guess there wasn’t much to say about the products.  The brush is hands-down the best of the bunch.  Everything else was of the take-it-or-leave-it variety.  I’ll be back again tomorrow with hopefully more interesting things to talk about.  Bye, friends!

Ipsy | August 2014


I just spent 45 minutes putting on gel eyeliner. I swear, at some point this gets easier doesn’t it? Surely I can’t spend the rest of my life trying to perfect a wing? Eventually I’ll just have a wing?

But while we’re waiting, here’s my Ipsy:


I like the box this month. Everything in it is useful and pertinent to me. These are the boxes that make me the happiest. Well, obviously. Only a crazy person likes to be disappointed.

First item is the Absolute New York lip balm in the Green Apple scent. Comes in a super cute tin too. If this lip balm wasn’t sent to me by someone else, I’d probably buy it on my own, especially if it was in a little bin right by the cash register. Cuz I buy whatever they put in the bin by the cash register. I mean, it’s right there. How can you not?

However, after saying all that, this lip balm is pretty standard. The consistency is very thin and watery so I’m not sure how moisturizing that makes it. But the smell is just like a green apple Jolly Rancher, and that is reason enough for me to go ahead and keep it.

Next thing is a mini kajal kohl eyeliner from Lord & Berry. I’m always happy to try out another eyeliner. This one was alright I guess. I wasn’t wowed and rendered speechless or anything, but it was fine. However, I am passing it along to my mom cuz I have a billion (give or take) black eyeliners that I like better and there’s no sense taking up valuable storage room on something that is “just fine.” Plus it was a very tiny sample. Packs a small amount of guilt.

Speaking of tiny samples, here is the Coastal Scents Forever blush duo. One side is pink and the other a peachy color. I used this the other day and blended the two together since it would’ve been almost impossible to get a blush brush in only one side. I have no complaints about the blush. I would probably even buy some of them. Full size is a mere $7.95 which is practically free. And who doesn’t love free stuff? (Crazy people.)

I was so excited to get the new Urban Decay Perversion mascara. If there’s one product I love and want to own all of, it’s mascara. I especially love really good mascaras, and this one is definitely a good one. Probably a great one. Yes, definitely a great one. I wore it several times last week and it gives my teeny tiny baby lashes this amazing volume. Reviews from others agree with me, so unless you wanna exclude yourself from a very smart group of people, then by all means don’t buy this mascara. If you hate beautiful, fluttery, fanned-out lashes, then don’t buy this mascara. I mean, after all it is your choice. The wrong choice, but still.

Last product in the box is the Dr. Brandt Pores No More primer, which was featured in my last Buying Stuff post. I loved it then and I love it now. You see, when you truly enjoy a product it’s perfectly fine to receive a duplicate. More is more, I always say. Go ahead and send me another one. I don’t mind a bit.

Just in case you haven’t read my previous review on the Pores No More, first I ask you what are you doing with your life? And then second, I say the texture of this primer melts right into your skin, soft and silky and highly addictive. It does minimize the appearance of pores although it’s not a miracle eraser or anything. It will yield a temporary blurring effect, and honestly that’s good enough for me. But for those of you without the cavern-like pores that I have, this product may be your holy grail. So lucky you. How blessed you must feel.


That’s all for today. My birthday is less than a week away. I’m gearing up for an onslaught of Sephora gift cards, so please accept this as your gentle reminder.

Ipsy | July 2014


I am reading a book right now about a broken vagina.

Just wanted to tell you that.  Here’s my Ipsy:


You know, I’m kind of looking forward to the fall boxes.  Because I don’t think I can take another sunscreen/suntan lotion.  Do these people not know me?  I don’t go outside unless someone pushes me.  And I mean literally pushes me, like out the door and then locks it.  Otherwise, I’m the girl sitting on the couch in pajamas watching Orange is the New Black.

So that is why this Hang Ten tanning oil is immediately regifted.  What is the point of SPF 8 anyway?  Might as well be melted butter.  At least for my skin anyway.  I’m super pale. From like the knees down, it’s beyond ridiculous.  My dad had the same problem.  Looked decent up top, but put on a pair of shorts and Erlack!  Everyone’s blind.

