Ipsy | June 2014


Another day, another box.  Artfully displayed for your viewing pleasure.  I’m sure I irritate the crap out of my Instagram friends who do not enjoy seeing this sort of thing.  These friends shall furthermore be referred to as Crazy People.  That way we’re all clear on who we are supposed to love the best.

Here’s Ipsy:


First of all, there’s a filter on this photo. I was taking the picture in damn near darkness, as my husband likes to watch his tv from a cavern-like atmosphere. So I had to tweak the settings so you could see the products more clear. I could have just gone into another room and turned the light on, but that required effort that I didn’t have to give.

But most importantly, the reason we’re all here: The box. It’s a pretty good one despite the fact I’m only keeping two products. But don’t worry; I’m fine with that. Let’s get started!

I love NYX Butter Gloss. This stuff is wonderful. I own maybe 6, possibly 7 different colors. So imagine my absolute annoyance that out of approximately 20 shades available I get sent the one I already own. Why does life hate me? Pffft. Turns out Ipsy only had three shades on hand, and I owned two out of the three. Odds were against me from the beginning. But still. This product probably shouldn’t be included in a box because the entire world has a NYX Butter Gloss in their back pocket and chances are it’s in these exact same colors.

I’m whining. I’ve missed my own point. Blah.

However, these NYX Butter Glosses are amazing. They have a super soft texture, smells like you could eat it, and feels very moisturizing and non-sticky on the lips. If you don’t own one, you’ve most likely been living in the cavern-like atmosphere with my husband, and you should probably run right out and buy a couple. It’s one purchase I can practically guarantee you’ll be happy about. Finish this blog post first though, then you may go.

Next is this Be A Bombshell Lash Out mascara. As I’ve mentioned before, I love mascara. That and eyeshadow are the two things I can’t get enough of. So receiving this was actually one of the best things about the box. I wore it on Saturday, and it wasn’t bad at all. Didn’t feel like it was amazing or a must-have product or anything, but it did alright. However, the smell of it was so gross. Smelled like straight up chemicals. Apparently everyone on Ipsy is talking about the smell, so it’s not just my tube. However, I’m not sure if the smell is natural or if all us subscribers got some expired product. I’m debating whether to keep it or not. You don’t smell it when it’s on your lashes, but if it’s spoiled I don’t want it anywhere on my body, least of all eyes.

Then I got this lovely jade green shimmer eyeliner by NickaK. This stuff is glorious. Vibrant, sparkly (but not outrageous), and surprise, surprise!, I don’t own a liner in this color. Truly is a miracle straight from the Baby Jesus. Anyway.  The brush applicator is rather stiff, but I actually found this to be helpful when applying.  I could practically lay the brush against my lashline and it would transfer color, which was awesome.  Because lawd knows how awful I am at applying liquid liner.  It’s a fiasco to the nth degree almost 97.956736% of the time.  On the off chance my liner looks halfway decent, you can bet it took me at the minimum 15 hours.

Here is a picture of my eye wearing the eyeliner and mascara together:


So as you can see, the mascara does not look hideous as I mentioned. And the eyeliner is a stunner.  Approved!  Put it on your shopping list. (Well, not the mascara.  Jury’s still out.)

Got a repeat item in the form of DermaDoctor DD Cream.  Back when I was just starting to get interested in makeup, I got suckered into buying the full size of this DD cream by the saleslady at Ulta.  I say suckered in because I really didn’t understand what I was buying.  All I knew was that I was white and she was African-American and we could both use the same color-adjusting tube of DermaDoctor.  I got a little excited.  Foundation matching stresses me out.  Anyway.

Unfortunately, there is shimmer in it a little bit.  And my skin is too old for that nonsense.  So I used it, and it was fine, except for the shimmer.  I finally just gave it away, and I’ve never regretted it once.  But now this little tube has come back to haunt me.  If I went out more often, like clubbing or something, I’d just keep the dang sample and be done with it.  Because that’s the only place I can afford my face to be sparkling like diamonds – in near darkness.

Well in that case I could also wear it while watching tv with my husband in his cavern-like atmosphere.  Alright then.

Last item in the box is the biggest poo of all.  The product may be fabulous – Marc Anthony Dream Waves Beach Spray – but I do not use stuff like this.  If I wanted to make my hair lumpy – which is what my hair does to the style otherwise known as wavy – then I’d just wash my hair and let it air dry.  Save me all the trouble of using a spray.  Unfortunately, I do not look good with lumpy hair so am forced to flat iron it within an inch of its life.  These are just my struggles.  Others who do not share my struggles are probably spritzing their hair with this beach spray and laugh laugh laughing away.

Well, enjoy that.

That’s it for Ipsy.  Tune in again tomorrow for more fun stuff.

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