Pahlish: Polish Pickup November 2017


It’s that time again, everyone’s favorite Polish Emergency, and y’all can officially and justifiably get off that no-buy thing you’ve been doing for no dadgum good reason. Cuz Polish Pickup is here, and it’s time to hoard some polish!  BOOM.

I’ve got six beauties to share with you over the next few days and I’m gonna attempt to be short and sweet so I can finish them all on time, like BEFORE the sale is over, as in most ideal scenario. Who’s the best most professional blogger in allll the land? I’m not even telling cuz you already know. 

(Okay. It’s me. I got scared you weren’t sure.)

Take a look at this gorgeous stunner from Shannon with Pahlish:


We’ll take a billion!

The theme for November is Fandoms, and Shannon took her inspiration from Japanese singer and model, Kyary Pamyu Pamyu. I’ve never heard of her, but this inspo pic tells me that point is moot:

Cuz there’s no way you’re not buying this polish now!  How cool is she?! Pretty sure she never played dress up with imaginary babies, started a collection in a dresser drawer of old issues of the TV Guide OR bought stamps to match the envelopes holding letters to my 67 different pen pals found in the back of a Tiger Beat magazine. 

OMG. I’m not sad, you’re sad.  


DESCRIPTION:  A dark fuchsia jelly with teal to pink multichrome shimmer, holographic flakies and scattered holographic pigment 

OPACITY:  Two beautiful coats

I won’t lie: I kinda wanna eat this one. Might be more poison-y than expected, but what if – WHAT IF?! – it tastes just like crushed raspberries and I’ve just been sitting over here wasting time and being normal?  Ugh. SOCIETY and their judgy eyes. Booooo. 

More photos, more convincing:

See how much you want this?  To the trillionth degree! It’s the first thing you’re buying, in case you didn’t know. 

So about this Polish Pickup thing, I’ll give you a brief rundown of talking points:

WHAT: 50-plus indie polish brands all coming together for a one-stop shop event; you buy one or all, it’s up to you! Flat $3 shipping no matter what. 

WHEN: Friday, November 3 at 11am EST thru all day Monday, November 6


If you’d rather read the more eloquent version, click here for the FAQs from the PPU website.

The prices will vary from brand to brand, but Pahlish’s will retail for $11. Although happiness is FREE so … what is your question?

To join in the fun of future Polish Pickup theme nominations, voting and sneak peeks, click here for the Facebook fan group. DO IT. I’m serious.

To be continued, loves! This party only got started!


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