Beauty DNA | September 2014


Oh my god, where have I been?! If you read this blog, then you’d know it was Vegas. If you don’t read this blog, what are you doing with your life? Not prioritizing, for one.

I have a Vegas haul to share with you this month, and let me just say how much money doesn’t feel like actual money when you’re in Vegas. It’s quite easy to lose $100 in about 10 minutes and then walk away like NBD.

Anyway, that’s upcoming. In the meantime, here’s my Beauty DNA:


It’s the June Jacobs Papaya Body Balm and it’s fabulous. For one, it’s made with papaya enzymes, and that’s one of the best anti-aging enzymes that exists. Who doesn’t love that? (Crazy people.) But more importantly, it smells exactly like that pineapple whip dessert you get at a salad bar – you know the one; it sits right between the crocks of pea salad and tabbouleh. I know this to be true cuz my first job was as a salad girl, so you can pretty much consider this an expert analysis then.

Aside from all that, it’s beautifully creamy, sinks nicely into skin and makes you smell like a frozen daiquiri. Which in fact I had one while I was in Vegas this past week, so again, EXPERT.

I just love Beauty DNA. I highly recommend you subscribe if you like nice full size completely customized stuff. I’ve yet to get something I absolutely don’t love or couldn’t use. And I’ve been a subscriber since their very beginning, so you have no choice but to believe me.

More tomorrow my lovelies. So happy to be back blogging. I have lots of posts just waiting to be written, so be sure to come back soon. Or better yet, subscribe, and I’ll come to you. That’s zero effort on your part, and how nice is that? (Very.)


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