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Beauty DNA | September 2014


Oh my god, where have I been?! If you read this blog, then you’d know it was Vegas. If you don’t read this blog, what are you doing with your life? Not prioritizing, for one.

I have a Vegas haul to share with you this month, and let me just say how much money doesn’t feel like actual money when you’re in Vegas. It’s quite easy to lose $100 in about 10 minutes and then walk away like NBD.

Anyway, that’s upcoming. In the meantime, here’s my Beauty DNA:


It’s the June Jacobs Papaya Body Balm and it’s fabulous. For one, it’s made with papaya enzymes, and that’s one of the best anti-aging enzymes that exists. Who doesn’t love that? (Crazy people.) But more importantly, it smells exactly like that pineapple whip dessert you get at a salad bar – you know the one; it sits right between the crocks of pea salad and tabbouleh. I know this to be true cuz my first job was as a salad girl, so you can pretty much consider this an expert analysis then.

Aside from all that, it’s beautifully creamy, sinks nicely into skin and makes you smell like a frozen daiquiri. Which in fact I had one while I was in Vegas this past week, so again, EXPERT.

I just love Beauty DNA. I highly recommend you subscribe if you like nice full size completely customized stuff. I’ve yet to get something I absolutely don’t love or couldn’t use. And I’ve been a subscriber since their very beginning, so you have no choice but to believe me.

More tomorrow my lovelies. So happy to be back blogging. I have lots of posts just waiting to be written, so be sure to come back soon. Or better yet, subscribe, and I’ll come to you. That’s zero effort on your part, and how nice is that? (Very.)


Beauty DNA | August 2014


Happy September everybody! Wishing it wasn’t still practically 100 degrees outside. Can’t we have a proper fall for once? Like in the 70s with no humidity would be lovely, thanks.

Here’s my Beauty DNA:


Did your jaw just drop cuz mine did. Who sends a full size $96 product and only charges $25 for it? Crazy people? Or very smart people? Cuz this delivery solidifies my love for Beauty DNA and I’m pretty much a subscriber for life now. Life times $25 per month = a math problem I can’t even wrap my brain around.

They sent me the MDSolarSciences Evening Facial Repair serum. I’m not kidding when I say the word serum is magic. My cat ears instantly perk up. I love serums. I want to own alllll the serums. Pretty sure at some point my old face will be replaced with a new face and it’ll be due to all my serums. And then when people laugh at me cuz of my 17 step skincare routine, I can laugh right back at them and not even crack a wrinkle.

Cuz why? Cuz serums.

This particular one contains retinol, otherwise known as Anti-Aging Superhero. Claims to assist in destroying hyperpigmentation, fine lines, wrinkles, pores and blemishes. I’m super excited about giving it a try. Cuz I don’t know about you, but my “fine” lines and gaping pores are about to piss me off.

Gotta scoot. More fun and excitement coming soon. Massive birthday haul shown in parts. Stay tuned!

Beauty DNA | June 2014


I love not being disappointed, don’t you?  In fact, it’s like one of my favorite states of being.  If I could be not disappointed for the rest of my life, I think that would cover all the bases.  Happiness, money, health = all checked.  World peace would probably just take care of itself.  And then I would be Ambassador of the World!

Well, you never know.

Below is an example of not being disappointed.  My Beauty DNA box:


This is the Ahava Time to Smooth Age Control Even Tone Moisturizer, and it’s perfect for me.  Despite the fact it reminds you by its mere title that YOU. ARE. OLD.  The last Ahava product I had was the Dead Sea Osmoter Concentrate serum and it was fantastic, so I have high hopes for this moisturizer.

I was looking up the description online, and if this product does what it’s supposed to, I will have a completely new face in 14 days.  Cannot wait for that.  I’d love a new face.  One with an even tone, brighter complexion and no wrinkles.  Hooray!  I love ALL those things.  I would like one of each please.

Beauty DNA is probably my favorite subscription box.  I know they only send you one full-size product, but the product you get is guaranteed to be something you want because their matching system is var var high tech.  I spent about half an hour on my profile answering a zillion questions about my likes, dislikes, wants, don’t wants, and because of my perseverence, I am rewarded with everything I’ve ever wanted.  I just love it.  You should join because you will love it too.  And also I am the boss of you.

I mean, Ambassador of the World.

Beauty DNA | May 2014


Last box of the month. All in time for my new June boxes to start arriving. My job is never done people. NEVER.

Here’s what came in my Beauty DNA box:


I got two products instead of the usual one so that surprised me. It’s a lip and eye theme, which also surprised me cuz the product categories are skin, hair and body. I was expecting body this month, so maybe this is their interpretation? Well, regardless, I’m very happy with what I got.

