Beauty DNA | May 2014


Last box of the month. All in time for my new June boxes to start arriving. My job is never done people. NEVER.

Here’s what came in my Beauty DNA box:


I got two products instead of the usual one so that surprised me. It’s a lip and eye theme, which also surprised me cuz the product categories are skin, hair and body. I was expecting body this month, so maybe this is their interpretation? Well, regardless, I’m very happy with what I got.

The Avene Cold Cream Lip Balm seems like a pretty standard, verging on boring, product. And while that may be somewhat true, I’m good with it cuz I like to put on plain balms in the evening. And if it’ll help cure my daily flaky lip bits, then I’m all for it. It’s also made in France, which means it’s ultra fancy.

The other item is a mascara by RevitaLash. I love my mascaras so always happy to try new ones. I don’t believe this one is supposed to help your lashes grow or anything – they have a separate serum for that – but it did a great job with fanning out my lashes and making them look long and lush. It’s a keeper, which is good cuz I had an empty mascara hole that needed filled. I ended up tossing a couple over the weekend cuz I just didn’t like them – a Becca one, which had a very dry formula and made my lashes crunchy, and a theBalm one which had a very wet formula that did nothing for me.

I encourage all of you to check out Beauty DNA. I think it’s an awesome subscription box. Out of the three boxes they’ve sent me so far, I’ve loved three of them. If you’re good at math, you’d already know that’s 100%.

Time to go! More fun things tomorrow. Got a beauty haul to share.

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