Ipsy | September 2014


Payday (aka dangerous territory) is looming.  I’ve already set all my bills up for autopay like a responsible human, and I have money left over that refuses to sit in a savings account (like a non-responsible human; whatever).  That Gucci eyeshadow duo is going in the basket, people.  And also a teeny tiny purchase at Sephora.  Maybe even something from Nordstrom.  Ack!  I’m barely paying attention to my surroundings at this point.

Let’s try to focus.  Here’s my Ipsy:


If you’ve been counting, you’d know this is my third sample of the Briogeo Don’t Despair, Repair hair mask.  It’s hard to love another hair mask after you’ve found THE ONE.  I tried it, it was fine, but then I quickly forgot about it.  Even the second jar I got of this mask was full size and I still didn’t care.  Nothing has beat out my Carol’s Daughter.  In fact, if you haven’t bought the Carol’s Daughter mask after all my blabbering about it, you may wanna get your brain checked for signs of a mental health condition.  To read my original review of the Briogeo, you can click here.

I got this handy little toner/serum/moisturizer 3 in 1 by Leeanni Eco.  I got the light version, but not really sure what that means.  Maybe less rich or less chemicals?  Dunno.  It’ll definitely be a time saver for those who care about saving time. I, on the other hand, find taking off my makeup as a therapeutic ritual so I won’t be using this as a 3 in 1 but just as a single moisturizer after my other toner and serum.  Hope that won’t give my face some kind of product overdose and then revolt in a breaking-out or falling-off sort of way.  I’m starting it tonight since I just finished a moisturizer yesterday.  I’ll report back in a future empties post.

Got this rich berry Hikari lipstick in the shade Cabernet.  It was a nice color, but I just wasn’t feeling it.  I feel like berry shades, fuchsia shades, pink shades in general, just are not my cup of tea.  Right now I’m really into true purples of all varieties, so it’s hard to switch gears sometimes.  I used this lipstick once, appreciated it for about 2 hours, then passed it along to someone else who could love it even more.

When Ipsy was publishing their spoilers for the month, I swore if I didn’t get the Crown Brush Infinity Shadow/Crease duo brush in my bag, there would be a temper-tantrum-type situation on their hands.  Luckily, I don’t have to hurt anyone.  This is a really great brush.  The shadow side is very plush and holds a nice amount of product.  The crease side is precise, but soft.  I’ve been using it for about a week and I’m very happy with it.  The only downfall is storage.  One end gets to rest at the bottom of my dirty pencil cup.  Will probably need to figure out some sort of solution for that.  Also will probably involve Velcro.

Last product in the box is a Pacifica eye pencil in a brown color called Fringe.  This is your basic, run-of-the-mill eyeliner.  The brown color is a medium shade that provided a nice smudge-y, smokey look when layered on top of brown eyeshadow with my brown eyes.  Despite it’s averageness, I’m going to keep it.  However, I couldn’t get it to show up in my waterline for nothing.  I mean nothing in the very, very literal sense.  So beware.  Unless your waterline is very dry, then maybe.

This seems like a very short review.  I guess there wasn’t much to say about the products.  The brush is hands-down the best of the bunch.  Everything else was of the take-it-or-leave-it variety.  I’ll be back again tomorrow with hopefully more interesting things to talk about.  Bye, friends!

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