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The Color Box: PINK


GUYS. One of the coolest things is happening to me and it surprisingly doesn’t involve Leonardo and a wedding dress. Y’all heard of The Color Box where five indie makers and five bloggers come together and make nail polish magic?   Wellllll, someone out there felt like my blog full of nonsense and the swatches I make on top of my sad white sausages might actually be a good thing, cuz I snagged me a cushy little spot in it.   GAH!  Excuse me while I pass out for a second, cuz while I’ve won stuff before (i.e., 48 rolls of toilet paper in the work raffle), this right here is sooooo much better – with capital letters, exclamation points and a Starbucks on top.

So thank you to the lovely three creators (Manna, Jen and Julie) of this awesome box who kindly invited me to participate and make all my nail polish dreams come true.  I mean, it was either this or a crap ton of nail art mojo, and I figure Baby Jesus is gonna come through with that mojo thing for me any day now anyway.  Cuz I’ve paid my dues in that department.  I mean, where there is a nail fail, there is also me stamping all the things with my eyes closed.  Blah.

Anyway.  The Color Box.  I freaking did it.  An award is coming soon, I just know it.


So each quarter, the members of The Color Box group on Facebook nominate a color theme for the upcoming box.  This time around, we got some PINK coming your way.  Who feels like drooling in a thousand tiny buckets?  EVERY DADGUM ONE OF US, that’s who.  Brace yourself for a pink EXTRAVAGANZA!  In 3 … 2 … 1 … 

Told ya.

First up is the collaboration I did with Lindsay from Night Owl Lacquer:

This is Yes Way Rosé, a wine toned pink with light pink metallic microflakies, pink crystal microflakies and various sizes of lime green to gold color shifting iridescent glitters.  So many goodies!  How this one doesn’t cost like a billion dollars defies all the comprehensions.  It’s the prettiest of all things pretty, and if I’m gonna toot my own horn for the next 18 years, I’d say it’s legit no joke justified at this point.  It’s everything I wanted this polish to be.  Lindsay, you are a rock star.  I’m assistant rock star, though, to be clear.

Two coats of lovely!  And happiness, everywhere

Macros, for extra drool factor:

You done died. You did. 

Next up is the collaboration with Melissa from My Lacquer Cabinet and Britt with Bad Bitch Polish:

This is Marilyn Mon-Rose, a bubblegum pink with gold flakies and a bit of blue and violet shift.  I did two coats of this one and I just lub it so much. Nice and shimmery but not over the top.  It’s not SHIMMER! with jazz hands, but more just shimmer with like some sweatpants on. Comfy casual shimmer is what I’m saying. 

And then I went outside:

See what I do for you? Put pants on and everything.  Best blogger ever, let’s just say.

Closeup of the goodies:

Those dainty little flakies, they got me. Got me good, guys. 

Now here’s the collaboration between Manna with Manna’s Manis and Amy with Top Shelf Lacquer:

This is Manna’s Mystifying Masterpiece, a super hot blinding pink neon crelly with purple fleck.  And all I got to say about this one is, YEP.  Sounds about right.  This little lady confused my camera, hardcore.  It’s soooooo bright and ultra pass-out-y.  Like, if anyone has one of those old fashioned Victorian fainting couches, wheel me over one, stat.  Cuz neon’s got me feeling some kind of way, and if I’m gonna go getting unattractive, I’m gonna at least be a lady about it.  

Oh, but the Ugly Ecstasy Face is so dire.  I’m quite the catch you might say.

My eyes, my eyes!  Seriously, it’s getting ridiculous in here.  Are you sweaty?  Cuz I’m sweaty.

Next is the collaboration with Tiffany from Polish & Paws and Julie with Blue Eyed Girl Lacquer:

This one is Hiding Dory, a coral pink packed with aqua shimmer, fine turquoise shimmer and gold microflakies.  It’s elegant and lovely and perfect if you feel like holding tiny sandwiches later.  Cuz tea with Queen just happens sometimes, and it helps to be prepared.  Also, you’re 2.5 seconds from HAND MODEL! with this one. Cuz hers a pretty lady, that’s why.

Surely by this point, you’re buying like 27 boxes or something?  Cuz why be rational at a time like this.

Macros, to aid the convincing:

Doh!  There goes my ladylike composure.

Finally here’s the collaboration between Jen from XOXO Jen and Sara with Cupcake Polish:

This is Cyberpink, a hot pink holographic packed with super shiny silver flakies.  OMG.  Lolling tongues alert!  Seriously, I don’t even think I can act natural anymore.  It’s noodle legs plus drool buckets divided by reattaching your jaw at least 18,000 times.  Someone just needs to lock me in a room by myself lest hubby walks in and feels sad about the puddle of goo he’s married to.  

In other words, if this one doesn’t end up all over your surfaces, I am var var concerned about your brain.

Let’s seal this deal:

It’s bye bye checkbook for you then.  No one’s surprised.  

The round up:

This box is officially up for pre-order from June 9 through June 16, so setting 17 alarms makes the most sense.  Cost is $45.00, but flakies and shimmer and neon galore?  PRICELESS.

If you’d like to try to win a box, however, there is a giveaway happening with your name allll over it.  Here’s the deets:
1.  Open worldwide

2.  NO giveaway accounts, spam, or empty accounts. Winning entries will be checked, and those will be disqualified.

3.  You must be 18 years or older.

4.  You will have 48 hours to respond to email to claim your prize. After 48 hours another winner will be chosen.

5.  The Color Box holds no responsibility once the package has been dropped off at the post office.

6.  The only required entry is your email address; other options will then be unlocked but are optional

7.  If you are already following someone, be sure to still put your info. That’s basically a free entry!

8.  Giveaway runs from now until 11:59 pm EDT June 8th.

Which equals POLISH EMERGENCY so if you wanna give it a go, now’s a good time.  Click here to enter!

Voting will be coming up in the next month or so on what color theme the next box will be.  If you’d like to get in on that (and you do), join The Color Box group on Facebook by clicking here.

Lastly, I just want to express my extreme gratitude for the many polish-related blessings that have come my way, and being a part of this Color Box collaboration has been one of my greatest joys.  Seriously, if y’all weren’t reading the blog and enjoying what I do, I’d just be a crazy lady in here talking to herself.  So thank you for helping me maintain the sexy, as babbling idiots cause divorce if I’m not mistaken.

OMG, what?  Shut up, Brain.

Click here for shopping!

Later, loves!