The Avene Cold Cream Lip Balm seems like a pretty standard, verging on boring, product. And while that may be somewhat true, I’m good with it cuz I like to put on plain balms in the evening. And if it’ll help cure my daily flaky lip bits, then I’m all for it. It’s also made in France, which means it’s ultra fancy.

The other item is a mascara by RevitaLash. I love my mascaras so always happy to try new ones. I don’t believe this one is supposed to help your lashes grow or anything – they have a separate serum for that – but it did a great job with fanning out my lashes and making them look long and lush. It’s a keeper, which is good cuz I had an empty mascara hole that needed filled. I ended up tossing a couple over the weekend cuz I just didn’t like them – a Becca one, which had a very dry formula and made my lashes crunchy, and a theBalm one which had a very wet formula that did nothing for me.

I encourage all of you to check out Beauty DNA. I think it’s an awesome subscription box. Out of the three boxes they’ve sent me so far, I’ve loved three of them. If you’re good at math, you’d already know that’s 100%.

Time to go! More fun things tomorrow. Got a beauty haul to share.

Beauty DNA | April 2014


How about a short and sweet review for your Sunday? It’s really nice out today and I feel I should sit outside and enjoy it for a bit. I’ll admit I tend to be a little hermit-y on weekends. In fact, it’s 6pm right now and I’m still wearing my pajamas.

Well! That’s what Sundays are for, pretty sure. Rest, relaxation, and periodically wearing pants.

So here is what I got in my Beauty DNA box this month:


It’s a hair mask from Lea Journo. I was so excited to get this. I already have a hair mask that I honestly love (the Carol’s Daughter with monoi oil), but I’m always eager to try new stuff. Hence the hoarding mass I’ve collected and deposited in both our bathrooms. Just marking my territory. No big deal.

I absolutely love Beauty DNA. This is an amazing subscription service. It cost $25 and you get one full size product. The profile you fill out is so detailed that there is no way in hell you’re getting something you don’t want. If you do, you filled out your profile wrong, and shame on you.

They alternate categories each month so you’ll get either a hair, body or skincare product and then the cycle repeats. I’ve gotten two boxes – skin and hair – so next month will be body. And whatever they send, I know it will be my brand new favorite.

But back to the Lea Journo hair mask. You can use this twice a week which is perfect because that’s how many times I wash my hair. Meant to be? I think so. In comparison to the Carol’s Daughter, it doesn’t smell as good but it still smells good.

I used it on my hair tonight and it was very creamy. My hair feels very soft, and hopefully in the morning I won’t have to work as hard. Maybe I won’t have to do anything but a quick comb-through. Wouldn’t that be a dream? Unfortunately, I don’t have the proper texture of hair to not have to flatiron. Unless lumpy frizzy hair is the look I’m going for.

I’m looking forward to what’s next up for Beauty DNA. I enjoy this box so much. I have a feeling after I end up canceling every box I subscribe to (hypothetical situation, of course) I will still keep Beauty DNA around. They are legit, people.

You may go sign up now.

Beauty DNA | March 2014


Remember that time where I subscribed to a box that was good for only three months, and then the three months passed and the subscription ended?  Well, I consoled myself with this:


This beautiful thing came from my new subscription to Beauty DNA.  Beauty DNA is different from my other boxes because they only send you one full-size item.  But the program is completely customizeable – I filled out a very in-depth profile and told them exactly what I wanted and didn’t want out of their three categories (skin, hair, and body).  So when I say they guarantee never to send me cellulite cream, they won’t.  Because who wants cellulite cream?  Or stretch mark cream?  Or any other cream to remind oneself of how unattractive their thighs are?  No thank you.  I pass.

Anyway, my first item is the Ahava Dead Sea Osmoter Concentrate serum.  Normal cost is $60 so I’m thrilled to have this.  I love serums.  They are one of my favorite things to own in the skin care realm.  In fact, if I could just buy serums and facial masks every day of my life, I would be the happiest girl in all the land.  That ain’t no joke.  If you saw my face when I opened the box, you would’ve thought there was a million dollars in there.  There wasn’t, obviously, but it was pretty dang close.

First of all, this serum has the most amazing texture.  It absorbs so quickly into my skin and leaves behind the silkiest, smoothest feeling.  That right there is worth the $60 I didn’t pay for it.  And then of course there is some scientific hoo hah that it claims to do, but I have yet to see that.  Only been using it for less than a week, so I suppose I’ll wait.  If it is successful, I will have smoother, more luminous and youthful skin in four weeks.

Looking forward to what they’ll send me next month.  It won’t be skin care because they alternate categories, so it’ll either be hair or body.  And hopefully it’s not something I already own because you know how much shit I buy.  In fact, there’s another haul post coming up soon.

On a side note, I dropped my phone into my (used) toilet yesterday, so you’re lucky this post is even happening.  After all the screaming, distressing, and sheer overreacting (and anti-bacteria-ing), I’m just plain exhausted.

See ya tomorrow.