Another product that is probably useful, but not for the intention labeled on the tube is this Lavilin Jojoba Gel Cream.  You apply this cooling cream after strenuous activity.  I stared at it for a second, and then laughed and laughed and laughed.  Unless walking from my cubicle to the copy machine is considered strenuous activity, it’s a high possibility I will never use this cream.  Except I’ve decided I’ll use it after bathing as a moisturizer.  Certainly my skin won’t fall off if I use as un-directed?

At this point, I’m getting very very sleepy. Looked at this little bottle of lip and cheek stain by Elizabeth Mott (called Tints & Sass complete with what I imagine to be Jazz Hands!), and immediately crawled into bed. I dunno, y’all. I already have a Benefit and TheBalm one that both do the exact same thing as this and I never ever use them. The stain is very bright fuchsia on my lips, and it’s annoying as hell to put liquid blush on my cheeks. But in fairness, I gave it one shot this weekend to wow me, instantly went nope, delete and tossed this thing in my regift pile. Neeeeeext.

Bare Minerals has came out with these new little cream eyeshadows, which as you know I don’t enjoy hardly at all. However, I love Bare Minerals so wanted to keep an open mind in case it turned my life around or something. I’m not sure what color I got because I couldn’t find it labeled anywhere, but it was like a medium taupe. I applied it on my old lady eyes, and because it was matte, it didn’t make me look ridiculous. Then I put a satin taupe eyeshadow on top, and it really made the color stand out. I liked it a lot, more than any other cream eyeshadow I’ve ever tried. Now I’m not gonna go nutso and buy a whole bunch of em, but I’m considering getting a skin tone one at the very least. I wouldn’t be surprised if something like that exact scenario happened this weekend. Nope. Wouldn’t surprise me at all.

Last product in the box is the lifesaver of a mediocre haul. Everyone in the world owns a tube of the Benefit They’re Real mascara. Even I owned this about 2 years ago when I wandered into Ulta and asked for the best mascara to help my itty bitty lashes. But I recall not caring for the mascara at all. Didn’t feel like it did much for me, or at least not as far as my expectations went. And removing it was a nightmare. However, that was before I really started to get into makeup, and Ulta was just another store in the mall. Might as well have been a Foot Locker for as much excitement it evoked in me. Plus, I didn’t know how to apply mascara in a way that made any sense.

Fast forward to now and all the things I’ve learned. I spent a minimum of 10 minutes carefully and meticulously sweeping, wiggling from root to tip, and blinking my lashes over the mascara wand. This is my new tried-and-true method; it works miracles on me. And man, was it glorious. They’re Real truly is a great mascara and does exactly as it says – now since I can apply it properly. And removing it didn’t seem as difficult as it had before. Granted, two years ago I never washed off my makeup so the mascara probably cured itself to my lashes. Well. Live and learn.

Headed to bed to read more of my book. If you’re curious, it’s called The Camera My Mother Gave Me by Susanna Kaysen and it’s a true story about a broken vagina. No. That’s not a typo.

Night night!

Ipsy | June 2014


Another day, another box.  Artfully displayed for your viewing pleasure.  I’m sure I irritate the crap out of my Instagram friends who do not enjoy seeing this sort of thing.  These friends shall furthermore be referred to as Crazy People.  That way we’re all clear on who we are supposed to love the best.

Here’s Ipsy:


First of all, there’s a filter on this photo. I was taking the picture in damn near darkness, as my husband likes to watch his tv from a cavern-like atmosphere. So I had to tweak the settings so you could see the products more clear. I could have just gone into another room and turned the light on, but that required effort that I didn’t have to give.

But most importantly, the reason we’re all here: The box. It’s a pretty good one despite the fact I’m only keeping two products. But don’t worry; I’m fine with that. Let’s get started!

I love NYX Butter Gloss. This stuff is wonderful. I own maybe 6, possibly 7 different colors. So imagine my absolute annoyance that out of approximately 20 shades available I get sent the one I already own. Why does life hate me? Pffft. Turns out Ipsy only had three shades on hand, and I owned two out of the three. Odds were against me from the beginning. But still. This product probably shouldn’t be included in a box because the entire world has a NYX Butter Gloss in their back pocket and chances are it’s in these exact same colors.

