Polish My Life: Polish Pickup December 2017



GUYS.  We made it.  Officially ten blog posts in a little more than 5 days, and if there was ever a reason to have a wine cooler on a Saturday morning, this here’d be it.

I fully intended to have this posted last night, but I was the laziest of all things lazy and virtually laid motionless on the couch for about 9 hours straight.  THAT IS NOT A TYPO.  Seriously, if you ever wanna come see some Olympic-quality lounging about, head over to my house on a Friday night.  I mean, there was a full-on pajama pants EXTRAVAGANZA! on display except I left my work shirt on as I couldn’t even be bothered to see it to it’s proper end.  Y’ALL.  I gave up mid-pajamas and I’m pretttttty sure that’s the saddest thing I’ve ever written.

Regardless, here’s one last polish you need from the Polish Pickup. FOCUS! Cuz it’s Polish Emergency plus jazz hands. And some serious business up ahead.  Here’s a beauty from Polish My Life:


In case you’ve forgotten the last nine blogs I’ve posted, the theme for December is Holidays Around the World.  Shaneka chose holidays at Disney, quite possibly the most magical place on Earth.  With the exception of my living room on a Friday night, clearly.  

Adorable inspiration photo:

And it’s perfect polish twin:


DESCRIPTION:  A fully opaque shimmer semi black base with multicolor blue/purple shimmer and gold/green flakies, red micro glitters and a dusting of gold pigment

OPACITY:  Two coats  

I. STINKIN. LOOOOOOOVE IT.  Those pops of red just kill me.  It’s the most striking part of the polish to me, and because of that, it’s not-very-accidentally going on all the surfaces.  Mine AND yours, just so we’re clear.

Mad macro skillz on display!  Up close to those red glitters, and I legit can’t keep my jaw attached to my face anymore.  I’m an unattractive mess at the moment, still wearing my work shirt with pajamas cuz AGAIN I take this lazy thing to a whoooooole new level.  Hubby loves me being married to me, I just know it.

There are no words.  Good thing we’re at the end, cuz it’s moan-y throat noises from here on out.  Uhhhhhhhnnnnnn.  See?  This next copy-and-paste thing has officially come in handy for one last time.  

Price: $12

This beauty has a cap of 65 bottles, so now we have a legit panic attack-type situation on our hands.  Cuz considering how we’re already 24 hours into the sale, there’s probably only one bottle left right now and OMG THE HIVES!  THE HIVES!  They are a-lurkin’.

WHAT: 50-plus indie polish brands all coming together for a one-stop shop event; you buy one or all, it’s up to you! Flat $3 shipping no matter what. Combined shipping is offered as well so go ahead and make 42 separate orders; it’s all good (crazy, but good).

WHEN: Friday, December 1 at 11am EST thru all day Monday, December 4

WHERE:  http://www.polishpickup.com

If you’d rather read the more eloquent version, click here for the FAQs from the PPU website.

To join in the fun of future Polish Pickup theme nominations, voting and sneak peeks, click here for the Facebook fan group. DO IT. I’m serious.

Later, loves!


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