BLUSH Lacquers: Polish Pickup November 2017


I fully intended to be sipping a celebratory wine cooler right about now, but my time wasting skills are officially at an all-time high.  Cuz guess what accidental napping and lounging on couches does for you? Not write a blog post, that’s for damn sure.  GUYS.  The Polish Pickup starts in like 9 hours and I have 7,397 blogs left to write soooo … if y’all got any hives cream handy, I’ll take like a thousand tubes.  

Okay, FOCUS.  In an attempt to post something, anything, here’s my best 2-in-the-morning-and-with-both-eyes-closed kind of effort. Hope nothing stupid comes out!  Take a look at this beauty from BLUSH Lacquers:


We’ve got a green one!  Plus a whoooole lotta shifty goodness, so if it’s moan-y throat noises from here on out, well that sounds about right.  Uhhhhhhnnnnnnn.

The theme for November is Fandoms, and Victoria was inspired by Batman’s rival, Bane, as played by Tom Hardy in the movie The Dark Knight Rises.  Here’s the pic:  

Well, I don’t hate that one bit.  I mean, he’s no Leonardo but ummmm … you know … HE’LL DO.  There might be drool-y situation in progress, let’s just say.

Speaking of drool-y, you’re about to get suuuuuuper unattractive in about 2.5 seconds.  Cuz there’s only so much sexy to go around while lolling your tongue inside a bucket. Now, SCROLL!


DESCRIPTION:  A muted multichrome that shifts olive/gold/caramel brown in certain lighting but then shifts brighter green/gold/red-brown in other lighting; it’s magical!

OPACITY:  Three thin coats plus glossy top coat

Formula, as usual, was absolute perfection.  Victoria’s polishes never ever fail.  And the brush, ohhhh THE BRUSH!  It’s literally the best brush in the biz, flat and super spread-y, which quite possibly might be the only time ever when it’s perfectly okay to describe something as “super spread-y.”  But for real, one stroke down the nail and basically DONE.  Perfect for those who don’t have 17 hours a day to do nails like me.

Blah.  You and your fancy life.

Anyone still ladylike?  NOPE, not even close.

I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again:  this is how this thing works. The Polish Pickup shop goes live Friday, November 3 (today) at 11am EST. At approximately 11am and 1 second, you’re tossing in a bottle like no big deal. Plus 27 backup bottles, you know, for SAFETY.

In case you’re unable to prioritize properly, the shop will stay open until Monday, November 6 at 11:59pm EST. After that, every last one of these polishes: GONE. Forever. As in POLISH EMERGENCY! so be sure to get your life in order or else it’s a sad state of affairs for you.

Prices for the polishes are all different; BLUSH’s in particular will retail at $13. Shipping is a flat rate of $3 no matter if you buy one polish or if you buy all of them. Plus, if you place an order and then go back and place like 42 more orders, they combine shipping for you.  Who’s a fancy lady now?  That be YOU, to be clear.

Where to buy:

Now only two blogs left to write and zero days to write them.  I think I did this wrong.  Which surprises no one, pretty sure.

Later, loves!


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