GlitterDaze: Vixen Collection 


If there’s one time where science absolutely cannot fail, it bygod better be on the day I get this stupid root canal.  Cuz if there’s like a one billionth percent chance of accidentally waking up during oral sedation, I’m almost certain I’ll figure out a way to do it.  I mean, if I can sprain my foot by stretching too hard while lounging on the couch, I’m pretty sure it all goes downhill from there.  UGH.  Universe, why you no love me? 

However, if I am forced to find a silver lining, I was told after-procedure care includes caffeine and/or milkshakes.  Sooooo … while I may be attempting to be on a diet, when the dentist says GO HAVE A STARBUCKS, you freaking go have a Starbucks.  Fiiiiiine.  Panic attack abated.  For now.

Got lots of swatching to tend to this evening, so let’s get this blog party started!  More gorgeousness from GlitterDaze arrived, and OMG you guys, the noodle legs are everywhere.  You like shimmery things? Flake-y things?  General yummy delicious-y things?  Well, here you go then:


YOU. ARE. WELCOME.  There’s no way you’re getting out of this blog without spending some money, I just know it.

This is the new Vixen Collection, a set of five spectacular jellies full of dreams and rainbows and 27 levels of magical perfection.  When I unwrapped these polishes, I swear I lost like 10 pounds by picking my jaw up off the floor like 18 times.  I mean, obviously I didn’t lose 10 pounds, but there was definitely a sweat bead mustache.  Not sure what that says about the state of my physical well-being, but it certainly means you’re buying this nail polish.  And who’s gonna argue with that kind of logic?  (Only the crazy ones.)

Okay, get ready.  Get the smelling salts handy, cuz it’s about to swoon-y in about 2.5 seconds.  Lessss go!


DESCRIPTION:  A bronze-y brown jelly with vibrant gold/green/blue shifting shimmer 


DESCRIPTION:  A teal green jelly with vibrant hot pink/purple/gold shifting shimmer 


DESCRIPTION: An orchid jelly with vibrant purple/blue/gold shifting shimmer 


DESCRIPTION:  A royal blue jelly with vibrant orange to green shifting shimmer 


DESCRIPTION:  A cool violet jelly with vibrant gold/green/blue shifting shimmer 


Still upright?  Just checking.

Each one of my swatches here show three coats.  Since they’re jellies, they go on pretty sheer for the first coat, but build up nicely after that.  Formula was nice and smooth and a pure nerdy pleasure to apply.  We almost had a Polish Mountain-type situation on our hands, except I’m not very good at goals.  Three coats and then pajamas, pretty much EVERY TIME.

This collection is currently up for preorder with a targeted ship date of October 26.  Each bottle is $12 and worth every penny.  All five in the cart, stat.  Or else we need to have a chat about your brain.

Where to buy:

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Fan Group

Okay, go get your pretties!  After October 26, I’m not sure if they’ll still be available sooooo .. I’m not saying it’s a Polish Emergency, but it’s probably a Polish Emergency.

Later, loves!


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