I’m whining. I’ve missed my own point. Blah.

However, these NYX Butter Glosses are amazing. They have a super soft texture, smells like you could eat it, and feels very moisturizing and non-sticky on the lips. If you don’t own one, you’ve most likely been living in the cavern-like atmosphere with my husband, and you should probably run right out and buy a couple. It’s one purchase I can practically guarantee you’ll be happy about. Finish this blog post first though, then you may go.

Next is this Be A Bombshell Lash Out mascara. As I’ve mentioned before, I love mascara. That and eyeshadow are the two things I can’t get enough of. So receiving this was actually one of the best things about the box. I wore it on Saturday, and it wasn’t bad at all. Didn’t feel like it was amazing or a must-have product or anything, but it did alright. However, the smell of it was so gross. Smelled like straight up chemicals. Apparently everyone on Ipsy is talking about the smell, so it’s not just my tube. However, I’m not sure if the smell is natural or if all us subscribers got some expired product. I’m debating whether to keep it or not. You don’t smell it when it’s on your lashes, but if it’s spoiled I don’t want it anywhere on my body, least of all eyes.

Then I got this lovely jade green shimmer eyeliner by NickaK. This stuff is glorious. Vibrant, sparkly (but not outrageous), and surprise, surprise!, I don’t own a liner in this color. Truly is a miracle straight from the Baby Jesus. Anyway.  The brush applicator is rather stiff, but I actually found this to be helpful when applying.  I could practically lay the brush against my lashline and it would transfer color, which was awesome.  Because lawd knows how awful I am at applying liquid liner.  It’s a fiasco to the nth degree almost 97.956736% of the time.  On the off chance my liner looks halfway decent, you can bet it took me at the minimum 15 hours.

Here is a picture of my eye wearing the eyeliner and mascara together:


So as you can see, the mascara does not look hideous as I mentioned. And the eyeliner is a stunner.  Approved!  Put it on your shopping list. (Well, not the mascara.  Jury’s still out.)

Got a repeat item in the form of DermaDoctor DD Cream.  Back when I was just starting to get interested in makeup, I got suckered into buying the full size of this DD cream by the saleslady at Ulta.  I say suckered in because I really didn’t understand what I was buying.  All I knew was that I was white and she was African-American and we could both use the same color-adjusting tube of DermaDoctor.  I got a little excited.  Foundation matching stresses me out.  Anyway.

Unfortunately, there is shimmer in it a little bit.  And my skin is too old for that nonsense.  So I used it, and it was fine, except for the shimmer.  I finally just gave it away, and I’ve never regretted it once.  But now this little tube has come back to haunt me.  If I went out more often, like clubbing or something, I’d just keep the dang sample and be done with it.  Because that’s the only place I can afford my face to be sparkling like diamonds – in near darkness.

Well in that case I could also wear it while watching tv with my husband in his cavern-like atmosphere.  Alright then.

Last item in the box is the biggest poo of all.  The product may be fabulous – Marc Anthony Dream Waves Beach Spray – but I do not use stuff like this.  If I wanted to make my hair lumpy – which is what my hair does to the style otherwise known as wavy – then I’d just wash my hair and let it air dry.  Save me all the trouble of using a spray.  Unfortunately, I do not look good with lumpy hair so am forced to flat iron it within an inch of its life.  These are just my struggles.  Others who do not share my struggles are probably spritzing their hair with this beach spray and laugh laugh laughing away.

Well, enjoy that.

That’s it for Ipsy.  Tune in again tomorrow for more fun stuff.

Ipsy | May 2014


Hi friends.  Hope you’re ready for a beauty box review today.  I have 8 of them left for the month of May and if I am diligent I can finish them all before the 31st.  That’s my goal.  So we’ll see.

Anyway, here’s what I got in my Ipsy bag:


It’s a mediocre bag.  Well, the bag itself is very adorable.  I love spring and I love green.  I’ll probably end up keeping it.  But the stuff that’s in it isn’t my first pick.  Sometimes I wish I could curate my own bag.  Just give the list of products to choose from, and I’ll take care of the rest.  I know that Beauty Army does that, but their samples are crap.

I’m never happy.

