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Beauty DNA | June 2014


I love not being disappointed, don’t you?  In fact, it’s like one of my favorite states of being.  If I could be not disappointed for the rest of my life, I think that would cover all the bases.  Happiness, money, health = all checked.  World peace would probably just take care of itself.  And then I would be Ambassador of the World!

Well, you never know.

Below is an example of not being disappointed.  My Beauty DNA box:


This is the Ahava Time to Smooth Age Control Even Tone Moisturizer, and it’s perfect for me.  Despite the fact it reminds you by its mere title that YOU. ARE. OLD.  The last Ahava product I had was the Dead Sea Osmoter Concentrate serum and it was fantastic, so I have high hopes for this moisturizer.

I was looking up the description online, and if this product does what it’s supposed to, I will have a completely new face in 14 days.  Cannot wait for that.  I’d love a new face.  One with an even tone, brighter complexion and no wrinkles.  Hooray!  I love ALL those things.  I would like one of each please.

Beauty DNA is probably my favorite subscription box.  I know they only send you one full-size product, but the product you get is guaranteed to be something you want because their matching system is var var high tech.  I spent about half an hour on my profile answering a zillion questions about my likes, dislikes, wants, don’t wants, and because of my perseverence, I am rewarded with everything I’ve ever wanted.  I just love it.  You should join because you will love it too.  And also I am the boss of you.

I mean, Ambassador of the World.