Lollipop Posse Lacquer: Polish Pickup November 2017


Day 17 of not being a super model, and I don’t know whose bright idea this was but it’s some kinda RUDE shenanigans if you ask me.  Cuz I somehow managed to eat only one piece of Halloween candy last night before bed and then effectively gained .2 pounds this morning.  Why, Universe, whyyyyyy?  So here I sit drinking a DIET FREAKING STARBUCKS, and officially I am the saddest of all things sad.  And science … well, SCIENCE wins again.  Booooo.

Back to the Polish Pickup today!  There’s a drool-y EXTRAVAGANZA! happening in about 2.5 seconds and you’re gonna want a front row seat for this one.  Take a look at what Karen with Lollipop Posse Lacquer made for us:


Welp, I don’t hate that one bit. Just the lovliest thing you’ve ever seen, prolly.  Cuz you just don’t toss in an explosion of flakie goodness and expect anything normal to happen next.  1000 drool buckets?  YEP.  That sounds about right.

As previously mentioned, this month’s theme is Fandoms. Karen was inspired by Chihiro/Sen and Haku from the movie, Spirited Away.  Check out the inspo pic:

Ummmm, basically NAILED IT doesn’t even begin to describe this scenario. That picture, this polish.  TWINS.  Karen is a freaking magician, I swear it. 

Spirit of the Kohaku River is the embodiment of Haku’s true form in a nail polish bottle. At the end of the film, Chihiro helps Haku remember that, before Yubaba took his name, he was the spirit of the Kohaku River. 

— Karen, GENIUS polish maker and all-around good gal, Lollipop Posse Lacquer 

Who is Haku?  Who is Yubaba?  Cuz I’ve never seen this movie, which isn’t all that surprising considering how much Leonardo isn’t in it.  Seriously, I should watch more movies, you know, so y’all don’t think I’ve been living in some kind of Gilbert Grape fantasy world. (Although clearly, I HAVE. Duh.) 


DESCRIPTION:  A blue crelly with a green/blue duochrome shimmer, scattered holographic pigment and a smattering of pink/gold/bronze/green multichrome flakies

OPACITY:  Three thin coats but could’ve done a billion

STINKIN DREAMY. I want like 18,000 bottles. That’s not even a typo. Just toss ’em all in the shopping cart, stat. Cuz now is not the time for rational behavior.

Formula was nice; application was smooth and trouble-free.  No gloop!  Which is basically all we ever want in a polish anyway.  Well, that plus a basketful of kitties.  But after that, not much else.

Let’s seal this deal!

DONE. In the cart she goes! Weeee!

I typed it all out in my last post, but no one’s in the mood now for a skosh of carpal tunnel so if you’d like more info on the concept of the Polish Pickup, you can read the FAQs here.

The sale opens on Friday, November 3 at 11am EST and will stay open all the way thru Monday, November 6. Cost varies between makers, but Spirit of the Kohaku River will retail for $12.  Shipping is a flat $3, which is just one more reason to love everything about this scenario.

Where to buy:

This particular polish is capped at an undisclosed amount, although Karen says it’s very generous.  However, cuz we don’t take risks when it comes to nail polish, getting in line first seems like the most ideal.  What are you doing at 11am and 2.5 seconds?  Spending some dadgum money, that’s what.  Lollipop up top!

Don’t forget: to get connected with future sales and to participate in the nomination and voting of themes, join the Polish Pickup group on Facebook. Click here!

Okay, that’s it for this one. Four more polishes to go and two days left before the sale.  While I figure out the math, you’re setting alarms and putting Post-It Notes everywhere.  Cuz that’s how this thing works.

Later, loves!


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