Anyway, let’s start with the Avene Thermal Spring Water.  Back when I first started getting beauty boxes, Birchbox sent me this product, and I promptly tossed it.  I mean, a can of water, really?  But now that I am slightly more versed in the world of makeup and skincare, I know what I can use this for.  If you don’t know, here’s the list:  after shaving, after removing makeup, on sunburns, after surgery, after sports, during travel, diaper rash or redness of the face.  And it’s bottled in France directly from the source, so it’s completely pure.  Sounds fancy right?  Well, I haven’t used it yet so I’m on the fence about if it’s still just a can of water.  But we’ll see.  I plan to use it as a toner after I cleanse my face and before serum/moisturizer.  I may also take it with me when I do hard labor outside in the 100-degree heat.

Are you laughing?  I am.  I never do hard labor.  I have princess hands.

Next product is the Balanced Guru No Frizz Oil for hair.  I’ve used this a couple of times already, and it does alright.  It’s supposed to take away the frizz in your hair, which I suppose it does for the most part.  I’m not wowed, if you can’t tell.  I just have so many hair oils, like eons and eons worth, that getting a product like this just puts me right to sleep.  I’ll use it but it will be more dutiful than pleasureable.

Speaking of sleeping, how about a tube of Hang Ten SPF 50?  So. Boring.  I know it’s a necessary item to own, but it’s zero fun.  It’s not anything special like my Cotz or Coola.  It’s the plain, classic sunscreen that was forced upon you as a child by your mom (never your dad), enduring a torturous rubdown of arms, legs, and Erlack!, face, while all your friends were splashing unprotectedly in the creek without you.  It’s that kind.  Pass.

One product I wasn’t sure I wanted but now kind of glad I own is the Boo-Boo Cover Up.  I believe it’s marketed primarily as a concealer for scratches, bruises and the like.  But it works great under the eye to cover dark circles.  After all, dark circles are virtually big ugly bruises.  I’ve been using it all week and so far so good.

Last item is an eyeshadow duo from Pacifica.  There were two colors that Ipsy was sending out – a gold/pink and a white/purple.  I was hoping for the purple one because I have only a billion gold varieties, and thankfully that’s what I got.  Wore it the other day, and I will say it is much more pigmented in the pan than on the eyelid.  I built up the color as much as I could, and got a pretty good look out of it, but it did take a little effort.  You know I don’t have time for effort in the mornings.  I spend 30 minutes on my eyeshadow already as it is.  Any longer, and I may as well just call in sick.  So this eyeshadow may be set aside for weekends only.

Alright, I’m finished.  Seven more boxes to review, nine days to do it in.  Can I make it?  We shall see.  Have a good evening!

Ipsy | April 2014


Guess what?  Another box.

Well, it’s the way we do it at my house.  If there’s a day that goes by that there isn’t a box on my front porch, someone probably stole it.

So here is this month’s Ipsy:


Not bad.  There’s always a poo poo though.  This time it’s the Dr. Brandt microdermabrasion.  Let me clarify that the product isn’t bad or anything, it’s just I had already received a tube of this several months back in my Birchbox and I’m not in the mood for repeats.  If you’re curious, however, it does exfoliate pretty good. And now you know everything you need to know about this product.  Moving right along.

I’ve always wanted to own something by Cailyn, and now I do – it’s the tinted lip balm in the color Apple Pink.  At first I wasn’t sure if I was going to like it because the color looked beige-y orange in the pot.  But then I applied it and let me just say I heart it so much! It’s actually a nice pastel orange and once I add a little sheer gold lipgloss on top the color turns glorious. And I swear it makes my face skin look more youthful. Yes, I said face skin. It’s a thing.

You won’t even believe what I’m about to say. Get ready for the shock of your life. I got this Demeter perfume roller ball thingie, and it about sent me to sleep because perfume = blah. But I did my do-diligence and gave it a little sniffy anyway. And, I’ll admit … sheepishly … I am in full-fledged cahoots with this perfume. I luuuuuub it! The label says it’s Jasmine scent but it smelled just like honeysuckle to me. And honeysuckle reminds me of the time I made out with a boy in the bushes at daycare when I was 7. First off, it wasn’t a proper make-out so it’s ok. And secondly, they weren’t very good babysitters. They also smoked cigarettes at the lunch table. They’re not in business anymore. (And I turned out just fine. Mostly.)

