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Blush Lacquers: Girly Bits Exclusives 


Welp.  Polish Con is over.  Somehow I managed to write 7237 blogs with just a minimum of a carpal tunnel type situation.  This is what happens when you obsess in a proper way.  THINGS GET DONE.  Granted, sometimes nothing else gets accomplished, such as chores or groceries or the general wearing of pants, although try telling me a leftover Easter candy dinner and 197 hours worth of robe isn’t a good idea.  STILL MARRIED, in case you’re curious.

It’s rained all day anyway, so the amount of motivation happening over here is only slightly alarming.  I just checked my fitness app and I’ve done a total of 132 steps in a 24-hour-period.  That is not a typo.  However, in my defense, when you sit down for a living, using your body for other activities is not as easy as expected.  If I’m up moving around at all, it’s cuz someone put a Starbucks in another room or something.

So, just checked my calendar, and it looks like another blog-heavy week is headed your way.  Which means if these posts don’t figure out a way to write themselves, I’ll be sitting on this couch for all eternity and hubby will have to just bring me stuff on his way back from the kitchen.  Cuz imma need a sandwich from time to time.  And some diabetic circulation socks, at the minimum.  Best blogger ever, is what you’re thinking.

And now: the point.  I received more pretties from one of my favorite brands, Blush Lacquers, to share with you today.   Here is a lovely duo made exclusively for the Girly Bits shop that you’re getting your hands on in 2.5 seconds.  Cuz you make good decisions, that’s why.  Take a look!


Blush Lacquers has joined the Girly Bits family, a polish brand and international stockist, so now customers from all over the world can finally hoard all the polish in a proper way.  To celebrate, Victoria has created two beautiful exclusive shades just for the Girly Bits store.  Roll your fainting couches over in case of accidental lounging, cuz it’s about to get super pass-out-y in here.

First up is Can’t Buy Me Love:

This one is a minty green scattered holographic creme with fuchsia microglitters, iridescent microflakies and a subtle blue shimmer.  And you had me at GREEN.  Isn’t this such a stunning shade?  It’s happiness, cheer and probably some magic poured into a bottle.  It’s Leonardo standing in your living room handing you a Starbucks.  It’s an entire bag of Funyuns and the house to yourself.  It’s everything you’ve ever wanted is what I’m trying to say.  If this isn’t already in your shopping cart, I question the state of your brain.

Formula was not too thick and it glided on smooth.  Two coats of perfection is all you need.


Seriously, have you ever?  NO. YOU. HAVE. NOT.

Then there’s Aisle Be Waiting:

This one has a medium grey scattered holographic base with beautiful aqua to purple shifting shimmer and silver microflakies.  It’s the perfect shade, so dainty and precious.  It just begs for a tiny cappucino and tea with the Queen, so in case y’all having snacks later, you’re already halfway there.  And that’s called effort without any effort.  Life = succeeded, so pajamas for everyone!

More macros, in case convincing is in order:

Done.  Bye bye paycheck.

The round up:

These two polishes release Sunday, April 30 at 9am EST in the Girly Bits shop.  In addition to these two, you will also find the Midnight Masquerade and Flower Gathering collection, so if you’re Canadian or International, this is the cheapest option for you.  Throw em all in the cart!  It’s the most logical next step.

If you’d like to check out my previous reviews for the other collections, here they are for easy clickin:

Midnight Masquerade

Flower Gathering

I feel like doing some over-explaining cuz I don’t know anyone who doesn’t enjoy that.  But in case you’re the type who likes explicit instruction, well then this right here is for you:

All international (non-U.S.) customers who needs a Blush fix will find everything they need from GirlyBitsCosmetics.com. 

All U.S. customers who want the Girly Bits exclusives will need to shop at GirlyBitsCosmetics.com as well.  However if you want any other Blush polish, the most economical in terms of shipping is to purchase from the Blush Etsy store by clicking here.

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That’s it guys.  You made it to the end.  Thank you so much for reading all the way to the bottom.  As always, your company is appreciated; otherwise, if it wasn’t for you, I’m just a girl in here talking to herself and I’m pretty sure that’s how crazy starts.

Later, loves!