Color4Nails Spotlight: Laquester – Almost Fall Collection + C4N Exclusives



Whoever’s idea it is to work at work, well I’ve got a karate chop over here with your name written allll over it.  Cuz OMG, can’t a girl ever type with her feet up on the desk like the Good Lord intended, at least for a little bit?  Apparently, NOT TODAY.  I swear, food and potty breaks and being super lounge-y:  WHERE DID YOU ALL GO?!  I took a new position back in July and I honestly didn’t quite know what the whole thing entailed.  Fast forward six months, knee deep in paperwork and forms and spreadsheets GALORE! and guess what, guys?  I do taxes!  Who knew?  And for a girl who literally uses fingers for basic adding and subtracting and for when the calculator is over there and I’m over here, wellll … I’m surprisingly good at taxes.  Quick! Someone grab my horn so I can toot it.  I’m feeling very deserving right about now.

So yeah, work is as busy as you’d expect while in the midst of tax season, and then I get home and wanna lay on the couch in the most dramatic way possible.  And FOR SOME REASON that doesn’t get a blog written, not even a little bit, soooo … here we are, making an attempt even though one eye is sleeping and the other eye is probably also sleeping.  This should be a fun one, I can already tell.

Got another great swatch pack from Color4Nails to share with you today!  Sisi sent over eight gorgeous shades from Laquester – the six piece Almost Fall Collection and a couple of Color4Nails exclusives.  So in case you haven’t quite drooled enough today, well here, lemme fix it:

Mercy.  The glitters and shimmers and those DADGUM FLAKIES.  I’m trying to stay a lady about it, but it’s proving to be nigh on impossible.  Just hand me drool bucket and then turn around and WALK AWAY.  It’s about to get 27 levels of unattractive over here and I prefer to be un-sexy in private.

Caroline with Lacquester made us some good lookin’ stuff, y’all.  We’ll start with the Almost Fall Collection.  Now that we’re drowning in winter, this seems like a var var good time.  Here’s your quick rundown of colors:


DESCRIPTION:  A holographic base loaded with copper shimmer


DESCRIPTION:  A semi-neon coral with gold shimmer and lots of tiny flakies


DESCRIPTION:  A dark blue/purple with color shifting pigment 


DESCRIPTION:  A dusty grey/mauve with multichrome flakies and glowing shimmer


DESCRIPTION:  A dusty green with multichrome flakies, pink/copper/green shimmer and holographic finish


DESCRIPTION:  A blurple with copper shimmer and holographic finish

You’re totally buying all that, just so you know.  My swatches show two coats, but longer nails might need three to cover nail lines.  But I keep my nails short cuz 1) I’m very lazy and 2) I collect Dorito crumbs under longer nails but since SOMEONE’S on the slowest moving diet of all time ever, eating Doritos (regular OR crumb-size) is no longer allowed.  Boooooo, science!

My favorites are T Par T and Bahama Mama in case you’re curious.

Now for the other two I got in the pack, a couple of Color4Nails exclusives.  Get ready for more drools and swoons and other ladylike behavior!


DESCRIPTION:  A holographic base with silver flakies, blue shimmer and blue/teal microglitter


DESCRIPTION:  A maroon/red base with multichrome pigment and purplish shift, multichrome flakies, gold flakies, copper sparks and touch of holo

These were also two coats each, although to be honest, that silver one up there was hard to put down.  I was voodoo’ed by the bling y’all!  I might’ve gone for a Polish Mountain scenario, but I gave up right before the third coat.  I’m not very good at goals, let’s just say.


Every last bit of this is AVAILABLE NOW so there’s absolutely ZERO reasons why you’re not spending some money today.  I mean, maybe you need groceries, or maybe you need electricity, but seriously though:  NAIL POLISH, guys!  And where there is nail polish there is you with your wallet out, tossing polish in your shopping cart with your eyes closed cuz as far as this Crazy Nail Lady thing goes, you’re pretttty much a dadgum champion.  And therefore my point is officially JUSTIFIED.

Was any of that proper English?  Prolly not.  Wellll, you didn’t come here for the grammar, I’m about 23% certain.

Shopping deets!

The Almost Fall collection retails for $12 per bottle.

The two Color4Nails exclusives are $13 each.

But happiness is PRICELESS, don’t ever forget.

Where to buy:

Get on it, boo boos! Go get your pretties!  Then sit back, relax and stalk the mailman like a proper loon.

Later, loves!


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