And since I can never leave well enough alone, I received my 53rd Urban Decay 24/7 eyeliner to add to the collection. I’m not in charge of what gets put in the boxes, obviously (hence microdermabrasion). But this is the Velvet version, whatever that means. I’m not sure it’s any different or better than all the others I own. I put it on my waterline and it didn’t last an hour. But these work really well on the upper lid so I suppose I’ll just do that then.

I bored myself just now. Sorry. Well, in my defense there’s been an onslaught of black eyeliners in my beauty boxes this month. Is there some sort of supply and demand situation happening that I’m unaware of? Cuz honestly, I’m okay. No need to send me your entire stock of eyeliner. I’m set for at least a trillion years.

Last product in the box is a very boring champagne eyeshadow from Elizabeth Mott. Is there anyone left in the world that can say they don’t already own a champagne colored eyeshadow? Nomads, cave women maybe. But normal people? Don’t get me wrong, I’m still gonna use it. It’s pretty. Just slightly redundant. But if anyone wants to send me something turquoise or maybe periwinkle, that’d be great.

Well I’m done now. Gotta go sit in the bathtub for an hour and a half. Enjoy your evening!

Ipsy | March 2014


Let’s get right down to it. Here’s what’s inside my Ipsy box. Do you notice anything weird?


Yes, that’s right. Four products instead of five. I’m not sure if Ipsy thought I wouldn’t notice, but I notice everything. It’s the joys of OCD, people. Do not mess with me.

Aside from that, it’s a decent box. All makeup, which is nice. However, my unfavorite:

I have nothing against NYX. In fact, I love them the most as far as drugstore brands go. But this eyeshadow trio they sent me made me about take a nap right in front of it. It’s brown. Nothing but brown. The most boring trio of all trios in all the land. I mean, they had to have known I already own more brown eyeshadow as if I invented the dang thing. In an effort of fairness, I used it once, confirmed it’s boringness, then gave it to my daughter because she loves anything that’s free.

Now for stuff I do like. This Pixi Flawless Beauty Primer. Not that this one is anything special, I just enjoy primers. The texture of it is nice. It does have a little sparkle to it in direct sunlight so that might bother some people. But I work in a windowless office with zero purposeful or accidental sunlight contact so I’m okay with it.

This Chella liquid eyeliner pen is in a beautiful indigo blue and I absolutely love it. Problem with it is it dries out during the act of applying so it takes forever to put on. One pass across the eyelid and it’s patchy and sticky. So you wipe the nib on a tissue to sort of reactivate it, try again, and barely anything. So you are stuck in a swipe/wipe cycle that seems never ending, but you can’t stop cuz you’ve already started and you can’t walk around with half a blue eyelid all day. It’s a big o pain in the ass. But hang in there cuz it’s really quite pretty in the end.

Last item in the box is a mini Bare Minerals Marvelous Moxie lipstick in the color Get Ready. This is my favorite item. The color is a beautiful warm pink. The smell is delicious. I would buy a full size of this lipstick in an instant. And I don’t even love buying lipstick. So see? Amazing.

We’re done. Short and sweet. Hopefully next month there will be 5 items in the box to review. I’m not needy or demanding or anything. I’m just saying there by god better be 5 items in the box. That is all. Good day, sir.

Ipsy | February 2014


Ipsy, you’ve done it again.

Serious, ya’ll … if you’re thinking about subscribing to a beauty box, and you don’t want to pay more than $10 a month, Ipsy is where it’s at.  However, you have some homework to do in order to get the most out of it.  I’m going to divulge a bit of advice, so listen up people!

When you sign up for Ipsy, you fill out a beauty profile where you tell them your hair color, skin type, complexion, etc.  You can leave it at that, and I feel like Ipsy does make an effort to oblige you.  However, the secret is by going back and reviewing the products you receive in the box.  If you get eyelashes – which is snore city, if you ask me – you go fill out their little eyelash survey and tell them it’s “not for me” and voila!  So far, no more eyelashes.  It’s called their Ipsy Match program, and at this point no other box I’ve found has this much of an in-depth customization tool.

Now they better not go screw it up since I just sang high praises and make me look like an idiot. That = no likey.

Here is what came in my February box:


I lurve.  Lurve it all.

My utmost fave thing in the box is the tiny vial of velvet gel from Phyto-C.  This product sparked quite a bit of convo on the Ipsy site, as so many people did not know how to use it.  I will admit it’s one of the more confusing ones.  The product itself says to use a few drops on age spots or dark spots.  The Ipsy website says it can be used as a primer before makeup.  Even the company’s own website says nothing more than to use 1-2 times per day.

If you do not already know, let me give you some background info on me.  Do NOT under any circumstances give me contradicting instructions, vague instructions or no instructions.  I cannot function unless you tell me in a clear and concise manner, with time references and step-by-step bullet lists, what I am supposed to do.  In case you’re curious, it’s very hard to be friends with me.

And yes, I emailed the company.  I do that A LOT.  Turns out this product can be applied all over the face, serum-style, prior to applying moisturizer.  Well alright then.  How hard was that to explain?  Why couldn’t that be printed on the packaging?  Gah, guess I should be CEO of Phyto-C then.  I have all the best ideas.

Anyway, now that all of that is squared away, I love this serum.  It makes my skin feel so incredibly soft, softer than anything else I’ve used.  So soft, that I went on eBay and purchased two other Ipsy users’ velvet gel samples that they didn’t want.  Is that insane?  Probably.

Also in the box is a lipgloss from Pop Beauty.  I’m not too enthusiastic about Pop Beauty’s makeup.  Maybe I’m not being fair as I’ve never really tried much of it, but the displays in Ulta just look so super cheap.  If someone is in love with Pop Beauty, please comment and let me know what I’m missing out on.

However, the lipgloss is really nice.  I got the color Peony Petal and it looks so lovely on my lips.  Perfect spring shade.  It’s supposed to include lip-plumping peptides, but I poo poo at anybody’s lip-plumping claim.  Unless you’re Juvederm and come in syringe form, I’m pretty much sure you’re not plumping anything.  But for a pretty lipgloss, you do good work.

And now you know I am not a fan of nail polish.  It takes a lot to get me excited about nail polish.  BUT.  It is nearing spring (kind of) and Zoya’s earth-toned purple invoked a feeling inside of me.  That is the only reason I was okay with getting nail polish in my box.  The color sent me to my happy place.

I say I’m not a fan of nail polish, but I do paint my nails every other week or so.  In other words, it is necessary to have nail polish.  I just don’t want to be inundated.  In fact, the smaller the sample bottle the better cuz it will take me 15 years to use up what I already have.  And as an OCDer, that fact drives me super batty.  I just love the feeling of finishing something and throwing it away.  It’s like a job well done, completed that task, checkmark on the to-do list kind of feeling. I know some of you out there can relate.

And blush.  I love blush.  Again, it will take about 15 years to use up what I already have, but the difference here is that I love it.  It’s easy to be around a thousand blushes when they are all your children.  Sorry.  You don’t choose love, love chooses you.

Or something like that.  Shut up, Brain.

Got this gorgeous melon colored matte blush from City Color.  I wore it the other day, and I’m not even gonna hide the fact that I stared at myself all day.  I mean, I went out of my way to purposefully walk past mirrors.  Literally paraded my ass around the clothing department in Walmart during grocery shopping just to catch a glimpse of my pretty cheeks.  That right there might be the beginning stages of a little situation professional psychologists lovingly refer to as “crazy.”  I’m mildly concerned.

Last item in the box is my least favorite, although I don’t hate it by any means.  It’s a cream eyeshadow by Tini Beauty.  I don’t wear cream eyeshadows very often (more like hardly ever) as my old crepey eyelids don’t care for them too much.  The color they sent me is called Spiced Rum, and it’s a super metallic-y bronze.  I dabbed the teeniest tiniest bit on my lid the other day and wowza.  Pigmented, yes.  I’m going to try a look this weekend with it, see if I can’t get a little more comfortable wearing cream eyeshadow.  If it can’t be done, I’m gonna have to pass this along to my daughter who can get away with practically anything.  Being 20 will do that for you.

Well that’s it for now.  Only 5 more boxes to review.  Get excited!